Probably a GERD sufferer but confused about the various remedies

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I am weaning off Omeprazole.  Originally 20 mg per day, then down to 10 mg.  Now weaning off the 10s.  Last dose was two days ago.  Have done a lot of research into the condition, and have come up with various remedies:  probiotics, aloe vera juice, and apple cider vinegar with raw honey, being the three main remedies.  My confusion lies in which order they should be taken and will the effects of one, cancel the effects of the other?  For example, I have learned that the probiotic capsules should be taken with non chlorinated water, and 30 minutes before eating.  The same with the aloe vera juice,which I drink one tablespoon neat, but will one cancel out the other, or can they both be taken at the same time?  The ACV does not state when it should be taken.  In addition, I have activated charcoal on hand, licorice, and I take the juice of half a lemon in warm water first thing in the morning.

My diet may be questionable, and again, there is confusing information. Breakfast, I often eat a heavily seeded bread, eggs, and streaky bacon cooked American style - crisp, with all fat removed with paper towels.  I am a tea drinker.  Drink lots of water.  During the Summer months, I live on salads with half an avocado, one tomato, cucumber, etc., and usually crayfish or prawns.  Also eat a lot of fruit salad.  Sometimes salmon with asparagus, etc.  I try to keep away from fatty foods, and have pretty much cut out red meats and chicken.  Eat mostly fish and seafood.  The streaky bacon, unsmoked is probably my undoing!  Never eat junk food and always cook with sea salt.  

Hoping that someone on the site can give me some help here, as there are so many remedies, and I am unsure in what order they should be taken = probiotics/aloe vera juice/Apple Cider Vinegar with raw honey?  Have been taking the probiotic 30 minutes before food, as recommended, but it is the other two that I am unsure of.  It is possible that I am taking too many products, and as I am very much at the beginning, some may be more effective for me than others.

The other problem is that I am highly susceptible to stomach bugs.  I have always been an urban dweller, and now live near a heavily agricultural community.  I may be picking up bugs from this source.  Recently had a bug that resembles the norovirus bug, but am now over this.  My energy levels are low, however.

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    Apple cider vinegar, aloe juice and lemon juice are acidic and will make heartburn worse.  I think you are taking too many products for GERD.  The treatment for GERD is simple: try milk and an over the counter antacid like Gaviscon. I have GERD and milk and OTC antacids work for me.  You don't have to think about when you take milk and antacids; just take them when you get heartburn.

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      According to my research, the problem is that my system is too alkaline and not too acidic.  So, the products that have been restore the acid/alkaline balance.  Milk and OTC products such as Rennies and Gaviscon  simply cover the symptoms without treating the cause.  I will keep posting as I progress.  Obviously I do not take thiese product all at once.  I use the probiotic 30 minutes before breakfast with the aloe vera.  The AV goes straight through an empty stomach and prepares it for food consumption and the probiotics are slower acting and release positive bacteria into the intestines and stomach.  The apple cider with raw honey is imported from Southern California and contains The Mother.  I am still using milk, but understand that this too, is an irritant and that alternative products are better.  I have tried them, and they are horrible in my tea and ruin the flavour of a good quality product.  So, I guess I shall have to live with milk for a while unless I can find a good alternative.  So far as the ACV is concerned, that is mixed with 8 ozs of bottled water and sipped.  Again, it controls ph balance and restore acid/alkaline balance.  Also very good for arthritis, which is my other problem.  

      It is early days yet, and I am hoping to avoid short term relief such as antacids that build up in the system and cause further problems.  Two days in, and the symptoms are relieved to a certain extent, but as with all alternative, natural remedies, it does take time to restore to the proper balance.  I don't believe in sticking a plaster on a problem and hope that it will go away, it has to be properly addressed, and I hope that what I have discovered in my research will do what it says on the tin!

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      I have a weak oesophageal sphincter which opens up and lets the acid spew out.  Avoiding spicy and acidic foods helps too.  I have stress and anxiety which triggered the GERD so I prefer the simple sticking plaster option for me so I don't have to stress about finding a permanent cure.

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    Hi tallulah01898

    Your diet sounds very good but i would go easy on the fish and sea foods if thsr is all you have because they carry heavy metals especially salmon and you don't want heavy metals in your system....try and leave off sharp acidic and fizzy drinks which can aggrevate your gut and cause acid wishes

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    Many thanks for your feedback.  I never drink fizzy anything,  other than the occasional glass of champagne!  The research that I have conducted, which is extensive has shown that the problem is an alkaline/acid imbalance.  In other words, I have too much alkaline and need to redress the balance.  So far, so good.

    I do eat a lot of seafood and fish.  Problem is that pretty much everything we eat has associated problems now, unless one pays top whack for farm fresh and organic, and even then, there are no guarantees.

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