propanalol iser! desperate need of help..

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Hi everyone..desperatly looking for advice regarding propanalol and i have until morning to make my decisionas im going back to my doctor in morning!

I have been on fleouxetine 20mg for 8 yrs..but mu anxiety and panic has spiked out of control.

I was always to petrified to change or alter meds.

I finally plucked up courage..

I was prescribed propanalol slow releasing 80mg capsules- 1 per day.

Ive been on it for 4 days and i feel absoloutley physically terrible.

Thing is, i dont know if its the propanalol or something anxiety panic over takin meds, or a virus etc.

So i thought i would ask you lovely people what your thoughts and experiences are!

Heres whats been happening.....

Day One:

- ive had dizziness/disorientation ALOT with my anxiety but this was the most hurrendous spaced out, going to pass out feeling ive ever had.

- hands were freezing!

Day Two:

- feeling a bit off balance

-feeling very fatigued


- bad headache

-during night i kept waking continuesly swallowing, it was like i was trying to swallow my own tongue. Finally i got up at 3am and didnt know if i was in reality or not. Very hurrendously scary feeling!

Day Three:

- the same spaced out feeling i had on day one, but it was so extreme i had to sit in middle of park n cry and cry because i was too dizzy to move any further!

- terrible backache/shoulderache

-extreme fatigue

-bad sweats

-pulse down to 72

-pains in chest

-again the same horrible night!

Day Four: (today)

- extreme fatigue

-stomach pains

-bad chest pains both through and under my left breast and down my left arm.

- back/shoulder pain is terrible especially on left side. Feels like big knot.

-bad headache.

-bad sweats

-pulse down to 58

- twice today ive really hurt myself by banging hard into thinhs because dizzyness and a confusion has hit me.

-feel really really unwell amd spent since 5.30pm in bed!

Im really scared n upset.

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    Hi there.

    I've now been on pro for 12 days 3 x 10mg daily and I experienced pretty much the same side effects. I felt very unwell for the first week. I was very scared. I suffered from extreme fatigue, dizziness, feeling spaced out, nausea, severe headache, neck ache, sore and sensitive neck glands, burning sensations in the chest, backache and pains and stomach shooting pains, dry cough and mouth.

    I went to my docs who told me they were typical side effects and to persevere with propranolol to see if said side effects settled. She said it was my body fighting against something it was not use to.

    I have and they began to subside 3 days ago....Thank god! I am still feeling sone of the side effects.......sore glands, slight dizziness, headache, backache and pains. But I'm now feeling more myself and well again and the propranolol is beginning to work. I am taking it for headaches, anxiety and palpitations. Please see your doc for reassurance and try to stay calm as I now know that me stressing made the side effects worse.

    At the time I thought it couldn't be the propranolol as everyone else seemed to have less side effects and didn't experience what I was going through. But there is a small percentage out there who have quite bad side effects to new meds. Try to relax and rest.


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    Hi there worrywart!. Please see your doctor!. The Propanolol will take abit to get into your system so preserver  with these symptoms your doctor will reassure you of this. I am on Propanolol and have been for 6 months. I however didn't experience your symptoms for me I was completely tired all the time.But was advised to continue as they needed time to get into your system, be reassured that these tablets DO work, I'm taking these for Migranes. 
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    I was put on just 20mg a day of Propranolol last summer and it was the scariest experience of my life. I ended up with a severe anxiety disorder which propranolol tipped over the edge, and was housebound for 9 weeks!

    These tablets are nasty. I had the same symptoms as you. Very dizzy, flu like, felt like I was passing out, and freezing hands and feet. Also my tongue swelled up. I rang NHS direct and they sent me to A and E where they told me to throw them away. Luckily my dose was low and I didn't have to be weaned off them.

    So many people I speak to have said how nasty beta blockers are. I feel for you. It's up to you if you want to try and ride the symptoms out. For me, as health anxiety was a big part of my disorder, I couldn't wait for them to leave my body! Back on sertraline and they do the job a treat for me. Don't know if it's coincidence but my feet are still always freezing which never happened before propranolol. Feel better soon x

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    Hi Worrywart, I was on propandol 10mg 3 times a day , at first they helped,but after a week or anxiety got much worse.i was having multiple panic attacks a day,something I had never suffered from like that beforehand also had a lot of muscle pain,if you don't feel right taking them tell your doctor,I only trust my body now,if something upsets it so badly,I won't take it,x
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    Hi my advice is simple: explain tell your doctor, and your symptoms!. Every body, Bodies are different. Your doctor will advise you to continue or to stop taking the medication. See what he/she has to say first before a decision is made?. I do take this for migranes as well as Sumertription (also for a migrane attack) and acid reflux tablets. I take 80mg each day and they are a slow release. Just seek ADVICE first before you DECIDE?.
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    Yes, do tak to your doctor, worrywort, but I reckon you may just be overdosed.  I couldn't cope with the 80mg slow release, they gave me chest pains and breathlessnes, but am fine on 10mg four times a day.  You may need even less and you can pop in an extra 10mg occasionally, when your anxiety is bad, if yu want to.  Good luck!
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    Hi worrywart and others on this forum smile I never write in these things but since the Inderal has been replaced with this generic I've had a tough few months. I didn't know until I read your posts about side effects that it could be this tablet causing all my problems. I was on half Inderal for 8 years with very little aura migraines during that time. On this I feel off balance, disorientated and spaced out especially bad when I'm out and about - I literally feel like I'm going to faint. I have started go get tingling in my hands and have terrible nightmares, not to mention some nasty headaches. I'm going to go back to my GP!
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