Propranolol, venlafaxine and nytol????

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Does anyone know if its safe to take Propranolol 10mg x3 , venlafaxine 37.5 x2 but also take a nytol???

I'm just finding it hard to get to sleep on a night and stay asleep which is making me more tired during the day, not to mention making my depression and anxiety levels spike sue to the fact I'm not getting up until the afternoon due to waking up at 3am then managing to get back to sleep by 6am or 7am and oversleeping.

I know Propranolol is supposed to make you tired, and it does, but I'm now waking up with a panic attack, which I've never done before, then I'm having to take 1 of my Propranolol to calm me down leaving me one dose down during the day, I'm then having to take another Propranolol when i wake up again and the last dose early evening.

I just feel i could do with saving a dose for before i go to bed but obviously i cant overdose and take an extra one, but i cant help having to take one very early hours.

If i cant take the nytol then its back to the doctors, obviously I'm not going to put myself at risk taking something that's going to react with my other medication and set me back or hospitalise myself.

Any advice would be much welcomed.

Many thanks

Danielle xxx

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    Hi danellie

    Yes it is totally safe and you will not overdose,

    Nytol is only antihistamine and will not cause you any harm, I'm also on venlafaxine, inderal and benzo's,

    You'll be fine,

    By the way can you buy propranolol over the counter in the UK?

    Only asking cause I can buy it in any pharmacy over the counter here in UAE


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    I wouldn't mix any medication. Call a Pharmacist. The medicine that begins with a P I think is very strong and may be the same one Michael Jackson OD on. Be careful...........Go to a Dr. with your situation!
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    I thought I should just clarify that Michael Jackson OD'd on propofol not propranolol, just so that nobody gets scared lol.

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    I wasn't making light of the matter. Believe me I am in no position to. I have been suffering from horrendous anxiety over the past year which has nearly driven me to suicide. I only laughed because there is a wealth of difference between a beta blocker and what MJ was being injected with
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    I know its not funny but you guys just cheered me right up with that conversation and I'm in the middle of a panic attack right now!!

    I never knew what MJ overdosed on but thank you for the enlightenment

    No extra panic caused so no worries

    I just need to sleep that's all, just tried and cant get a wink, cant take anymore beta blockers and have nothing else to help...I find my panic attacks particularly hard to cope with as they happen at night, you know when your supposed to calm down and go to sleep.....foe the past few nights Propranolol has been working its magic making me all tired and fuzzy headed and I've been drifting off safe and granted yes I've been waking up with a jump at 3-4am because of a panic attack in my sleep, which I've never had before, but i was certainly getting more sleep than i have in a long while.

    Only tonight they don't seem to be working, got my normal fuzzy head and tiredness at 10pm so came to bed, tried to sleep.....i have lavender and everything......only this time i had a panic attack, but not a normal one because obviously with the Propranolol my heart wasn't going a mile a minute and i wasn't hyperventilating, i was just having i got dressed, put my shoes on and went for a walk......after around 30 minutes i came back, got into bed with my fuzzy head and sleepiness and have tried now for 2 hours to sleep and yet i have another panic attack, just like the first one.......

    Now with it being 1am i cant exactly go for a walk, start cleaning the house or exercising as:

    1) My partner is fast asleep

    2) I have neighbours

    3) I'm supposed to be winding down to go to sleep

    4) I know i need sleep or I'm going to feel worse in the morning

    5) It's not exactly safe to be walking to streets at 1am

    so by all means i am wide open for suggestions, because NO WAY am i going back to sleepless nights, feeling anxious or like I'm going crazy.......I just cant do it again.......

    At this moment in time I feel like crying because i hate relying on pills to help me sleep when i could sleep perfectly fine when i wasn't taking them, but the facts is i need the meds to help me get over the panic attacks.....bloody ironic.

    My CBT doesn't come in till the 26th of March which seems like forever away.

    I just need help PLEASE!!!!

    Danielle xxx

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    Hi Danielle,

    I'm really glad the conversation cheered you up - it was quite amusing biggrin .

    I'm really sorry to hear about your sleep problems I have suffered from terrible insomnia too and I know how frustrating and upsetting it is.

    I know I'm stating the obvious but will your doctor not prescribe you some sort of benzodiazepine or sleeping tablet just to get you through the worst?

    I was prescribed lorazepam which really helped me when I was at rock bottom. It is much stronger than diazepam so it was a god send to me at the time.

    Other than that the only other thing I can think of is a sedating antidepressant like mirtazapine, trazadone or a tricyclic. But I see you are already on another antidepressant so you probably wouldn't want to change over.

    I'm sorry I cant be of anymore help but I'm sure you will start sleeping again soon.

    By the way I'm female I just put the name Arthur without thinking because my cat is called that lol.

    Anyway take care lisax

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    I've already had to change antidepressants once already from citalopram to venlafaxine because citalopram made me feel like i belonged in a nut house...... And funny thing was i asked my doctor if i could take anything to help me sleep and they outright said NO so I'm not sure if they will give me anything, i just know that for the 5 days i was on citalopram it was the worst week of my life and i will never go there again, so I'm not bothered about changing antidepressants at all, its just the sleep i need

    Danielle zxx

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    Hi Danielle,

    Sorry to keep going on about it but I really do think that it Is terribly unfair of your doctor not to prescribe you something to help you sleep. When I was at my worst I was prescribed diazepam,temazepam and finally lorazepam and I honestly think that I would be dead now if I hadn't been given them. To this day my psychiatrist is quite happily prescribing me enough lorazepam while I taper off it.

    You really need to be more demanding of your doctor and if he/she doesn't comply them go to a different one.

    No one should have to endure the distress of insomnia to the extent and for the length of time that you are having to. Yes there is the worry dependence when those types of drugs are prescribed but they are prescribed in the short term to help people like you who are in real distress.

    I hope you get the help you need soon, Lisax

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    Hi Lisa,

    I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and would give anything for you to be there lol my doctor just dismisses everything i say, think its because of my age, anyways the sleepless nights have continued, the propranolol seem to be having less and less sedative effect, I've packed in the eating again, gone down a jean size :-S and my anxiety seems to be on its way back even though my medication hasn't changed. All i seem to hear from this doctor is to 'Persevere' with the tablets I'm wasn't even her who prescribed me the beta blockers, she wouldn't prescribe me anything but the anti depressants. I am really thinking of changing my doctor, i always feel like an errant child around mine, that i should just do what I'm told because i don't know any better, I'm 24 not 12!!!

    Anyway I'm going to tell her about my lack of sleep, the anxiety, lack of food and the fact i have now become slightly agoraphobic, i cant leave the house for long periods of time without feeling overwhelmingly anxious, so looks like my plans of going back to work on Tuesday, after having a week off sick already, all rest upon tomorrows verdict from my doctor....who doesn't like me and wants me to suffer... I will endeavour to be assertive tomorrow Lisa, i promise....just waiting for the CBT that's getting to me now.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Danielle x

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