Problems with my gallbladder

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I had an ultrasound a few days ago, and today I found out that I have sludge in my gallbladder.  It is not too serious, but it is another system that is starting to fall apart.

My question is if anyone else has gallbladder trouble and if so, what do you do about it?  I don't want to be cut into again and have it removed, so if you guys have some idea about how to get it to behave, I would appreciate it.

Also, does anyone have any idea why our bodily systems fall apart one after another?  First, I had to have a hysterectomy, then my bladder fell apart, and now this.  Does this happen to the rest of you?  If so, how do you deal with the stress of constantly having some weird medical probelm show up time after time?  It is very stressful for me.eek

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    I'm actually having my gallbladder out next month. I don't have gallstones but a HIDA scan showed it wasn't contracting properly so has become inflamed. I had pretty much stopped eating because of pain and other symptoms so changing my diet seemed to do no good.

    According to my surgeon this is rare and after ruling anything else out surgery is the only treatment. I would suggest seeing about the HIDA scan as it tests the efficiency of the gallbladder.

    My specialist had told me that research is getting close to determining that the central nervous system is inflamed in people with ME. This would make sense seeing as just about every bodily system is affected. I have had symptoms of bladder and heart problems but nothing physically wrong shows up in any test. My theory is that our central nervous system isn't working properly so it's giving out mixed messages. For example, I go to the bathroom about 20 times a day, most days. I had a horrible test and was told my bladder is totally fine and in fact looked great considering I had 4 children and one of those a twin pregnancy. So basically I think my brain is getting a faulty message telling my bladder it's time to contract.

    That's all just my theory and brings me back to high school science!

    Are you seeing a gastroenterologist?


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      My doctor is setting me up with a gastroenterologist.  I haven't received an appointment yet, so I have no idea what they will do.  I'm sorry you are having your gallbladder out.  I can imagine what a pain the whole process has been to you.  Thanks for talking to me.  Take care.
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    l started with frequency, pain, and tiredness years back, much later diagnosed intersticial cystitus,  l,d already been diagnosed with allergy to penicillian then allergic rhinitus, some skin probs. During this time l,d gall bladder pain, had to have gall bladder removed, suprised l didnt have gall stones, like most seemed to have, but inflammation chocylitus

    l had keyhole and it was very quick in one day out the next, later came  hysterectomy. With treatment for ic quite well for a lot of years, not as before, but ok, always had occassional days of abnormal tiredness and fuzziness, just in last year its become a real problem with fatigue, general aches and pains, and knew ic was strongly linked to fibromyalgia, so now waiting to see rheumatologist about that. l was told by gp long ago, that when you get one allergy others can follow, seems same with immune and  inflammatory conditions, respiratory a bit iffy also..  You wonder, as if one problem isnt enough, l had read that the central nervous system passes through most major organs, and does have not only physical but phycalogical affects, not just those in response to affects of condition,s, on top of that. l thought l,d a fairly good diet prior to gall bladder, didnt eat much fatty foods, which are said to be hard on liver gall bladder, so did think it more connected to inflammation from ic. l was telling an old friend, and she said, `well your just greedy arent you`, not in nasty way, in cheeky friends way of saying it, made me laugh, Typical, not multiple money, men, or luxuries, health probs, and ones that affect fitness,  sex, alcahol, and even diet. others worse l guess, and live in hope. good luck with gall bladder,s.

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    Yeah, ME/CFS seems to affect several systems in the body. It is very stressful, no doubt. You could probably Google "foods for gallbladder health" to find out what foods are best and worst for maintaining gallbladder health. For instance, I believe foods high in cholesterol and fat are not good. Also, being overweight is not a good thing for the gallbladder. By the way, if it comes to that, laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder removal is minimally invasive. 


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    hi thank you to all for sharing. I have just been diagnosed with Me chronic fatigue and also had a gallbladder flare up and lots of gallstones. the tiredness is bad some days and it sweeps over you so quickly . I am overweight the surgeon won't operate till I loose two stone . so frustrating I am having a ultrasound scan next week my bowels are all over the place mainly loose and my bladder can't even count how many times I go for a wee in a day at least three an hour sometimes .

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