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Anyone with Prolapse issues and haemorrhoids.

Have obstruction discomfort in anus 3 years+

Discomfort on waking from lying on back in anus, especially discomfort on sitting, better when standing but still there.

No constipation or bleeding.

Colorectal opinions

Possible banding

Halo op

Stapled op (stapled haemorrhoidopexy)

Investigation EUA to access prolapse/possible banding

Pudendal nerve block injection to ascertain what is from prolapse and possible nerve entrapment in bottom.

Biofeed exercises to help continence with bowel, as I have very poor muscles strength with anal muscle.

Gynaecologist opinions

Uterine surgery recommended,  hysterectomy/anterior repair.

Or sugery using mesh depending on the prefered skill of surgeon.

However no guarantees that this will help my anal end with discomfort which is the main problem. 

I do not have prolapse pain at the end of the day which is normally I am told worse with prolapse.

Hence this uterine surgery may or may not help me!!! 

If everything is pushed up I am assuming that I will no longer get pressure on my veins/haemorrhoids, hence this discomfort I have;

However strangely I DO NOT HAVE PROLPASE pain at end of day the reseaon I am hesitant to go ahead with uterine surgery.

Exam results

Proctogram prolapse in all three compartments MRI

Stitting proctogram Distal intussusception

Womb at entrance of vagina bladder down, 

At present I am trying bio-feed exercises with difficulty as squeezing my anal muscles gives me added discomfort. However I shall persevere as there appears to be no certainties with any of these procedures.

I believe though that I may have an EUA to access my situtation better.

Anyone else with prolapse and haemorrhoid issues I would like to make contact.


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    Hello Sandra

              I have had hemorroid problems for years along with my prolapse bladder. My prolapse causes me to push a little more when having a bowel movement and thus this aggrivates and swells my hemorroids making them swell inside and putting pressure on me. I found a great product that is medicine free, no cream, no pills.

        It is called Anurex and it is just a white tube that is inserted into your rectum after a bowel movement and you hold it in there for eight minutes. This is a cold treatment, nothing more, it actually takes down all the swelling and relieves the pressure for me. Once you use it you wash it with warm water and mild hand soap, rinse it and put it back in the container and it stays in the refriderator (freezer) until you need to use it again. It lasts for six months or more and then you may need to buy a new one if this works for you.

       I am not having any operations becaue my prolapse is not painful and I can easily go both urinating and bowel movements, so why would I put myself through surgery. I hope this solution for your hemorroids helps you. You can buy Anurex at the pharmacy but you may have to ask your pharmacist to order you one. I don't think they sell this product off the shelf. Again, no medicine in it, no side effects or anything because it is just plain old , natural cold treatment that works for a lot of people including me. Hope it works for you.


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    Hello Lynn,

    Not sure I am that straight forward.

    Thank you for making the time to make contact.

    And thank you for your advice.

    I do not need to push at all as everything appears to flow infact too well.

    I have a little incontenance at times from the back.

    However not that often.

    I sometimes have to rush to go to the toilet, also unfortunately have embarrasing bouts of wind which I cannot hold in.

    I do not suffer with any form of constipation, itching or bleeding.

    My muscles are not holiding my faeces in.

    I am hoping these sphincter exercises for bowel control will help.

    All be it rather late.

    However Anurex may help me I shall speak with the pharmacist too.

    At present I am not sure if this discomfort is lining of bowel prolapse or haemorroidal viens.

    Thank you for making contact.


    Thank you for making contact,



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      I am not constipated either Sandra, just that my internal hemorroids cause pressure and that makes me run to the bathroom to have several bowel movements in the mornings usually. So the Anurex takes down all the swelling in the inside of my anus where you cannot see internal hemorroids that are up there.

      Google the word Anurex and see what it says about the product. You can read about it and decide if this is something that may help you too.

      Every morning I get up I have to go for a bowel movement more then once. After my morning duties are done, I use the anurex and it calms everything down and I am good to go for the day. Again, google it to read about this product.


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      Thanks Lynn,

      I am assuming you live in USA.

      The Uk does not sell the product but I can get it via Amazon.Thabk you for that advice will get some.

      I am about to make another posting which is already on bowel problem forum.




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      Hope you read all about Anurex on the internet so you know how this works. It says you have to lay down to insert, but I stand up and hold it in there after my bowel movement. Works the same and one has to try it for at least two weeks to see if it helps at all. The cold will seem to shock you at first when you insert it up there, but don;t be afraid to leave it in. You get use to it after awhile and it really soothes and shrinks internal hemorroids that you cannot see. Try anything you can Sandra to avoid any operations. I feel sometimes like I haven't finished going to the bathroom, but I think it is my prolapse bladder that makes me feel this way. I go back and try again and usally have to have lots of bowel movements in the morning depending on what my diet is. Are you on a good diet to help you with your bowel movements. That makes a big difference in what you eat as to how you go to the bathroom each day. Again, try to avoid any surgery if you can, it seems to not be the answer according to a lot of things I have read over the internet. So far I have avoided all surgery and I have had my prolapse for 10 years and hemorroids have always been a problem for me. I gently push my external hemorriods back in by holding a kleenex with lots of vaseline on it. It works and it gentle helps me keep the hemorroid from prolapsing all the time by gently pushing them back in. Hope some of these tips help you.
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      Thank you Lynn for spending time explaining in detail how you use this product.  I have ordered. I am sure the cold will help with any inflammation.

      Thank you

      I am doing my best to do these anal clenches with difficulty as I feel as though there is an obstruction there. However I believe if I had done these years ago I wouldn't have the problems I have now.

      It could be that I wake with with a full bowel after sleeping and may be this feeling I have is of incomplete evacuation. I am not sure.

      I know I need to loose weight and try to keep off the sweet stuff.

      I am 1 stone over weight but my mobility has been impared because of my problem, however now I am trying to be more active with swimming etc.

      Recent colorectal opinion 

      1). Investigation under anaesthetic to access prolapse

      2). Pudendal nerve block injection as a diagnostic to see what is from

      prolapse or a possible trapped nerve in my bottom.

      Unfortunately this nerve block injection is done by this colorectal specialist

      blind.  I have asked if this specialist would refer me to a pain specialist who

      does these injections under controlled CT. I am awaiting an answer.

      But Lynn I will try the Anurex in the hope it will help my discomfort.

      A big thank you


      Very few doctors do these nerve block injections.


      Diet plays a massive 

      For me I believe it is the lining of the bowel which is down.

      I wake with this anal discomfort as I am lying on my back for several hours and it is relieved if I lift my bottom off the bed.

      Have been told there is a possibility that I have a trapped nerve in my bottom, this is the pudendal nerve. 

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      Hello Sandra

               I sometimes feel like I haven't emptied myself completely and have to go back and sit on the toilet and try again. Once I have gone again, I feel a lot better. My problem is I have a prolapse bladder which makes it a little more difficult sometimes, but most of the times I can have no problem having my bowel movments. I just have so many of them sometimes , which is part of IBS as well.

         I find when I have to go so many times the hemorroids swell inside and out. This puts pressure on the spinture nerve that goes into spasms and makes me feel the bearing down pressure to keep going to the washroom. But after I use the Anurex after each bowel movement it takes down the swelling and the pressure because of the cold it provides inside othe anal area. Much like a little freezing that helps a lot.

      I hope it brings you some relief and you are right about diet. If you can get youself on a good diet that makes bathroom trips easier and agrees with you, that is half the battle. I will keep looking to see if there are any other solutions that could maybe help. Let me know how you make out with the Anurex. You cannot just tell after one treatment. It needs to b used at least for a couple of weeks continuously after a bowel movement. After each bowel movement of course you need to rinse it with warm water, not hot, clean it and put it back in the container and then back the fridge to get cold again. Talk to you again soon.


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