Probiotics causing stomach ache !

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We try so hard to be well.  Have had a struggle with sinus, headaches, ears and stomach for about a year now and it was supposedly under control and geting better, then I took a large dose of biotics to replace the good bacteria as I had been under the weather and taking three weeks of anti biotics. Next thing I knew my stomach felt awful and has done ever since - nearly a week now.  The pp2 and the ibs tablets do not help.   Anyone else had any similar experiences?

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    1st Sept 2014

    The stomach cleared up, goodness knows how, but still believe it was all down to the mix of flora in the gut and when you get it right you feel well and when you get it wrong you feel ill. The Chinese believe that your gut flora affects your sinus and head and this certainly seems to be the case with me. But now I have a bad back ache, really bad, last few days, and am sure there is a connection. It is no good going to doctors, they never look at the WHYS they only give you painkillers etc which you can easily sort out for yourself far quicker.

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      Hi Carmel. Really good to hear your stomach is better, sorry about the back, hopefully you can sort that out as well. 

      Did you take probiotics to sort out the gut flora, if so, which ones? 


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      Hi Emms. Thank you. Hope you are feeling well too.

      I didnt take special biotics, just some live yoghurt and normal ones. But am sure it just wore off and was caused by the large dose of biotics in the first place. Just as previously I had a very bad stomach ache for a long time after eating raw garlic - which kills the bad bacteria in the gut.

      So possibly the stomach and system got a shock by suddenly having lots of the bad bacteria killed off and this results in aches, pains, headaches or whatever? Hve ordered some of the professional strength Dr Ohhira biotics. In the meantime it seems to be that in a way it is better NOT to take them as whenever I take them or something to kill the bad bacteria I seem to be more ill. The bottom of the back is the kidneys? The pain is like a fist pushing in there.

      I also had terrible diarrhea and a bad stomach ache but then both went away. So it might be something to do with kidneys flushing stuff out. I usually take fibre capsules and vitamin pills each day but will not take anything special for a while cause it always seems to me that that is what maks me more ill. W

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      Hi Carmel

      I have given up trying to take anything now. I tried a salt drink that was recommended and it made me worse, then I was recommended to try digestive enzymes because Im having trouble digesting everything at the moment and these made my stomach sooooo poorly and almost raw.

      Now the probiotics are reacting, so Ive decided to forget every medicine and just do the diet.

      Be careful what you take, would hate you to make things worse. Not sure on the back, think it could be the kidneys.

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      Feel very much the same as you Emma. The trouble with this sort of thing is that nobody can see it and if you talk to someone you know they go on about going to the doctor

      and assume that one word to him or her and they will understand it all and put it right - even though they failed lots of times before., When I talk to people I know they assume the doctor understands and knows it all and dont like it if I say I have researched it and understand it myself.

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      I come across the same thing, I actually think I know more about my stomach/intestines than they do. They have never heard of leaky gut.

      The trouble with me doing research though, is that I will read about some medication that works for someone else but when I order it, it makes me worse. 

      Got to stop trying things.

      Hope you sort your back pain out. x

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      Yes I understand. I used to read about a supplement and think goody goody this is the answer. Now
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      Now I do far more research into somethign and am far more likely not to bother. These things all hve side effects.

      Hve done some reserch this afernoon taht point to my kidneys/diarrhea etc being caused possibly by the cimetidine and which I have been taking on and off for months.

      I was talking to someone on the phone about it and said about the kidneys and they said "how do you know it is the kidneys" when it is easy to find that out. Then they gave me a leture on makiing sure that I wash fruit before I eat it in case I get a funny tummy ! Like a woman of 57 needs to be told to wash fruit - and it has nothing to do with the kidneys etc.

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      Hi Carmel, I am not sure you stil are reading this thread.  I was taking the professional biotics you mention for quite some time and had not problems and then stopped because I ran out and wasn't able to get new ones because of traveling.  I went back to taking them and wham my stomach hurt. I don't eat anything when I take them. I take when I first wake up along with a thyroid pill (which i have taken almost my entire life).  So the company is wrong, it has happened to other people, I just thought you should know.  What I am wondering is if there is something different in the different sized packages because normally I get the large box that is I think 100 pills but this time I got the smaller one of I think 50 and it is the one causing stomach problems.  Very odd. I hope you are feeling better.
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    nice place to share my experience. not yet got advice from a doctor. i had to use a lot of antibiotics(clindamycine& penicilin) for two periods of infection and a 3rd infection coming right after those two in form of a throat infection. first i didnt take any anti acid and probiotics and i went to ER with a very painful pain like a heartattack(heartburn for sure) then i started to take probiotics one per day or every other day while on antibiotic and one week after. actually i took two once and i felt terribly bad so i reduced the dose. it seemed working to me but i had developed weird feeling of a leaky bowl so i stopped them trying to use more yougert and vegettable less meat. this heartburn was almost gone, no weird feeling about stool and two weeks passed from stopping them. I ate orange after like 2month of not touching any orange and suddenly pain in stomache appeared in  mostly upper part, to very less extent heartburn and very very weird taste in mouth like a sugary toothpaste is always in my mouth. im freaked out to lay on the bed or ground i try to sleep upward. dunno it is my stomache acid or not i dont feel it coming to my mouth. i feel now the probiotics actually were doing mostly good than bad. but im not really sure where is the origin of this pain. i never had a stomachache and last month it was heart burn without signs in stomache. could it be stopping them caused these issues or consuming them from the first place? i took one pill of probiotics again today just to examine how it feels and pain is not aggravated. 
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    Hello! Yes I have experienced the very same thing two days ago. Not pleasant at all! I suffer from chronic heartburn and IBS-D so it sucks pretty much all around
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    They gave me a stomach ache also. I've stopped them and no more pain. I thought I would take them to help my food digest. Has anyone ever tried slippery elm for your stomach. I thought I would try to help heal the linning of my stomach since I have a inflamed stomach. I open the two capsules and poured water over them and drank it and soon as I did my stomach starting hurting. I understand injesting that way you get the affects quicker. Has anyone else had this experience. I really afraid to try them again.

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      Yes me.  I tried Slippery Elm - it hurt like mad.  Tried a couple more times and the same thing.  Bin them.  What I have found best is Pepzin am and pm - it was suggested to me by a guy who has set up a web page for gastric issues.  He also suggested Mastic Gum.  Both of these line the stomach.  I take Zantac 150mg am and pm from my doc (refused PPI's).  I can go for ages feeling great then ruin it myself with something I eat (or drink).

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      Is that Pepzin a another name for zinc cardisone if it is I can't take that either. It makes my stomach hurt also.

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      Oh bummer yes it is - could not put that as it is always chucked off by Mr Mod.

      What about Mastic Gum - it has been used for years and years.

      Another one I tried is DGL but that hurt - but the mastic is ok - maybe it will be for you.

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