Prostate and pelvic floor symptoms - advice needed please!

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Hey guys,

I've been having some prostate and pelvic floor issues since August and could really use some advice, insight, reassurance, etc. I'm 39yrs old with no previous health issues.

First of all, I've been dealing with anxiety for 15 years. It's been very manageable until the beginning of June. I had a health scare at a health clinic while working on the road and caused extreme health anxiety. After a week, I returned home for a couple days and have had 3 doctors dismiss what the student doc thought he saw (nothing related to prostatitis etc).

Should also mention that only a month before, my stepfather passed away.

Even though I had reassurance from doctors saying I was fine, I continued to be stressed/anxious. I felt like I had a cold because my sinuses/postnasal drip suddently flared up, I had a dry cough, which later became a wet cough (had all sorts of tests including ashtma done, perfectly fine). I bought a scale because I noticed i was losing weight but didnt know why (later realized it wa because I changed my diet drastically and was only eating about 1000 calories per day). It wasn't until I realized this that I increased my caloric intake and things stabilized. (I lost 20 lbs in 3 1/2 months). In July, I started having some pretty bad reflux and have been taking Zantac ever since to keep it at bay (never needed more than a couple tums before). Clearly, these symptoms were all exascberated by my anxiety and stress. Oh...and I was losing hair like crazy, which could have been a combination of the stress and sudden weight losss. (seems to have slowed down the past month or so).

August was horrible as I was back home from work, became obsessed with googling my symptoms, became depressed, etc  My living situation and location were horrible so I stayed with my mother for about 6 weeks before getting an apartment away from my workplace in September. 

Finally, after all the tests, etc kept coming back clear, I felt great for a few weeks.

I did notice though (in August) that I had a slight twinge of pain/itching in the shaft of my penis. I dismissed it because it only happened once or tiwce per day and was a minor annoyance. 

Early September, I was lifting something heavy (I lift a lot of heavy stuff with my job), I felt a twinge of pain in my rectal area. It's been on again/off again ever since.

Shortly after that, I had sex with my (we'll call her girlfriend) and I noticed she had a foul smell and I was exta almost premature ejaculation. Around the same time or shortly before that, I had noticed some clumping in my sement which I figured was harmless and due to diet changes, extra protein, etc.

We had sex again a couple weeks later in September, I really noticed the foul smell. A day or two later, I felt a burning sensation at the tip of my penis and had a little bit of clearish/white discharge for a couple days and thought it was an STD. She told me she had symptoms of vaginosis (supposedly cannot affect men). She took her antibiotics and it cleared up.

I was tested 3x for std's and they all came back negative. Bloodwork, etc. showed no signs of infection.

My sex drive immediately dropped and I was clearly confused. I noticed my volume of ejaculate was lower, things didn't seem to be firing properly during ejaculation and I've even experienced a bit of retrograde ejaculation. I could see the chunky semen in my urine afterwards. No, I don't have diabetes, MS or any of the other causes they list. Only thing that I thought may be relevent is spinal cord damage (thinking "nerves") to myself. Now I'm almost afraid to masturbate because of what may or may not happen. I was having sex or masturbating 3-4 times per week until August when I was depressed and anxious.

Another "stress" induced symptom I had in September was TMJ, which resolved itself with help from my chiro in about 3-4 weeks. 

After doing some homework and listening to my body, I noticed I had tightness in the pelvic floor and went to my RMT and she said my muscles in glutes, inner thighs, etc were tight...and they are. Walking, stretching, etc seems to help as I have tightness throughout the pelvic floor.

My doctor tried to do a prostate exam but couldn't even get inside because it hurt too much.  She said I was too tense even though I felt completely relaxed. 

Some symtoms.....urinary are not so bad. Some frequent/urgency but usually when I'm stressed/anxious. Maybe 8-10x per day. When I'm not anxious, it's normal. No nocturia. Sometimes feel like the urine is filling up in my urethra instead of my bladder when I have to go. 

Have recently had symptoms of IBS but they seem to be settling down a bit now. 

I went for a standard pelvic ultrasound and am waiting for the results. 

I've noticed the past couple days that while lying down, I feel spasms in my my penis. Not sure if it's learning to relax or if it's getting tighter in there. I diid some heavy lifting yesterday and noticed penis pain was worse than it's been in a while.

So now I wait and worry. I should have a call from my doctor on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I'm going to see a Psychotherapist about my anxiety on Monday as this (and all the other stresses) have really taken a toll on me.

Any advice, insight, kind words would really help right now.


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    Marty, at the risk of offending you, I'm going to be blunt.  Clearly, I apologize in advance if I'm hurtful or offensive.  Here goes.  There is a two-part, recurrent theme throughout your post. (1) You describe medical issues.  (2) You mention how your issues often resolve.  I have one thing, and only one thing over you.  I can be objective.  I don't think you can be.  Clearly, I'm not discounting your issues, but you're being so subjective (and who wouldn't be), it may be difficult for you to sort out what's really happening.  If you have time, and you honestly feel that none of the aforesaid symptoms are life threatening, then I would suggest you talk to a professional.  What do you have to lose?  No physician here, but it sounds like a touch of hypochondriasis. I would know because I, myself, am a world-class hypochondriac.  Let a cooler head prevail, and if that professional advises you to follow up with your health care professional, then do it.  On the other hand, if you do indeed feel that your signs and symptoms are life threatening, then document what's going on, and present it to your health care professional.  Don't ramble, be concise, and present your findings to your doctor.  Once again, Marty, I'm sorry if my opinion offended you. Please follow up.
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      Yes, I have developed health anxiety since the health scare I mentioned.

      I was just hoping somebody could identify with my symptoms, what types of things I can do to help relieve them and what questions I should ask my doctor upon follow up.

      I've read numerous posts here regarding symptoms and other's stories etc.

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      Oh...and I'm scheduled to see a Psychotherapist Monday to deal with the health anxiety.

      The prostatis symptoms are very real though.

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      Marty, as for identifying your symptoms and what types of things you can do to help relieve them, these are things only a health care professional can answer.  And I don't doubt for a second that your prostatis symptoms are very real.  I know mine are.  Glad to hear your going to talk to someone.  I have, and it's done a world of good for me.  Good luck, brother.  Let me know how you fare.
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    Marty, I am only 46 and just had a turp... it sounds like you may have some prostatis or sometimes constipation and or bowel problems can also tie into and cause symptoms like that. Prostrate infections can be pretty crazy and it can cause all sorts of issues.  To help I would recommend going to a urologist and having an ultrasound done - the one that goes up the backside and they can see the prostrate more clearly. They will probably also want to do a cystoscope to see if there are any bladder issues. It might just be as simple as doing a round of antibiotics. In my case there was a growth up into my bladder that was no cancerous and they had to remove it...

    Also, do not rush into anything. After the tests get second opinions, but the first step is to do tests to identify the problem so you know what you are dealing with.

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    Marty I totally understand what you're going through! I don't think these things are in your mind. The pain is real and sometimes it's like you can feel okay but out of no where it gets awful . I'd say try to sit in a hot bath, does wonders for me. I haven't found much usefulness in pain medication or my antibiotics , they just don't seem to work. Hope you find out what's causing your problem, I've been to a urologist 3 times and have yet to find anything
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      Hey Shannon,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yesterday was a pretty brutal and odd day. I was already worried about my prostate and anxiously awaiting the results when I got the call to take my uncle to the hospital because his prostate was infected! He was in horrible pain with spasms, urinary retention, etc. Didn't help my anxiety one bit but you do what you have to do because it's family. Fortunately he's home now and hopefully his meds will help him recover quickly.

      Here's the other part...after a long, stressful day, just as I was pulling into my driveway, my doctor called. I had a standard pelvic ultrasound and they checked for urine retention. Prostate looks perfectly normal and I'm retaining zero urine. 

      There's been no mention of a visit to a urologist and she was happy to hear that I'm going to see a Psychotherapist Monday to deal with my health anxiety and thought it would be a good idea to find a physiotherapist that specializes in pelvic floor issues.

      I'm thinking this was likely caused by too much straining (lift a lot with my work) and the chronic tension I've been experiencing. 

      What do you (or anybody else) think? Should I treat this as a pelvic floor tension issue if my prostate and bladder seem to be fine?

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      You bring good news indeed Marty.  Happy for you.  You also bring a ray hope when you menton, " a good idea to find a physiotherapist that specializes in pelvic floor issues."  Didn't realize there was such a thing, and that sounds like a GOOD thing indeed, because let's face it.  These kinds of medical issues can send us over the edge.  Sounds like things are looking up for you.  DO keep us posted.
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      Thanks Alan!

      I've done a ton of research and originally suspected I had a tense pelvic floor but the symptoms mimic that of an enlarged prostate and many other "prostate" type conditions. 

      There are numerous physiotherapists that specialize in this field and offer myofacial release, biofeedback, etc. Basically, they can get inside you and stretch out the tight muscles, find which ones are tight/tense and/or weak and help with meditative type exercises to help relax the pelvic floor (whether you have prostatis or not).

      I see a chiropractor and an RMT, which can help with the external trigger points (glutes, piroformis, lower back, thighs, etc) but that only goes so far.

      Do a little research and you'll see there's definitely a ray of hope!


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      Will definitely do a little research.  Two words leaped out at me from your post:  (1) "tense," and (2) "tight."  While there are no exercises that can specifically target involuntary muscles, stomach, liver, etc., these muscles definitely benefit from exercising voluntary muscles over which we do have control.  Thanks to your post, I'll at least give consideration to the potential for conveying secondary benefits to the prostate that may arise from doing lower ab exercises.  The following is probably an off-the-wall statement, but I stand by it:  My issues seem to abate when I use the hip abduction / adduction machines at my local gym - especially the adduction machine - which kind of makes sense to me since these bilateral muscle groups are proximal to the prostate.  What do I have to lose, right?  In the meantime, keep posting.

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