Prolapse in all 3 compartments

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Would like to make contact with ladies with prolapse in all 3 compartments.

Uterine surgery recommended however no certainties that the anal area will ease this feeling of incomplete evacuation, as though there is a foreign object in my anus. Uterine  surgery would help lift womb and bladder.

Has anyone had a surgery for all 3 compartments.

Please make contact.


This has been a 5 year nightmare.

Also now been offered Ventro rectopexy for consideration.

Are there any ladies who have had this op? 

This operation lifts the bowel and lists up bladder too.


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    I have had something similar done 4 weeks ago and it helped. I had both my Colon and bladder lifted but had my uterus removed instead of lifted. there was an enormous amount of pressure in my bottom for the first 2 weeks or so post surgery with the colon lift but was worth it in the end. The bladder was much easier to deal with initially, immediately following surgery I urinated in spurts which is completely normal and didn't hurt. That only lasted about 3 days, now I urinate normal and don't have the embarrassment of accidently urinating on myself in public when I sneeze. I can't help you with a uterus lift because I had mine removed , so I'm pretty sure that will fill different for you, I hope this helps.
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      Thank you for your posting much appreciated.

      I hope you are recovering and feeling better.

      It helps so much to listen to other stories.

      Although I have been offered uterine surgery, either hysterectomy and anterior repair, or a suspension surgery to keep my womb these uterine surgeries may not address the anal end where I appear to be having my primary discomfort.  

      The ventro rectopexy procedure is done by the colorectal surgeon and I believe lifts bowel and bladder and I believe more successful if you can retain the womb for support.

      All being said what is right for one person may not be right for another.

      Thank you so much for your posting.

      I believe the ventro-rectopexy is frowned upon by gynaecologists as it is in fact saving the womb if able and contradicts the hysterectomy.

      It is also an operation which is only 10 yrs old and is getting better without long term outcome.

      Any mesh surgery is not without risk, so for the time being I am still seeking opinion.

      Hope you make a speedy recovery and like you I will be going done the route of a surgery.

      Best Sandra

      We all have different problems with our prolapse which I believe makes for a difficult decision for the gynaecologist or colorectal surgeon.

      Athough my bladder is well down I do not have much of a problem with it at present.  I believe I have reduced my fluid intake when out and about because pressure must be making me want to empty when my bladder is full.  I so get some leakage here and there for some reason this is better in that department than it was.  However I have worn very light skinny pads on occasions.  So we are all so very different.

      My main problem being that of anal discomfort.

      2 surgeries have been offered 

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    Hi Sandra  I have had a very similar procedure.  Lift of cervix and bowel.  I had this done some 2 months ago now and I feel so much better. I am just getting energy back and that pain has completely gone.   It has made such a huge difference when I go to the toilet.  Like you I felt I could not completely empty as the bowel had fallen onto the cervix which also caused the cervix to fall onto the bladder and I could not empty the bladder properly.

    I would have this done.  Good Luck

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      Hi Noodles--I have a lengthy internal rectocele that has worsened this year. Getting difficult to empty my bowels completely. Can this result in the bowel falling onto the cervix as you experienced?

      I was wondering too if it could be a risk to have sex with the rectocele and the compromised vaginal wall? I just had that thought today and haven't read anything about that issue with rectoceles and other prolapses. 

      Ever since my first son was born a number of years ago, I've had to splint my bowel at times. But suddenly this year it has dramatically worsened. It's good to know that surgery can be helpful (though still scary to me. 

      Thanks for any thoughts!


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      Hi Suzanne  I haven't had sex yet!  I'm having my 6 week check up this week.  I am so pleased I have had this done.  Life on the toilet was not pleasant.  It was not possible to go to the toilet without using pressure.  If you raise your legs when you go to the toilet this will help.  I read that and it does!   I was very scared but reassured by my consultant who was brilliant.  I had stitches in my bowel and cervix to pull everything up.  I also had a Endometrial Ablation which basically burns the uterus to stop heaving periods. I have 3 children and at the age of 48 I don't plan to have anymore.  Also I am hitting the menopause age so it was the right thing for me.   

      "Can this result in the bowel falling onto the cervix as you experienced?"   My bowel dropped down and when I went to the toilet I felt that the poo was in my vagina - horrible to describe on here but thats about the extent of it.  

      Hope this helps.  Good luck.  

      Noodles xx

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      Thanks for the details--definitely helps! Yes, I've been told that the rectocele is basically a hernia that develops between the bowel and the vagina, so the muscles give way and the wall weakens and the bowel protrudes. Mine has worsened so much this year (I think that I went into menopause in the last couple of years--perhaps that can worsen it?). I am struggling with it and very interested in everyone's experiences, with and without surgery.

      I am so glad to know that your procedure was very helpful to you. I wish you a speedy healing and thank you for taking the time to write back!


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      Thanks Noodles for your posting, sorry for late reply.

      Thank you for your posting very much appreciated.

      Hope you dont mind me asking a few questions.

      Which month did you have the surgery?

      Where did you have your surgery if you dont mind me asking?

      Have you any ideas what type of mesh was used.?

      I am assuming you had your womb and bowel lifted.

      Is this your first surgery?

      All the best, and sorry for the questions,



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      You are welcome Sandra and it would be a pleasure to answer your questions.  

      I had my surgery in March 2015 (March 6th).  This was done at St Anthony's hospital in Cheam Surrey.  Mr Panayi was my sugeon.

      As far as I am aware no mesh was used.  I had a Pak placed in the vagina which they remove after surgery and its such a long peice of material its like a magic trick when they remove it the next day.

      Yes this was my first surgery also yes womb and bowel lifted or

      reconstructed as described by the surgeon.  

      Good Luck Noodles 

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    Hi sandra, i am awaiting surgery for all three, vault drop, rectocele and bladder to be resuspended. Mesh to be used for Vault drop and not bladder.

    No idea how it will go until it happens, but I am being positive that there is a brighter life on the other side in maybe a year or so

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      HI there,

      Hope you dont mind me asking.

      Where are you having surgery and with whom?

      It may be the same centre I am considering.

      Our prolapses are all sligthly different.

      Have you any ideas on what type of mesh used?

      Im not quite sure how to private message on this site.

      Please make contact and thank you for responding.




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