Pros & Cons of MESH surgery please be honest!!

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I have been offered a ventral mesh rectopexy will probably be open surgery due to the extent of what is going on. My surgeon wants me to think about it before i go ahead as he really wanted me to know the potential risks with mesh. I'm trying to find out about it and I'm not getting anything useful.

SO i want people to be brutally honest if you have had this surgery please share openly if you havn't but have had mesh please also share. I just want to try n figure this out.

Thank you all and hope you have a good day Xx

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    Hey thanks for posting this question and sharing your experience. It's very helpful to hear from others going through similar forms of suffering. These conditions are as isolating as they are debilitating. Did you have the surgery? If so, I really hope you had a phenomenal recovery.

    I'm facing a very similar decision regarding ventral mesh rectopexy. I have internal prolapse and obstructed defecation. I'm a male in my mid 20s but I also have a severe bleeding disorder, which makes surgery extra scary.

    I've done a lot of my own research to understand the best options, and it seems that they type of mesh is very important for health outcomes.

    It appears that dissolvable meshes are associated with the best health outcomes. They serve as a scaffold for your own scar-tissue to grow into. After 12 months or so, they are completely replaced by scar-tissue.

    The risk however, is that they aren't as strong as the non-dissolvable meshes -- so the long-term outcomes are uncertain. They may not hold as well. That being said, if you need a second surgery after a few years, the complication rate is lower if the mesh is dissolvable.

    It's also worth mentioning that there are two types of dissolvable meshes: synthetic and biological. The each have their pros and cons. Here's a paper that reviews many of the mesh options (note: it has some gory surgical pictures)

    I hope this is helpful. Not all meshes are the same and being informed about your options can make you a stronger advocate for yourself.

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      fir men it's a different operation all together. men do not have the pelvic issues ladies do as its placed around our reproductive organs.

      may be you can find more info for men rather than lady issues as I know we will have different symtoms and recovery.

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    hello hun

    I've had 2 repair and tvh and I would never touch mesh ever. my con9 is a proffesor of Urogynacology and knows his stuff of 30 yrs. I would have to find another that doesnt use it.

    it's too late when its inside yiu and it goes wrong. I'm dead against hun.x

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    I know I am a bit late in responding, however, I would like to for anyone that finds this post in the future.

    I am 37 years old and had a total abdominal hysterectomy (fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and uterus. The whole kit and kaboodle), at the age of 23.

    Almost 4 years ago I had the robot assisted vetral mesh rectopexy surgery done. (I had minimal external prolapse during defecation, a rectocele, and an intussusception.) I had gone to a pelvic floor center where I had many tests done. (Mostly just odd/slightly embarrassing, none were painful.) I saw both a colorectal surgeon and a uro-gyn surgeon.

    Since, I also happened to have severe stress urinary incontinence (since I was a kid), and one of the worst cases they had ever seen, (I happened to sneeze while in the stirrups. Poor people had to leave and change their scrubs! I had allowed a couple students to be present.) I was given the option for a bladder sling at the same time.

    A mesh bladder sling, as well as the "permanent" or "less permanent" mesh for the rectopexy, were my options for surgery. I went over all the pro's and con's of these types of mesh with the surgeons, and what option(s) would be best for me. Being an RN, I did research legit research, I didn't assume that all mesh, like hernia mesh, etc. are created equal. (Except, I was already aware that mesh isn't always THAT mesh. Some are better than others, and for certain things.)

    I ended up choosing the more permanent rectopexy mesh, and since I was already having surgery, I had the bladder sling done as well. This was the choice for me.

    I will say, I have NEVER looked back. (I have additional health issues that caused my recovery to take longer than the average person.) Even with my own personal, longer than average, with some complications due to my own issues... I would do it all again without a second thought.

    Depending on how it works for your testing and options for surgery... Talk to the Dr. you see, if it isn't the surgeon/you aren't given appropriate answers to your questions from them, make a consult appt with the surgeon before making a decision. If you don't like them, they are short/rude/don't explain/seem like they may not have your best interest at heart... Find someone else!

    I am a firm believer in advocating for yourself, having ALL of your questions answered in a way that you can understand, (I may be able to understand health care lingo being a nurse, most people can't). After the explanations, you should be able to understand the options presented to you, and feel fairly confident you have the ability to make an informed decision. (Health care/surgical decisions aren't always easy, which is why I said "fairly" confident. Not everything is cut and dry for every person). If you don't get it, or end up with more questions?! THEN ASK MORE QUESTIONS! You don't like the doctor? Don't think they are a good fit for you... FIND A DIFFERENT ONE! Have your tests/records sent elsewhere.

    Internet searches about health, self diagnosis, and even mesh, isn't always the best way to go. I am not saying don't be informed, just make sure you do so understanding that not all information and websites are created equal. There are a lot of people out there that post, websites that have information but are paid for by companies with an agenda, or even wikipedia where basically anyone can give info. Your best course of action is a trusted physician/surgeon, they will either be able to give you the most up to date information, risks/benefits, etc. or they will be able to point you in the direction of someone that can. (I have seen people that think they have a disease/illness they found matched their symptoms online. Most often, they are animal related diseases/illnesses, and ones that are not zoonotic/people can't get them.)

    Basically, find REPUTABLE sources if looking online, and always discuss with your doctor/surgeon.

    Finding out other peoples experiences on here is terrific. It gives a lot of insight on those that have had the same thing or something similar before, or why someone chose to, or not to, have something done, like this mesh. (Some just give their opinions on the topic...)

    Every single person is different.

    What is going on to make the surgery an option to begin with, are there options, are they good options, age, risk of complications during surgery/immediately after/years later, age, health, are you willing to deal with this without intervention, etc.

    I wasn't willing to deal with my symptoms for the rest of my life and know they would more than likely get much worse, including the possibility of emergency surgery if the intussusception became a problematic.

    Having this surgery done in my early 30's with a more permanent mesh was MY personal choice. Having to have surgery every so many years with the less permanent mesh was not something I wanted to do. The risk of erosion was low enough for me that the benefits far outweighed the risks. If I am in the minority and end up with a mesh erosion, I will deal with it then. (Yes, I also opted for the mesh bladder sling. Another amazing choice. I am still amazed every single day, years later, that when I cough, sneeze, laugh, run, etc. I don't pee! I swear, I still had a change of pants and underwear with me for almost a year. I just couldn't believe it!)

    All in all. Make your own decisions for yourselves. What is great for one person, isn't always the best option for another. What was horrible for someone, may not be horrible for others.

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    just do not use the mesh . I had this op 6 yrs ago due to grade 4 prolapses . its ruined my life leaving me with chronic lower back pain , sexual relationship difficulties & unable to poo on my own without irrigation every day as they messed up the rectpexy & left a pocket at the top of my rectum where poo gets stuck & then backs up causing bloat , gas & a lot of pain !

    some days i am in bed all day with chronic back pain & hardly able to walk . I used to be fit & active , horse riding , running , cycling etc now i cant do any & also cannot maintain my full time career as a Vet Nurse. I am on PIP which is crap money compared to a salary of £35k . I also live on painkillers of morphine & gabapentin which leave you like a zombie & I feel so bad at times i just wish myself dead & have attempted suicide overdose on many occasions so I now have a mental health problem needing anti anxiety drugs & anti depressants ... please don't put yourself through what I have been through .

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    Had a recxtoplexy mesh a few years ago wish I Hadn'tn! . Q 7 it takedsme up to three o go to toilet mmmm!!!!

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      Hi Shirley,

      I just had a rectopexy with mesh 3 weeks ago. I was put on miralax but that made me go way too much. Now on metamucil caps twice a day. I know it's early from surgery but my stomach and sides ache quite a bit. Why do you wish you didn't have surgery

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