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Hi all

I've recently been prescribed 80mg of propranolol for my anxiety/panic disorder to try reduce the amount of attacks I'm having per day. I've been taking it for about a week now and although my attacks have lowered significantly I'm noticing some horrible side effects which are making me panic so much. due to my panic disorder I get scared I'm dying over just about anything!! It's really annoying. I'm looking for some reassurance from others who have taken this. Do the side effects go away?

Here is what I have been experiencing -


Blurry vision or colour spots

Feeling of falling backwards

Excessive sweating

Numb emotionless feeling

Extreme tiredness particularly after I've first taken it

Choking sensation in throat

Could this be all the things I'm feeling from an anxiety attack but just not having one due to the medicine? Finally, with my panic disorder I've developed a fear of taking tablets (stupid I know) and I feel like every time I take my setraline or propranolol or a simple painkiller it sends me spiraling into a full blown anxiety attack where it feels like I'm having a heart attack. Any advice on how to stop this? I'm desperate sad I'm just existing and not living anymore this has ruined my life.

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    Just wrote to you in your inbox as well. Am feeling the same and have been on this medicine for over two weeks. Today has been particularly bad. Am on vacation in Barcelona and have just woken up light headed, dizzy and forever feel emotionless and flat. It's super scary. I don't want to stop taking it because I feel my panic may kick in again. But if I continue taking it I feel I may just faint, collapse or hallucinate. I was just googling stuff on what to do because I'm in a foreign city and came across your query. It's super scary but in glad to know I'm not the only one. I was on 40mg thrice a day and had cut down to half a tablet a day until yesterday. Today I'm feeling very very sick, so don't know wether I should quit or continue. Doctor isn't helping either. He's asked me not to take it if I'm experiencing side effects but also asked me to keep some incase my panic kicks in again. At least till I get back home. It's the worst. I know exactly how you feel. Anyhow, don't worry too much, if you keep experiencing severe side effects I suggest you stop medication immediately and ask your doctor for an alternate solution. Am not going to take it today and see how I feel for the rest of today. sad will keep you posted. Big hugs

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      Thanks for your reply I'm so sorry you're also feeling the same. I feel like I'm going crazy sad I did the same as you I actually only took half a tablet this morning and I ended up throwing up then having a sever anxiety attack so took the other half and I've been feeling awful all day. I keep getting heart flutters and also losing my sense of taste after I take them it's so weird. sad I've spoke to a few people in my family about these tablets and my mum said it took about a month before the side effects stopped for her. I feel like I can't win I get constant attacks if I don't take them or feel like I'm not even in my own body and feel like something is really wrong with me when I do big hugs back to you what a shame you're feeling this way while on holiday sad

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    I understand when u say u have delevepped à fear of taking médecin. I have thé same and not just médecin. I suffer feom ocular migraines which means i loose my eyesight in my left eye whenever, wherever. Never know when bit recently everyday sometimes more then once à day. They started me on propranolol 5 days ago but only 20 mg for a week then i Will increase to 40 and more. I have not had side effects so far and from what i read there arent many. But fear can cause many i know that much. Fear is thé worst to control and increasing our symtoms.... fatigue maybe from what i have read but your probably very nervous

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      I think it's a big part of me being terrified of taking medication incase something goes wrong with me. My Anxiety has made me so nervous about everything all the time it's tough getting through the day. That sounds horrible i hope you're coping okay I can't imagine what I'd feel like if my sight went I'd be freaking out!! Sending my wishes your way

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      Hi Chelsea I took half a tablet last night before bed and it made me stay up all night not to mention the numbness down my body and my head was ready to explode. I eventually got some sleep but woke with my right arm and hand shaking. I have a headache now and i am not sure whether or not to take paracetamol for it or just go to my gp and see what they say. I am no longer taking this medication due to the side effects it gives me.
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    I just read your post about propranolol. I wondered if you stopped the med? I ask because I read the symptoms you had and one of them was falling backwards feeling, when you had this feeling did you feel it all the time? I've been on this med for 6 weeks and in the past week I've had the awful backward falling feeling whether I'm sitting standing or laying down, so I wondered if you stopped the med and the symptom stopped. Thanks for you help

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