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Hello. In advance I appreciate any advice You can give me.

My health problems started quite a long time back, but a few months ago it got much worse than ever. The first symptom I've had was an acute attack of pain on the left hand side a couple of years back; it would come back sporadically, sometimes with migraines. Then it stopped and not came back till very recent (with no migraines). My main problem since it stopped became my sore back beginning in it's lower part, coming and going away. Sometimes my arms would get numb and the neck so stiff that I couldn't move my head (and it was very sore). I would often wake up and swore cause I'd be feeling like 80 year old, literally couldn't walk much quicker than a granny.  

I went to the gentelman who does osteopathy and he said that mechanically everything with my back seems to be okay and the pain is actually caused by guts and one of my organs not working properly. He pushed something that felt like an air bubble down my guts (which was painful), and I had a really good poo and a lot of energy next day. Since then I somehow forgot about the back pain and for some reason it's not sore now either. Instead I can feel my guts bloated for most time of the day. That very nice gentelman has sent me to a dietitian so I could find out what's actually happening. After a long wait I managed to get a spot and went to one, hoping that is the end of my problems. After telling my story (stressful childhood and high school time, also job in a restaurant with irregular hours of of work and eating) I've been prescribed to take Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Milk Thistle and Slippery Elm to help detox my liver and help digestion, also to change my diet too, going gluten and dairy free, steam cooking all the vegetables etc. (which I did 5 days ago). Before that I was vegan for two months but then went to my family home and couldn't say no to my mum's food (went vegeterian again straight after leaving).

But the problem is still here. Very much. After every meal I can feel some food trying to go back the same way I sent it through; feels like food is conjested around my solar plexus area and acids are going back my throat, burning it unpleasantly. Generally feeling better than a week back, though it's quite upsetting cause I feel like everything is gonna go up one day. I get (quite embarrasing) a bit itchy anus (jajaja) and something that looks like seeds in my poo, sometimes mucus on it too. Since I remember there's that particular sound of guts, a little bit like water floating from one point to another (or like squeeing yoghurt out of the bulb).

So. I used to be a smoker (I've quit a month ago, both nicotine and weed, and never want to see that stuff again), and take drugs back in time (often) and more recently (very sporadically), eventually decided to go fully clean so these days I don't even drink coffee. 

I have had (and to some extend I still do) bad eating habits, due to work in the restaurant and stress generally. I definitely over eat (maybe not since my visit to a dietitian), escpecially when stressed / anxious. Often destroyed two cheesekaces at once or some other mad stuff (panacotta with loads of hazelnut sauce, pack of chocolate cookies etc.), mainly with sugar (as well, not had any processed sugar in last five days). Bad habit of eating too much before going to bed (so comforting, ain't?) or eating very fast, never feeling quite full.

I have psoriasis on my knees and elbows, I'm quite anxious (recently had quite bad panic attacks, and seems like I've had chronic manic depression for the past three years). I'm overly short tempered sometimes and can't focus anymore. For past two years I have conjested nose and my sense of smell is not very good (went to a few doctors, got allergy tests and apparently I haven't got one, treated with sprays etc. but with miserable effects). I know some of these symptoms might be caused by cocaine and cigarettes, but I haven't snorted anything in a long time, nor had a puff of a smoke. I exercise everyday - run, climb, yoga so I'm genarally reasonably fit. Sometimes I just really lack the energy because of work of my digestion system.

After watching one documentary I'm always paranoid that it's some parasites (tape worm family or some other fellas) inside my digestion system and they have built their nest inside me, but I hope it's something easier to handle.

Hopefully in a few more days of my new diet my problem gets lesser, but please give me any information you can, if you can! x 

Please help me out. I just want to feel alright again.

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    I hate to say it but I think your explanation of how and when you eat is likely to be a major cause. Too much, especially of the wrong stiuf, just before you go to bed is a receipe for disaster if you have reflux.  You say you exercise a loy but are you giving your body the correct fuel to allow the body to exercise, if not, this could explain why you eat two cheesecakes, that is seriously not good. Two!!! no wonder you have reflux problems. 

    Try a very sensible diet, small portions, regular eating and see if it goes away. You may still need a PPI so visit to doctor is required to confirm that. 

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      Last time I did it has been over three weeks ago, and eating that much wouldn't happen very often (though I always knew it's mad). Now I mainly have porrige in the morning, snack in the afternoon (some fruit / crispbread and hummus / raw vegetable) and roasted / steamed vegetables with buckwheat. I haven't had any processed sugar in a couple of weeks.

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      Thanks for an answer, I hope that balancing my diet will bring positive effects eventually. 
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    Hi there, have you been to a gastroenterologist as yet to have an edoscopy done? Don't go on a gluten free diet until after this is done if anyone suggests it as it will be a false negative test in the event of Coeliac Disease. But afterwards if the Coeliac test is negative try a gluten free diet some say it helps with the symptoms that you are having, although it sounds like you have Gerd and or LPR. So my suggestion is getting along to a Gastroenterologist asap. Good luck.


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