prolonged period after contraceptive injection

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when my baby was 10 weeks old my doctor advised i use the contraceptive injection as i cant take the pill because history of DVT. a week and half after having the injection i started having a period even after being told my period may stop this period lasted to weeks, i then had a week free from periods then i started bleeding again .... again this lasted two weeks only it only stayed away for two days i have now been bleeding for a week ... ive been to see my GP and she told me its a side affect and theres nothing to worry about..... i cant help but be alittle disappointed that there is nothing that can be done i feel like i have been bleeding forever... u can imagine the strain this is also having on my relationship with my partner .... NOT RECOMMENED

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    I know your pain! I started the injection because I was getting ill from the pill and started bleeding irregularly. A friend of mine suggested the injection as it came with the bonus that she 'hasn't had a period in 3 years'. Sounded like the dream right? WRONG. I bled for a year straight. Heavy bleeding, it wore me out, I had a period for a year. 

    There are benefits from this though - it does stop and when it stops, it really stops. After that year I haven't had a period since and having the injection is honestly the best contraception in my opinion (aside from the bad experience with bleeding) because when it works, it really does the job nice and smoothly, nothing to worry about and minimal side effects (some people report weight gain as with most forms of contraception but I actually lost a lot of weight on it and my metabolism has spes up). Anyway, now that the bleeding is over, it's so brilliant.

    If you decide to stay on the injection then keep in mind that the bleeding will begin to slow down, it might just stop one day but if you end up like i did (which is uncommon - I don't want to scare you) you'll notice that it gets lighter each time. I also began to understand it's timing and it was possible to be intimate whilst bleeding - because it's not constantly pouring out of you (sorry, bit graphic maybe) it's on and off all day and there are quite a few times when you can be intimate and not be bleeding. It's just getting an understanding for how your body is working. My advice is to use sanitary towels - you change them regularly and can (this sounds gross) keep updated on how heavily you're bleeding throughout the day, therefore knowing when you're a-okay to get down and boogie. Another tip would be to re-underwear up asap after you've done the dirty, as post-sex can encourage slight bleeding after, even if you're not bleeding at that point in the day. 

    I have to say, it does get a little getting used to, there are some occasions when it hasn't been pretty but you and your partner can work your way around it.

    I get that you might want to get off it asap though, (please keep in mind that when I bled for a year, it wasn't normal, so it's likely that after your second injection it should stop. the bleeding is just your body readjusting and getting used to it, especially after having a child, it might just be working a few things out). but yeah, if you want to get off it, keep in mind that the bleeding this is just part of the whole injection wether you're starting it or coming off it. When people come off the injection, irregular bleeding is another symptom. Some people will bleed for a while once coming off of it, but if you've only had one injection this MIGHT NOT be the case. 

    Some people have the injection, never bleed, come off of it and bleed for ages, some people have it and bleed for ages, then never bleed, come off the injection and still don't bleed (then have normal periods) - it's all a bit of a mish mash and guessing game with your body.

    Otherwise, past the bleeding, from my experience it's really great, no moodswings, no weight gain etc etc. I can't really fault it past the bleeding. 

    If I can offer a little advice if you're interested in the injection without all the bleeding issues, I'd say try and work around the bleeding for now, intimacey is probably the biggest obstacle to get around (otherwise it's just a bit annoying and tiring) so working out being intimate is not impossible, it's just a little trial and error and 'keeping up with the k....uh...can't think of a funny one here! it's on the tip of my tongue!! anyway, and a bit of keeping track of how heavy you are and when it's best etc etc - like I said previously. Maybe try a second injection if you've started to feel a bit more comfortable with it because it's likely it'll start to diminish after that - otherwise, if it hasn't started to slow down after the second, my next piece of advice is to RUN FAR AWAY!! because then you are potentially heading down the same road as me and if you're not into working around it for a year, then just don't. I was adamant that the injection is the only form of contraception I want, so I stuck it out. You don't have to, but the first injection is usually the worst. It's up to you!

    Hope I've helped a bit! It's a lot of advice but I thought I'd pour my heart and soul out based on my experiences as I struggled to understand everything when I went through it all. It's a funny one, depo, no one is ever really too sure, so I just wanted to do my part and let you know as much as I do!

    Sorry it's so long! I'm a rambler!

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      Hi, I'm had my first injection on the 16th may and at first I had no bleeding but last week on Friday I started bleeding and it still hasn't stopped, I wouldn't mind the bleeding but I have got cramps everyday and its horrible. I just need to know if this is normal? I too have got discomfort from wearing pads everyday and wish the bleeding would stop, I hope that I have no bleeding on my 2nd injection but knowing my luck It will get worse. Im going to see my doctor tomorrow so hopefully she can help me and reassure me.
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      Hello I had my first injection for a month ago a week ago I was bleeding ' it's doing my head in now as I'm going away next Wednesday and I won't be able to do anything if I'm bleeding ' my next injection isn't till next month I'm not bleeding heavily it's only little bits and sometimes I can come on and bleed then come off and come back on in the same day I don't know what to do would you be able to help me I just need help as I'm going away and I won't be able to do anything water wise ' thank you

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    I had a shot in January, I had 2 pretty normal months (Period wise). I decided not to get another jab though because it dint help my pmt.  then it hit me.... Non stop bleeding! Almost 3 month. I've also had headaches, my hair has thinned and I'm gaining weight by the day. Almost 6 months later it's still in my system!

    I wish I would have researched this shot before I had it done.

    BUT.... I read about using a supplement called Angus cactus to that helps to flush the depo out of the system. It naturally reminds the body how to regulate female / reproductive/ sex hormones. 

    I have taken a very small amount for three days and had two 'period free' days!!

    Ive been very lucky over the years with a really reliable system and I'm disappointed that I did not research the depo... Quite honestly I think it should not be available, there are so many side effects.

    If you've been bleeding for months and feeling desperate as I did you can get ANGUS CACTUS from health food shops, it's not expensive and its natural. 

    Good luck. Xx

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    I had the injection on the 7th February. It lasted 3 months none stop bleeding, I stopped for a week and that’s it. Now that it’s been 12 weeks I’m still bleeding. Not heavy but it’s not often red neither sounds grim but slightly brown. 

    Is this normal as I’m really worried. 

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