Prostate milking and Kegel exercises

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Has anyone experienced or researched the benefits of (1) prostate milking nad (2) Kegel exercises?

I have read that milking the prostate helps to increase blood flow to the gland, remove toxins built up over time and accumulated in tiny "sacs" in the gland, and to relieve muscles in the pelvic region. 

I have also read that Kegel exercises relieves tension in the prostate and can help improve urine flow.

I suffer from BPH and I may have chronic prostatitis as well (the latter has not been confirmed by a culture of prostatic fluid, and my Uro does not want to do the culture as he would not treat an infection with Cipro anyway).  Those in favor of prostate milking (or massage) say it can help with improve LUTS.

There is caution in that infection in the prostate can spread to the blood stream from massage/drainage of the prostate. 

I'm looking for relief.  I've tried acupuncture and take natural supplements and I've eliminated almost all xenoestrogens via lifestyle changes.  I don't relish the thought of prostate milking but am willing to try things that could potentially help.

Lastly, I'm 59 and in reasonably good health otherwise.  I'm not overweight and a moderate drinker (wine).  I don't smoke and I eat a low fat, low red meat diet.   My wife and I have not had physical relations in many years - and I've thought (more than once) that not having relations resulting in ejaculations (to clear out the prostate) may have resulted, over time, in the prostate problems that have plagued me the past 5-7 years.  Any thoughts?

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on these topics.  Thanks in advance.

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    I know of prostate milking not as a medical procedure; but rather as part of a sex act.  Massaging the prostate by inserting a finger through the rectum and rubbing the gland over and over will result in massive ejaculations without the loss of an erection.  If there is a medical benefit to this, such as emptying seminal fluids, well that would be a nice side effect.  Prostate milking feels great and, you still have an erection for powerful orgasm after.  Do it, if not for medical benefits, do it for fun.

    As for Kegels, they are supposed to exercise you pubic muscles, which you use during sex. The following is from "Kegels, A Guide to better...Everything":-Stronger orgasms -Potential to become FULLY multiply orgasmic (see "Why I'm qualified to write this guide", at the bottom, for full explanation). -Easier, faster, and harder erections -Greater orgasm control, both for delaying or triggering orgasm -Greater ejaculate volume -Increased sexual health -Ability to flex and stimulate your partner. (More for a smile and a "Wow" than for intense physical pleasure.) -Help to maintain erectile function as you age -Increased prostate health, decreased chance of prostate cancer -Increased libido (my theory, not proven) -Massively increased confidence because of all of the above".  You can Google this and read the rest of it yourself to continue your reseach.

    From that description, though,  it seems to fit with why you ask the question.  Hope you find this helful and wish you well.

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      .... Massaging the prostate by inserting a finger through the rectum and rubbing the gland over and over ....

      Should one wear glove for this ? How about lubrication ? Thanks. Hank

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      Hadn't thought about it that way.  I suppose, if you can reach it you can; but how do you know for what you are looking?  Likely will need some training there.

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      Yes, that was something I read as well.  It's not so clear cut and without having a culture of seminal fluid to confirm/rule out bacterial infection, it could be a risky practice.

      Still, the theory that small "sacs" in the prostate become congested with fluids and toxins build up seems plausible, and the concept of milking the prostate to release these fluids (this would be different than an ejaculation) makes sense.  Also, the thought that this practice increases blood flow to the gland seems to suggest a healthier gland.

      I think one of the devices on the market (Aneros, or something like that) would be the means to accomplish this, versus trying to use one's finger.

      A risk of this procedure is the formation or return of hemmorhoids, which can be very unpleasant.

      There's no easy solution, no quick fix. 

      And my doc already made it clear that even if I had a chronic infection he would not try to knock it out with Cipro.

      I try to take things that are good for the immune system: oregano oil, garlic extract, vitamin D.

      I guess I have to decide of prostatic massage has more benefits than potential risks.


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    Hi. Prostate milking was adviced by some for BPH. I have never tried this because

    I couldn't find any specialist in France, where I live. It has a reputation of giving

    an enhanced orgasm, but when my wife tried it on me I found it painful,

    possibly because I have prostate cancer too.

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    If you want to try prostate milking just buy one of the Aneros range of anal prostate massager butt plugs, they give much greater volume when you ejaculate and are much easier than your finger.
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      I saw some information on that device from a couple of articles I read on prostate milking. 

      I asked my Uro and he does not see benefit from doing this. It's only in the alternative field of medicine that one finds such things.

      It makes sense to "drain" built-up fluids.

      It's not a clear cut rule, but it seems the guys I know who have regular sexual relations with their wives have less prostate issues. Of course, genetic predisposition to BPH and prostate cancer are probably much greater influences.

      A friend of mine - years ago, mind you - had an acute case of prostatitis. His Uro milked the prostate to extract seminal fluid to culture. That culture confirmed bacteria and his doc knew how to treat the infection.  Seems these days that Uros don't practice this.

      Based on what I've read, milking appears to help with prostatitis and BPH. Some guys have both conditions at the same time.

      FWIW, I have not had much ejaculate in 7, 8 or 9 years - since I got on and later stopped taking Finasteride (Proscar).  Seems that really dries up some guys.  Flomax doesn't help much there either.

      The meds to treat BPH have costly side effects.

      I heard one guy say it was like trading his romantic life for the ability to pee.  Pretty sad sad 

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