Pressure on top (left) side of head

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I am hoping someone could offer some advice/insight (and I'll take some reassurance, too! 😃). I'm a 41 year old female, in relatively good health - my weight/BMI are normal, I don't drink/smoke, workout 4-5x a week, vegan lifestyle. I've had a few health scares over the years (abnormal mammogram, thyroid nodules but all came back fine), so I am now plagued by health anxiety which has been the worst thing ever.

About 3 weeks ago I noticed I started feeling spaced out. I chalked it up to upcoming holidays, being busy, etc. I also noticed when I would lay down to sleep it felt like my brain was shaking inside my head - like someone had injected my brain with a ton of caffeine and it had the jitters or something. In following days, I noticed pressure in my head, both sides at once - sometimes one side at a time. In recent days the pressure has been on the top/slightly left side of my head. The best way I can describe this is that it feels like someone is pressing down with their finger on the top of my head. My temples will also throb from time to time, as will the back of my head. Another weird sensation is that I can almost feel the pressure in my upper teeth - it's not painful, just a slight throbbing sensation. It has been making me feel very detached and just really 'out of it'.

I do have blurry vision at times, but I also sit in front of a computer all of the time for work - I don't notice it much, and when I do I am able to look away/step away from my pc and it seems OK. I am not nauseous, I haven't been losing weight drastically, it doesn't hurt when I cough/bend over or anything like that. I've been going to the chiro since I know I have extremely tight neck muscles - I hold my stress in my shoulders/neck, as I am sure a lot people do. I had an MRI of my head in December 2018 and it was fine, I've also had a MRI of the thoracic and cervical spine in August 2019, and all was good there too. I do take Imitrix when I have a bad headache, as I have been prone to headaches all my life - but this pressure isn't really painful, just annoying and consistent. I also had my vitamin levels checked last April and everything was perfect - I was worried my B12/iron would be low given I don't eat animal products but I take supplements. My vitamin D was on the lower end, but still within range and I take a daily supplement for that as well.

Any insight you could provide would be very helpful! Thanks so much.

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    might be neuralgia, had this a few times over the last year and any part of you can ache. one minute you have a pain in the head, not exactly a headache but the next it will be in your ear and then in your jaw . I was always told to do shoulder shrugs and breathing exercises. as you have said you have had all the tests and everything else is fine. you can take ibuprofen for neuralgia. it worked for me and the web has good things to try. good luck

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      Hi Melanie -

      Thank you for your reply! I will definitely look that up, and try some of the exercises as well. My jaw does have some tender spots from time to time since this all started. I'm going to take some ibuprofen now in hopes that will help.

      Thanks again - Elizabeth

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    If you haven't had your vitamin levels checked since last April get them done again. Also your mineral levels. Being vegan can decrease levels and also certain times of the month can decrease certain levels. Vitamin A is something you can only get from animal products. You may be going through the perimenopause, this can affect a lot of things. Take spray forms of vit d, vit b6, vit a and vit b12 , they are all supposed to help when your hormones are changing and being spray forms, your body absorbs them better. You may grind your teeth or jaw clench, it can effect your temples and neck muscles, a third of people who grind their teeth don't realise they are doing it because they do it when they are asleep. Bruxism can effect your teeth, your headaches, your sleep, your jaw, your ears, your temples, your neck and shoulders.

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      Thank you so much for your reply! It's a good idea to switch to the spray form of B6&12, Vit D and A. I did notice that around that time of month, my headaches become migraines - this was just freaking me out a bit because they're not typical headaches - just weird pressure/foggy feeling. I also ordered a plant-based Omega supplement to see if that helps.

      I was doing invisalign for a while and wondered if maybe the shift in my teeth prompted some grinding - I don't notice it, but I do feel like my jaw muscles are always tense.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and for your suggestions!

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    hey elizabeth. did you manage to get this sorted? or find out what was causing these head pains. were they head pains in one area or all over? i get the sharp pains in one side could be left could be right or at the back of my head. iv only noticed these might happen if im bent down and stand back up or using my neck. iv had a dull pain if my left side since yesterday and last week jt was my right but i think thats something to do with my TMJ

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