Presurgical Apt. So Anxious About Surgery and Unknown

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I saw my surgeon this morning. I could have shoulder decompression or I could also have bicep tendonesis or I could also have a small tear in my rotator cuff and hey while he's at it he's going to look at my clavicle too since my supraspinatus has been very painful. I am so anxious worrying about how bad this could be.

Not knowing what I am going to wake up to is frightening.

I did get the ice machine and got fitted for my sling. It is becoming real and yes I am dreading it and very nervous.

Watching the procedure on Youtube and seeing that nice big needle go in the neck for the block didn't help either. I asked if he was going to do that after he put me out. Nope. He said they would numb it. How, by another needle?

I also told him I could not take Vicoden or Percodan. I swear I heard him say they would just give me the 800 ml Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Oh hell no. I told my husband to make sure I do not leave without a script for pain meds. No. Way!

Can anyone tell me how it went with the needle for the block? I am going on vacation with my family next week and going to try not to think about it.

It makes me sick to my stomach worrying.

Thanks for listening.

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    hi Nancy,

    i'm afraid i don't have any words of comfort as I'm going through the same sorta anxiety you are (see my previous post "I"m scared") but I wanted you to know you're not alone.Someone replied to my post & told me to watch a video by a woman who's husband when through rotator cuff surgery & that definitely made me feel better.

    As for the block, can you insist on having it? I never even knew about it till i saw this video so whoever i choose to do the surgery will have to agree to do that as well. It sounds terrible with a needle going in your neck but, if it helps with the pain, I'm all for it.

    As to the anxiety itself, I think we both just have to stop focusing on it. We need the surgery so as long as we're comfortable with our choice of surgeon, we'll just have to let this play with most things i find myself worrying about, the anticipation of the event is far far more stressful than the actual event. Go on your vacation & give yourself that time to relax & enjoy yourself. Tell yourself you can worry like the devil when you get home but you're giving yourself some grace during this time off.

    good luck with everything

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      Thank you Meryl21807 for your thoughtful post and kind words. I just read your post and see you have a full tear in the supraspinatus.

      While I appreciate having someone in the same boat so to speak, I am sorry you too have to go through this.

      Mike was very helpful to me when I first posted and I too watched the Youtube video. I have also watched several others made by orthopedic surgeons. I do want the block I just would prefer they gave it to me when I was out like a light lol

      I think the worst thing is as you say, not knowing and the anticipation of what will be. I suggest the ice machine to you which was suggested by several on here.

      I feel bad, my poor husband is going to have to be my nurse maid. I do not know if he is prepared for this. Getting old is so fun. I guess it beats the alternative!

      Do you know when you will schedule surgery for?

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      hi Nancy,

      i don't think i'm thrilled with the doctor who gave me my diagnosis & told me to schedule surgery so i'm going for a second opinion with someone who was recommended to me. Only i can't get in to see him until May!!! I plan on retiring in about a year & a half so my hope is that i can hold out that long before doing anything but in my heart of hearts I think i'm kidding myself. I'll wait till May & see what this guy has to say. keep us posted on how you're doing!

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    I did have the block. Yes, I was anxious about it as well. The tech had a hard time getting the needle in and had to try a couple times, but it really just felt like some pinching. I just kept breathing deeply and slowly to relax. The block does help to completely block the pain for the rotator cuff repair, however, it did not help with the pain for the bicep tenodesis. I didn't know I was having a tenodesis until I woke up. I asked why I had pain because I had the block and they explained that they only blocked the nerve for the rotator cuff. But morphine did help. I only needed narcotic pain med for 4-5 days and the ice packs were the most helpful of all. I was surprised I didn't have more pain overall. don't get me wrong, the recovery process involved some pain...while doing range of motion exercises etc...but it was manageable pain with cold, rest, use of sling. It's a process and being prepared will help. I hope it all goes smoothly for you

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      richocetred thank you so much! My ortho said they do the block by ultrasound to make sure it gets the nerve? Because he believes my bicep has a good chance of being frayed I hope he blocks the nerve for that as well.

      I told my husband if I am out of it,to make sure I do NOT leave without a script for some type of pain killer. As I said above I cannot take Vicoden or Percoet because of nausea.

      I am still praying it will only be shoulder decompression surgery.

      I appreciate your words of wisdom and support. The anxiety of worry is probably worse than the procedure itself.

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    The staff at my orthopedic said not to watch all those videos. I think they will scare you and increase your apprehension.

    You will get an intravenous, they'll wheel you into the operating room, put a mask on you and administer the anaesthetic, you will be sleeping through it all, when you wake, you should be relieved that it's over and you are on the way to healing.

    Think of it that way if you can.

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      Thanks Mike. You are right, I probably should not have watched the video. I was watching for information on the surgery and they happened to show the block while explaining they put one in to numb your shoulder and arm. It was not a video of the actual operation. How sneaky of them. lol

      I leave for "vacation" today and come home in 2 1/2 weeks. 6 days later I have my operation.

      I am going to see my mom who is in a nursing home with Alzheimers and my dad who lives alone. We fly in to check on them often. This brings me anxiety so probably adding that into seeing the doctor who kept adding things on to "check" yesterday and him saying he does believe my bicep is frayed magnified things.

      Luckily my son and family are coming down so I get some days at Disney with them.

      Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it.

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    listen everything will be fine i had shoulder surgery on the 18th of feburary i went in to have a full tear repair and a partial tear repair because thats what the mri showed but after he got in their i only had a bone spur and he also performed decompression surgery which i lucked out and now the recovery time was cut in half as far as the needle going into your neck for your block you will not feel it what happens is they make you turn head so you are facing the moniter they will give you a seditive threw your iv and before you know it it will be over with i kind of came to and seen the needle with all the nerves in my neck but never felt it trust me you will be fine just relax and you will be on the road to recovery if you have any questions please reply and ill try to help

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      Thanks William20. Knowing I will have some type of sedative when they put the needle in helps.

      I am hoping, like you, it will only be shoulder decompression and not as bad.

      I am trying to think positive.

      Hearing all that kind of threw me for a loop.

      I appreciate you sharing your experience!

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    Hi All,

    Hope everyone is staying well during this crisis.

    My dentist cancelled my appointment to fix my broken tooth.

    My surgery has not been cancelled. It is being done in a surgicenter that is exclusive to the orthopedic group.

    My family is pressuring me to cancel. I would like to get it over with. I wish I could wait indefinitely lol

    Because we do not know how long this crisis will go on for, I figure since we are pretty much stuck at home I may as well have it done but hoping my husband doesn't bring Coronavirus home while my immune system is low. It is a small worry.

    I asked an ER doc whether he felt I should cancel. He said there was a low risk so if I did not want to wait till summer or fall to get it done.

    How is everyone doing with this terrible virus wreaking havoc on our world?

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