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Rushabout Rushabout

Propranolol and hyperthyroidism


I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, for which I am now taking Carbimozole (20mg a day) and Propranolol (40mg twice a day). I have asked my doctor if I may reduce my Propranolol intake as, although it seems to have reduced palpitations (due to the thyroid, not stress), it has also made me 'check out' of life somewhat. I am just not there! My partner says he wants the old me back (he is incredibly supportive) and I would love to return to my bright self. I am signed off work, because when I try to concentrate on more than one thing, my head just buzzes.

Still, at least the hot flushes and the weight loss (rapid) have been curbed. I am due to be monitored for some Radioactive zapping of the thyroid as I dont have Goitre problems.

Anyone else experiencing this and on Carbimozole also, it would be nice to hear other people's experiences.

Rushabout (well I did!)

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  • Guest Guest

    I had surgery for over active thyroid in my teens ( in my 50s now ). Was fine until about 10 years ago when it all blew up again, had Carbimazole and Propanalol but it didn't control the problem as I kept relapsing. I decided to go for radioactive treatment, well didn't have a choice really but that just changed the problems. It completely killed my thyroid off, very quickily, within 3 weeks. Now I have under active thyroid for the rest of my life. I was quite ill for several months ( heart and blood pressure )while the thyroxin replacement kicked in and still after 3 years on it I am not right, still suffer with fuzzy head, hair loss and dreadful tiredness. Going to the Dr tomorrow and I guess they will change my dose yet again but reading others on the forum I'm not hopefully of ever feeling like my old self again. Find out all you can about radioactive treament before going ahead.

    Good luck with it all.

  • ollysmum23 ollysmum23

    i have recently been diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid and am taking carbimazole and proprananol :cry: am not doing too well on them as are causing lots of other problems, severe headaches, breathing difficulties and very bad dizzy spells. i have to have a ct scan on my head because of headaches and double vision, not a happy bunny.

  • Guest Guest

    My partner has been diagnosed with graves disease last week. He has been unwell for the past 6 months, firstly 3 months of diarhea (which he went to our gp about several times and tests showed nothing wrong with his stool so they said it was normal!) then a chest infection for 3 weeks followed by flu. The worst part of the symptoms for me has been irritability and shouting at me and the kids for no reason, arguing for no reason and being unbearable! I was saying for months something was wrong as this was not like him and we have nearly split a few times as I did not know what was up and could not stand walking on egg shells all the time. He has also lost 3 stone but we put this down to him running as he was training to go in the army (but he cannot go in now sad.He then got paronychia, which in infection of the nail bed and finger end which he had for weeks and it would not clear up I was thinking he had leukemia or something because of the weight loss and I had a gut feeling his immune system was being affected as he was unwell for such a long time. After 2 weeks of the finger they decided he needed an operation to drain it and he was admitted to hospital, after the op, which went well in itself, he developed a high temperature of 39.2c, a heart rate of 127, sickness and his blood pressure was up and down. We had no idea what was wrong and he was even more irritable being made to stay in hospital while they did not know what was wrong with him. After a few days I told them about his recent behaviour and health problems as I thought they could be linked and they decided to do a thyroid test, by the time the results came back they showed him to have bio-medical and clinical thyrotoxicosis and was in a thyroid storm. It was touch and go for a while and he was in hospital for over a week. It was really scary to think he had this for such a long time undetected, but apparently it's very rare in men so it wasn't the first thing they thought of. He still doesn't realsie how ill he was I don't think he wants to which worries me. He is taking carbimazole and propranalol and had a thyroid scan on friday so I'm hoping everything is ok. When I looked it up on the internet out of the 28 Symptoms he had 24! It's been an awful experience but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm hoping I get the person I fell in love with back! I sympathise with anyone going through this and would love to hear other peoples experience of this.

    And I wish you good luck and try and see the bright side it's the only way xx

  • Guest Guest

    I was told i had an over active tyhroid glad and graves disease last year. I have had such a bad time with this. This all started after i gave birth to my first child (a lovely boy :lol: ) At this moment in time i am on 23 tablets a day i'm only 31 :shock: . I take tablet for my eyes and tablets for my tyhroid glad. All i'm told by so called doctors is i will get better i just have to bare with. I can't afford to stop work. I've started to give up.

    I hope anyone else with this is not going through what i am. it really does ruin your life.

    Good Luck to everyone

  • Guest Guest

    I have been diagnosed with Grave’s too! I had been put on methimazole for the treatment of the thyroid, and propranolol for the heart rate thingy. I had to stop the methimazole because my insurance ran out—but I have a load of propranolol left over. Now I have only been able to take the propranolol, and I have to say I feel about 120% better. The beta blocker slows down my heart rate enough so I don’t feel like I’m going to keel over. I think it’s when the propranolol is combined with anti-thyroid meds; the combination is debilitating. I will make an effort to obtain more propranolol before it runs out. I’m thankful that I now have a ton of energy to get through school (without having a MI). Maybe someday I will get my insurance back so I can feel like crap again...

    • Regina216 Regina216 Guest

      Hello, i too was diagnosed,with graves Disesse,weight gain was not mentioned as a side effect of methimazole, did u gain weight on it? And if so did u lose weight, with just being on the propranolol?

    • lst863 lst863 Guest

      I'm new with hyperthyroid (graves). I will be taking Propranolol and Methimazole. I ask you how you take them? Do you take Methimazole in the morning (once a day) and propranolol (2 times a day)? I'm not sure the schedule and time and hours apart of taking those medicine. Did the medicines cure your hyperthyroidism? 

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