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Hi I have had the following problems for a while and although I have no idea if what I am saying is relevant here I would just like some feedback.

- Bladder problems: Since I was five years old I have had problems with my bladder. I would get times when I would suddenly need to go to the toilet and if I was doing something like posing for a school photograph, back in the day, I would put my hands behind my back and hold I have also wet my pants, too, which caused some bullying at school. This happened throughout my time at primary, secondary school and also at college although it was not as common at college but I did have fecal incontinence, too.

My problems now are mainly the same as they were at school only that I rarely feel the need to go to the toilet even when I drink a lot of water (I still go the same amount of times as I would if I didn't drink as much water or any) and I only go something like twice a day, sometimes only once. But when I feel my bladder contracting it's usually when it's close to bursting and is right at the last minute! Sometimes I leak before I get to the toilet, other times I manage to get there in time.

So, I've been referred for a urinary ultrasound and in a strange way I want something to be found. I have had this problem for so, so long and I just want closure on the whole thing. I am sure it's a neurological thing as my problem doesn't fall into a true bladder disorder. I am sure it's something to do with the kidney tubes but I can't jump to conclusions...

- Tremor: I have a tremor in my left hand when I hold it out stretched. This has started within the last 3 months and doesn't change whatever I do. I also have a an inner trembling at my spine when sitting. Sounds weird but that's the only thing I can really describe it as.

- Pins and needles - I get a lot of pins and needles in my feet and legs. At first I thought it was because of my thyroid condition but even with my thyroid tests coming back normal the pins and needles still occur.

- Clumsiness - I knock a lot of things over and stumble over my feet. I have tripped over numrous times and fell down the stairs after blacking out. The doctor even though I told her did not investigate.

- High blood pressure - I have had more and more measurements of my blood pressure going from normal to now prehypertension. I am not on any blood pressure medication and my mum and grandparents all have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I have not been tested for high cholesterol. Probably because I am young and thin.

- Dizziness - I have had increased occurrences of dizziness upon standing from a sitting position. I get a warmth traveling back up behind my eyes into my head and an echoing whoosing sound when I am standing. I sometimes get rumbling noises in my head/between my ears when coming indoors from outside. Almost as if I have some sort of subwoofer bass going in my head. LOL, please excuse my expressions. I can't describe this any other way. smile

Tests - I had one MRI done of my head/neck in 2012, normal apart from enlarged tonsils.

Family history - mum has Multiple Sclerosis and high blood pressure and high cholesterol and Diabetes, grandfather has high blood pressure and triple heart bypass and had stroke under 40, grandmother has diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and had double heart bypass. Myself - Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune hypothyroidism) and iron deficiency.

I feel as though I am making this up as what I have sounds and seems so weird. Thanks for any help on above. smile

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    With regard to hashimotos disease...please read sarah wilsons diet book about removing sugar from your diet. Also...anything to dowith a thyroid issues...take teflon coated products out of your life and replace with ceramic cooking products. My sister has to take thyroxine daily and this seems to help.
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      Thank you, I'll take a look at the book. I have a tablet so I can try to download it from amazon. I don't know if we can afford ceramic cooking products but it doesn't hurt to look.
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      If you cook with Teflon pans a lot, it would be worth it. JML sell Ceramic cooking pans that are affordable. Has your doctors advised you how to deal with Hashimotos? I don't like prescribing things as I am not a doctor, I am sure you have been given lots of advice from well wishes :0)
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      Hi, no my doctor hasn't even said I have hashimotos, I went on a forum that explained if I have elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies that meant I had hashimotos. Thanks for suggesting JML.
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