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Hello went to Liverpool and had a proctogram done on the 31 Aug 17 and awaiting for the hospital where I live in the Isle of Man to contact me. But they have not done so yet and its now the 19 Sept. So I had to eat and drink normally they wanted to see how my bowel worked so think u call it "full defecography procedure"?

They fly u over from the IOM to the hospital in Liverpool and when at the hospital I had to drink a bottle of white stuff tasted awful was gagging on it. Then you went in with just your gown on to the room and lay on the bed. They were very nice to me. They did a finger up the bum. Then they put some other stuff up my bum which I had to hold in. You lay at this stage on your side with your legs curled up. Then they took pictures and videos of you. They told you to hold in, to cough and to bear down but dont push the stuff out of your bum. I could not bear down, so what does that mean?

Then they got you off the bed and they sat you on a big high chair commode and the put the bed upright so the xray machine, camera thing was behind you and could take pictures of you on the commode. They got you to pass out the stuff and they were filming and taking pictures the whole time. They asked you to stop at times.

When it was over I asked if I did it alright and they said yes.

I asked if they had found something else and they said yes it was fairly common but not sure what they found. They also said they need look at all the photos and videos and then send them to the IOM hospital, which is the hospital I come under.

So seeing I cant bear down what does that mean?

Before this I had a colonoscopy on the 6 Feb 17, so are the colonoscopy accurate if it showed something is that definitely right too?

The colonoscopy Report I was given after the procedure on 6 Feb 17 said

Perianal lesions: 3 haemorrhoids (2nd degree) and skin tag within


Haemorrhoids and mild degree of rectoanal intussuseprion.

Thanks for any comments or thoughts on what I may have.

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    So, you did get a diagnosis then from your procedure? Sorry, I'm a bit confused. I would contact your Doctor or surgeon and not the hospital for any questions, concerns. That's what I did.

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      Hello Josephine

      I thought it good to write down what happens in a proctogram for others, from a person who has had one.

      I have not had the results yet.

      I come from the Isle of Man and over here our hospitals do not do all the tests so they send you across to Liverpool, but they send the results back to the consultant in the hospital in the Isle of Man. I have left 2 messages on the IOM consultants ansaphone but no reply. So just have to wait now for them to contact me.

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      Hello Josephine

      I had an appointment this week at the hospital, a locum, but he was nice. I had the proctogram on 1st Aug and this is the first time I have been back to find out what they have found out and this is what the hospital locum in outpatient general surgery has said to my local doctor surgery "I reviewed this lady in Mr ............ outpatient clinic.  She was recently investigated for a picture of intussusception seen on colonoscopy and she had a proctogram at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.  This investigation showed the presence of a large enterocele which at the end of the test is compressing the superior aspect of the rectum at the anorectal junction while no intussusception was shown and the rectum was seen to have rapid emptying.  The anorectal angle opens regularly and a moderate sized anterior rectocele was almost completely empty at the end of the test, not to be considered significant and no intussusception was demonstrated. 


      I had a prolonged discussion with the patient about this issue and I explained to her that the theology of the enterocele and the possible surgical treatment.  We agreed to refer her to our gynaecology colleague in order to have an expert opinion from them.  The patient also asked me to refer her across because she would like to have second opinion in Liverpool and therefore I am going to refer her there.  We will be happy to review her if any new need should arise. 

      The doctor at first was not going to do anything and I said it has taken this long four years to get to where we are now as at first they kept saying at the doctors IBS and it has got worse and I feel like this every day, that I feel like fluid inside and bloating and pressure and then at times it gets worse and I feel like its all congested in there and backing up to under my ribs and at that stage when I just feel bad then I get a taste in my mouth and a smell, my breath at that stage really smells like, well a friend said it smells like poo breath. For years I kept feeling like something is pressing on my bladder, presume this and kept saying to the doctors but they never did anything. I always felt I had to wee more than others for years. Plus with the going to the number 2 toilet side of things its really difficult for years and got worse over the last year and a half even more so. I have to sometimes put my finger inside my bum and press on a soft lump sort of thing and that then the poo can get around this, thats my way of describing it. To me that is not good having to stick you finger in to press on something so that you can get your poo out.

      At other times I can without doing that. I dont like to take the fibre sachets every day they taste awful even though orange flavour ones. Does anyone else find these a struggle to take every day?

      But sometimes need to take these as cant go to the toilet at all and feel its awful inside then so full, so uncomfortable in tummy and pelvis when like this that I take them then. I eat lots of fruit and veg always have done.

      So presume my trouble with going to number 2 toilets is due to this then and not that my bowels are lazy, as thought I had lost muscle tone or that bowels are lazy, but think maybe more that these lumps are in the way. As my poo is most often than not a lot skinnier than it used to be, its not like how I used to go years ago, but its think and I cant do it all in one go. Always feel like there is more in there and feel like I just have to clear more out of me, but I cant as it does not come out in one go. Does this make sense to others too all of this and to you josephine?

      Hope its not too much toilet talk as dont know how to deal it but use the words number 2 or poo.

      So what do others think, i.e. insist on surgery maybe?

      What experiences have you had with surgery for the above two conditions?

      What are the recovery times and are you happy with the results?

      What is the best place, surgeon?

      They were not going to do anything but I said no, I want to see someone about this you just cant leave me like this. They said its not cancer, they were saying I did not need to be treated as its not going to kill me basically and that ok its lumps in way but thats all it is. But I feel bad in my pelvis and stomach ever day and that just is there every day for so long now so feel I would just like to feel normal again in that area, and forgot how well I used to feel really. Dont know what normal is like.

      Thanks for reading.


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