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After several weeks of unsuccesful physio to try and treat the excrutiating pain in my lower back, down my legs to my feet, across my bottom. most of my pain has been on the left side but i do suffer as today down my right leg and hip - does anybody else experience pain down both sides. The pain has been dreadful and have been referred to see a surgeon with suspected prolapsed disc - which i am seeing soon.

I would be very grateful to hear from anybody with similar symptoms and their experiences.


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    get an mri done asap pain in both legs is a red flag
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    I agree. If it gets worse or if you get a numbness around your \"saddle area\", or develop any difficulty going to the loo, then go straight to A&E. In fact I would go straight to A&E if it got generally worse.

    This really is one of those times when you need to bang on doors to get seen. It's all very well saying you have an appointment to see a surgeon soon, but we all know that means a good few weeks, then an MRI, then back to the surgeon. It all takes a long time. The fact is that unless you shout it from the roof tops, they are going to leave you as a routine case.

    Personally, I would try the A&E, a few tears and the \"I can't handle this any more\" route. It is hard enough coping when it is just on one side, when it is on both sides it must be intolerable. In the meantime, I would get some strong meds. What are you on at the moment???

    The good news is that this won't last forever, but you really should push on to get seen as soon as possible. I wonder how many physiotherapists try to work on spinal patients, because they have been referred and are on their list, but are frustrated knowing it is just babysitting until the real help arrives. They are a good bunch though.

    Best wishes


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    Hi i really do agree with TFU and the other is VITAL you get yourself seen and make as much FUSS as possible!!

    I had an accident back in 2006 from that resulted a slipped disc and severe muscle and tissue damage...doesnt sound too bad does it...well since then i am now registered disabled i have to use crutches to get around and should use a wheelchair on really bad days!!

    I take Tramadol 100mg 8 a day....Pregabalin 75mg 4 a day...Diazepam 10mg 3 a aday...Venlafaxine 75mg 2 at night...and Lactulose all in all i have 17 tablets a aday and i still suffer with HORRENDOUS PAIN.

    The reason i have replyed to this post is my pain is the same as yours...predomanatly down the left side of back..buttocks...left thigh and leg and into left foot.

    I do not often get pain in the right side but it can happen and when it does it can be just as aggressive as the left side.

    My pain in my left side can vary day to day...some days although it is apparent the pain is there i can just about cope with it mentally...but then other days its so HORRENDOUS it actually makes me physically sick and totally disables me.

    The reason i take Lactulose is because my bowel and bladder have both been affected. They go numb and just shut down.... then at times i have been incontinent as i belive i have finished going to the toilet where it goes numb and cuts off midstream then i will just go without any warning!!

    my bladder will not tell me that i need to go and i have been told i probably have a bladder the size of the River Thames...which i find funny but then is is not funny as it is dangerous!!

    My bowel will not open and feels like i have no muscle in that really is so embarrassing but sadly it is a aprt of my injury!! :oops:

    For my pain along with my medication i have been given an Epidural which sadly did not work...i was then given a Dorsal Root block which after a while did seem to give me some respite from the pain and made my life alot more comfortable but at the moment they will not allow me to have anymore!!

    Months ago now about 6 mths into my injury they finally gave me an anal tone test which clearly showed there was damage,,,but GUESS WHAT...they have done SOD ALL about it since my accident!! The only help they have given me is lactulose for my bowel...which is a JOKE!! They have done nothing for my bladder even though i tell them about it CONSTANTLY!!

    I have been told all my nerve endings are shattered and that they do not know how to deal with it or treat it...which is no use to me...and without giving me another MRI they can not even confirm my first injury is healed let alone tell me i have a secondary really is a JOKE!!

    I have been told i will NEVER return to my job...infact they are not sure i will return to any kind of work as i am in such a poor state...although it beggers belief they can decide that only 21mths into my accident hey!!

    They sent me to physio at the very beginning when they should of sent me to hospital for an MRI..they wasted weeks and did thihgs to my body and back i have now been told i should not of had!!

    My treatment has been terrible...i have had this confirmed by other professionals.

    I have kicked up about it and made a fuss and they are finally going to send me to Rheumatology and to see a neurosurgeon. They are also requesting i have another MRI they feel i may have a secondary injury to my spine...GREAT!!

    My life has changed completely at the age of 31 with 2 small children and husband it has been HELL!! I have needed care and support for things that before i never even thought about doing like...dressing cooking cleaning bathing putting shoes on...even putting a bra on can be HELL at times...but they dont see this!!

    Please dont end up like me...end up letting them get away without treating you properly...without giving you the treatment you so deserve!!

    I could be way off the mark and your signs and symptoms may b

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    sounds like you have cauda equine Syndrome. Caused by a massive central disk prolapse. They should of operated within 48 hours.

    Sorry to hear you pain

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    Hi thanks for your reply about my injury. I have never heard of what you said i could possibly have...are you able to tell me any more about what that is?? How does it affect you etc?? Im really interested as like i have said i have NEVER been diagnosed properly so am so DESPERATE to find out anything i can about what possibly may be wrong with me!!

    Thanks again Jaimie x x x

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    Sorry to say but you have all the symptoms. Intense pain, saddle numbness problems with bowel/bladder, I cannot understand why somebody in the medical community has not told you. Have a search on the web there is a wealth of information on it. No cure, hopefully in the next 15-20 years as more research is done into spinal cord injuries your suffering will lesson. What happened is that one of the disks in your back pressed into your spinal column and that has caused all the problems.

    when i am registered i will pop up a few links for you

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    By the way if you think you have been mis-diagnosed from the start get yourself a lawyer. If your gp/doctor mis-diagnosed you(did'nt spot cauda equine) then the NHS is liable. Other people have sued the NHS for this and have got pay outs of up to 0.5-1 million pounds depending on how bad a state you are in. Document everything because you are going to have to live with it for the rest of your life.

    Hope i have helped got anymore questions ask

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    Hi THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to try and help me it really does mean so much.

    I did a google search last night on it and....its BLOODY SCARY how much i can relate to. It sounds just liike what i experience on a daily basis....yet no one has bothered to sit up and listen to me and instead wants to think im just FAKING IT no doubt!!

    I can not belive you have tried to explain more to me and help me more in those 3 replys you posted then any medical person has done in nearly 2 yrs since my accident...IT IS DISGUSTING HOW THEY BEHAVE!!

    Like i say though thanks to you i am now armed with a wealth more of information that i can now take with me to my next appointments and just let them try and fob me off....i am bloody sick of not being listened to...i am suffering everyday...and god only knows what damage is being done to my bladder and bowel whilst it is being left unchecked!!

    Thanks again it really does mean so much...your so kind and i really am so gratefull.

    Best wishes Jaimie x x x

    Ps if i can ever help you im always here...i may not know alot regards medical conditions but i have large shoulders and a very big heart an im always here anytime x x x smile

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    good luck

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    I have a team of lawyers who are looking after me regards my accident and claiming against my work.

    It was when my case was being presented to the rest of the team that their clinical negelegence guy questioned the treatment i had recieved...and why certain things had not been looked my bowel and bladder.

    He was concerned and so spoke about a possible case of clinical neglegence against the NHS.

    Although i am honestly not bothered about that and all i want is to just recieve the correct treatment...what i am rightfully intitled to!!

    I will obvioulsy be informed of their findings and how they want to procede with my case..but whatever the outcome i just want to be looked after in the correct way as i am scared about what is happening to me and the fact it keeps being overlooked!!

    Thanks again Jaimie x x

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