Pro-G-Yam 500 Excellant reviews!

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I was advised to try this and did a few nights of research, just got back from the health store with a tube, when I called to get it they said yes indeed they had it is a best seller, all reviews I raving about it, I paid $38 should last a month, but Amazon looks cheaper!

I have been told that it knows how to balance your estrogen against your progestrone and vice versa, so that you do not get too much of one and not another.

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    Hi Astrid

    Arrrrr I see it a Natural Progesterone Cream...  there are many others about too..

    heres my experience ( 10 years natural peri) no HRT ...

    I tried Natural progesterone cream in 2011 and it tried to bring back my periods, started bleeding more often not less often, messed with my natural peri and gave me a big breast lump, i had constant breast tenderness after usimg natural progesterone cream, had to stop taking as made me worse, too potent for me, was told to stop taking then my breast lump went a few weeks later... 

    may work for others though... 

    Jay xx

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      Hi Trevis

      well that was my experience ... 😮 I must add it may not be same for other ladies.. this was just my experience...

      but at the end of day it did mess my body up... 

      I had bloods after months of taking this natural progesterone and spoke to the well woman Doc, and she said ... this interferes with natural route and will mess up and try and boost what I didnt want to boost... I just wanted my hormones to  sort themselves out naturally and not confuse them, I am almost one year no periods now, I keep dairies each year of Peri and while taking natural progesterone cream, my periods went back up again 😦  I felt very up and down on it, and the lump very painful under areola and constant tenderness which I never had before starting natural progesterone, cream, scared the living daylights out if me.. but you dont know if you dont try i suppose..  it was too potent for me... 

      b12 and B6 sorts me just fine... (we need those anyway in peri) Maca and menapol plus ... Jay xx

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      I really appreciate your posts and many others.  It really helps to deal with with what's going on with our bodies.  I am 52 and my periods stopped when I was 46yrs. No periods since then.  I am on Setraline 50 mg a day to help with flushes and anxiety which just appears out the blue for no reason. 😔... I have just started two weeks ago on B6 100 mg daily.  Thanks to your advice 👍... Hoping it will givers energy back as I. An be fine for a few hours and them the tiredness just comes crashing down out of no where!!! And all the other symptoms too.  I am on wellsprings natural progesterone 20 to one cream which seems to help. 😉 big hugs to you and keep posting pls. Xx
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      Hi Trevis

      wow your six years post menopause., so pleased you explain how you feel now, I am almost menopause reached ... almost a year none..

      hope the B6 helps you, 100mg you say, I take 150mg daily, and B12 injection, this helps me soooo much ...

      glad the progesterone cream you take helps you and didnt effect you like it did me 😩 I have seen the one you use, I used the biovea progesterone cream which didnt suit me .. biovea web is good, they sell everything you can think if, used them for years and ship worldwide.. Jay xx

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      Thanks so much.. I will check that wen pGe out.  I had suffered for years and didn't realise it was menopause until I started doing my own research as mNy docs just don't recognise what we go through @ it's not talked about openly.  Unless you have or are experiencing this terrible nightmare then one can't possibly understand.  I think as a doctor you would have to specialise in this subject and living in Scotland in UK it's just not talked about sadly. Xx
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    info for you ...


    (500 mg)

    Progesterone plays a vital role in maintaining hormonal balance in the female body. It supports several normal body functions relating to the reproductive cycle in the female. 

    Many women experience a decrease in progesterone levels as they age. 

    When progesterone levels drop below normal, several effects can occur, including hot flashes, moodiness, excess body hair and brittle bones. 


    Like estrogen, the ovaries make natural progesterone during the menstrual cycle. It balances the effects of estrogen. 

    Progesterone supports cell oxygenation, normal blood sugar levels, mood regulation, bone formation and utilization of fat for energy. 

    Some plants contain phytonutrients that are chemically similar to progesterone. 

    Mexican Wild Yam contains generous amounts of a substance called diosgenin, a precursor to progesterone that can be converted to progesterone in a laboratory. 

    Progesterone's function as an estrogen balancer makes it beneficial for supporting the body during aging, menopause, hot flashes, PMS and other health concerns. 


    Nature's Sunshine's Pro-G-Yam body cream contains real progesterone, not synthetic progestin, which can have negative side effects.

    It also contains natural wild yam extract and comes in a unique herbal base. 

    Additionally, our deep-penetrating formula provides prolonged release action by means of a patented liposome delivery system, giving you longer-lasting benefits. 


    Pro-G-Yam cream contains 500 mg progesterone per ounce, in a base of wild yam root extract (an excellent source of diosgenin), chamomile extract, aloe vera gel, horsetail, and ginkgo and yucca extracts. 


    Apply approximately 1/4 teaspoon (provides about 21 mg of progesterone) to the soft regions of the body once or twice daily. Rotate application to a different area of the body each day, i.e., upper arm, abdomen, inner thigh, etc.

    ****** Do Not use more than one tube per month. 

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    Morning all from my part of the world.

    I just spoke with my friend rhe doctor and she said that she had never heard of a natural progestrone cream causing the breast lump issue, but indeed with syntethic progestrone, she also said, it a personal choice, a bit like some folk are allergy to aleve or penicillan, she told me to carry on and keep using it in her opinion and the plus's out weights any negatives........I think after reading all the reviews and her advice I will continue to take it......Sorry you had a bad experience Jayneeyay and your points have been noted and very interesting. xx

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      Hi Astrid

      please dont get me wrong, only saying what happened to me, not trying to put you off by any means.... only my experience.. also increased my periods too, just too potent for me, i have a history of female breast cancer in family so have to be very cautious and also i had endometriosis so it not good for me.. also HRT big No No in my case..

      many ladies it suits.. like you say we all different arent we..

      good luck Astrid. hooe it works well for you Jay xx


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      I did not get you wrong at all lovely lady, I am pleased that you shared your experience, because it made me make the call to my buddy, and also what to be aware and watch out for confused in the future.

      I will keep you all posted and let's see!

      I am also curious what my FSH will come back as a week on Wednesday along with all the other blood tests!!

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      Hi Astrid..

      if your still having regular periods your FSH will come back normal, only when they are about approx 4-5 periods a year does it come back as peri ..

      or post meno..

      any HRT etc or hormones will also affect future tests so something to think about.. 

      you got me curious saying your Doc friend said never heard of breast lumps and natural progesterone, i just found other ladies remarks and some docs saying they didnt rate it as it can cause more bother so to speak, and more,  so doesnt suit all.. i have never been good with progesterone, i had the depo provera injection for contraception  years ago  and I was the one that bled for 21 months solid after only two injections at three month intervals.. then straight into peri,  so doesnt suit me at all.. i did try it though in 2011 in hope..

      good luck.. Jay xx

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      Haha now you have me double guessing myself.

      I had a FSH test about 6 years ago and I was at 39miu I believe you call it, the weird thing is I was on depro as well, I was on it on and off for 10 years and loved it never had an issue with any side why did the doctor at the time tell me the result of my FSH when I was not getting periods, I am totally confused now!!

      As for my doc buddy she is in Australia this particular one.....I was also told by the ladies in the health store that this particular brand from Natures Sunshine had no harmful ingredients and therefore 100% safe or they would not sell it!! Ummmmm extremely confused!

      Thanks Jay smile xx

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