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Hi guys. After 5-6 weeks My gp switched my dosage from 20mg to 80mg due to the medication not having any effect on the 20mg.

Anyway I have been taking the 80mg dosage once a day, every morning for around a week now and I am have been getting stomach aches and diarrohea. I understand, these are side effects of the medication but is this the case? If so, how long will they last and shall I continue taking the propranolol 80mg?

I also suffer from gastro stuff and again along side the propranolol I am taking esomprazole 40mg and noticed the above is also side effects for this medication.

Any idea what to do?

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    I take propranlol 80 mg    it does nothing to help my migraines and I dont notice any of the side effects you mention.... maybe ask your doc what he your body gets used to the higher dose it may resolve itself. My doc said you have to take like 200 mg of propranolol for headache relief. I'd be in bed all day if I took that much!
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    When I was put on propanol the consultant increased the dose slowly over a month because like you I take meds for a bad stomach (Gastritus) Opremezol.Similar to you I had increasing bad side effects to the point that I was taken off it.If it's affecting your stomach and bowels ask for something else there are other drugs not so harsh on both.You don't have to put up with side effects that start to create other problems that become a major problem themselves.Many years on Ive now problems with stomach colon and bowel and seeing three different consultants for treatment of these issues.Botox has helped me most over all the other meds that didn't reduce attacks or reduce the pain, including a week in hospital on intravenous meds 4 emergency visits and nights in various hospitals .There are other drugs together with a healthy diet, gentle exercise , no smoking and alcohol

    together with getting rid of unessecary stress,or pressure can help .

    I wish you all the best with your GP .How long is it since you saw a consultant neurologist? Treatments have advanced greatly in the last few years together with practises and research findings.Good Luck.Keep in touch.


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      Hi, I suffer from really bad heartburn and acid reflex! I had this issue years ago with my stomach and bowels and it went. but not im hoping its not back sad I have been on many many medication for my heartburn and this is what works. I did always read that the medication I am on can increase magnesium levels and diarohea and stomach aches. I have been referred back to my GP and waiting on a MRI scan for my headaches. 


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      Hi Has,

      Im sorry to hear your stomach problems are coming back.While your waiting for your mRI for your headaches (it's not at all painful just noisy) not good if your having a migraine but it doesn't last that long.Visualise a happy memory in detail , recite a song in your head , a film or visualise somewhere

      calm and peaceful then it won't seem so long.

      Meanwhile note what you eat, keep away from acidic spicy foods, some fruits really aggravate your stomach and creamy cheeses can be bad for your stomach and headaches.There is such a thing as stomach migraines.

      mY daughter suffered from them and IBS at times so she's has careful as I am over what she eats and drinks. make sure you drink plenty of water and keep hydrated .Some canned drinks and diluted juices have Sodium Benzoate in them that can cause severe reaction in your stomach and head.

      Do you have any allergies? Perfumes can trigger terrible migraines  when I travel especially when waiting for flights and people try on the free duty stuff. Mens toiletries are really strong .I can smell certain perfumes for men and women from 60yards away.They make me feel very nauseous   Hair lacquer nail varnish etc passing certain salons in towns makes me ill both in head and stomach so I avoid certain streets and coffee houses unless the door and windows are open.When my stomach is bad I turn to custard and bananas , chicken soup , ginger biscuits milky drinks and porridge with a little honey.Even white bread! When I love granary and seeded it often creates trouble so I steer clear of it at times.

      Ive tried several variations of high fibre diets over the years , very limited red meat only chicken, turkey and fish , plenty of fruit and veg only to find that too can create problems.The old saying alittle of what you fancy does you good, anything in excess is bad for you .Keep flushing water through your system for head and stomach troubles,If the water in your area is suspect then drink bottled.Fluride can be good for teeth but not so goodfor your stomach or brain. I boil and filter all my water before drinking it.

      If your meds are causing you bad side effects ask to try others , reactions are your body telling you the meds aren't right for your system no matter what "expected side effects " are noted , if they are impacting your situation and making you feel worse then listen to warning your body is telling you.

      sAdly most meds have side effects of some sort .One quote about marriage is worth considering in relation to taking meds and if they work for you and improve your situation.Love is not finding someone you can live with , it's finding someone you can't live without. Some meds you really don't need if your body rejects them some tolerating the minimum side effects may be better than suffering without them.Another good one to remember is "what you put in your mouth affects more than your stomach" that includes meds.

      gOod luck with the referral and MRI  Write down questions before you go to the docs, ask for a referral to a consultant if your not happy with the responses.Always ask to be explained what you don't understand I do even at 60 even more so now that's why I'm nicknamed WHYVON! Keep in touch.

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    Do you take high amounts of magnesium to help with migraine? Its more likely to be that if so. I took propranolol and found it ineffective plus my blood pressure is on they low side in general. I was lightheaded and even more tired. I know people have success with this treatment but the side effects need to be less than the benefit. If you do decide to stop you need to reduce it gradually. The only relatively useful thing that my headaches respond to is endep. I managed to get off all analgesics so the medication overuse headaches stopped. I used sandomigran for a long time but it doesnt work for me anymore. Also if your unhappy with your neuro or gp change them. Have you tried the lidocaine injection? It is injected into the back of your head near the occipital nerve and works as a block? It doesnt really hurt. No negative side effets. It works for me...It may be worth mentioning Ive had botox 4 times over a year (37 injections a round) and it didnt help me. I got it on medicare with referral from a neuro but it was only an option because i have literally exhaused the preventative medication list with little success. And one more thing...all your stomach issues...I have coeliac disease and when i cut gluten out i obviously felt better. I also did fodmap and i found most of my stomach issues settled down. Big link between certain foods (and i dont mean obvious ones like chocolate/amines) like corn and artificial sugar. Good luck, hope ive helped and it doesnt bore your to tears.
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    I have just started taking butterbur and magnesium.  what is endep?  I live in the U.S. and have never heard of it.  smile   I do take the Botox shots and they help with the severity of the headaches but not the frequency.  Pollution is a big trigger for me and unfortunately living in Southern California it is very smoggy and the air is hazardous a good deal of the time!  I did have the nerve block shot once and it was very helpful.  The only trouble is my neurologist is 25 minutes away and when I am in the throes of a migraine I hate to go that far to his office. I DO want to find a different neuro and one closer to home.  He tries different things but I always have such side effects (to the preventatives and antidepressants) that I have to discontinue. I also have low(ish) blood pressure and cant go up on the propanolol dosage.  The only thing that works on me is Imitrex..but I take way too much of it.  These headaches sure can get you down!  thanks for your input   we'll see how the herbal remedies help!
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