Prostatis advice please

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I have had pain in my testicles for 3 years given all the usual antibiotics and they did not work.

recently I have had pain in my lower stomach and anus also testicles .

I have now been told by the urologist I have chronic Prostatis.

he told me not to have too much tea or coffee .

i don't drink alcohol now as I understand it makes things worse.

I am taking Amitriptyline and Pregabalin 75mg 3 times a day.

i am feeling very down waking up to pain everyday and I'm unable to work full time I'm self employed .

please can someone advise me what to do next? Do I ask my DR to increase the dosage of the Pregabalin?

after just one visit to the urologist he has referred me back to my Dr.

when the Urologist pressed on my prostate it was very painful.

i am peeing a lot with urgency.

after 3 years I am feeling desperate.

Thanks in advance for your help.

p.s forgot to mention I had a ultrasound which should I had cysts in my testicles and was told it's not those given me the pain.


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    Hi Surfer21

    I fully understand your pain,frustration and the feeling of if and when this will all go away. I was diagnosed with having Prostatitis 6mths ago and have had all your symptons. You will know by now how difficult this condition is to treat and that there are lots of different opinions and grey areas surrounding this disease. You must find out if you have an infection and this can be confirmed by having a prostste massage(not much fun but it won't harm you) speak to your urologist about this. They send the sample to the lab for tests and this will confirm if you have an infection. Only 5 to 10% of Prostatitis is caused by infection and antibiotics is the best route of treatment. If it is not an infection antibiotics WILL NOT help and may even hinder. If an infection is not found it could well be Chronic pelvic pain sydrome. You will need to repair your pelvic floor. I have had acupuncture,seen 2 Urologists an osteopath,pelvic pain specialist,pain management consultant and Physiotherapist to find a solution. My symptoms have improved and it's all about tention release and relaxation of the pelvic floor. There is a book called a headache in the pelvis read this and it all makes sense.

    Good luck



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      Hi Kevtorecover,

      thank you for the reply.

      The Urologist did mention Chronic pelvic pain sydrome,I will look into it further.

      as you can imagine the last 3 years have not been nice.

      he also told me to avoid any stress and to go on holiday as I told him I ain't been away since this started.

      if you have Chronic pelvic pain syndrome will the amount of tea or coffee affect you?


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      Yes.  Some food will cause you to trigger it.  Coffee and tea do effect the prostate.  I have a enlarged prostate.  Just had a urolife done 4 weeks ago.  My urologist told me to stay away for tea and coffee.  I love sweet tea but try to not drink alot.  There is alot of information on the internet read up on it and try diffrent things you never know.  And please try to relax a little.  If you have a girlfriiend take her on a weekend trip and just relax and enjoy life....Ken  E-mail me if you like anytime I can look thinks up for you if you like
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      Thanks Ken,

      I just found this on chronic pelvic pain syndrome,

      Signs and symptomsEdit

      Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) is characterized by pelvic or perineal pain without evidence of urinary tract infection,[2] lasting longer than 3 months,[3] as the key symptom. Symptoms may wax and wane. Pain can range from mild to debilitating. Pain may radiate to the back and rectum, making sitting uncomfortable. Pain can be present in the perineum, testicles, tip of penis, pubic or bladder area.[4] Dysuria, arthralgia, myalgia, unexplained fatigue, abdominal pain, constant burning pain in the penis, and frequency may all be present. Frequent urination and increased urgency may suggest interstitial cystitis (inflammation centred in bladder rather than prostate). Post-ejaculatory pain, mediated by nerves and muscles, is a hallmark of the condition,[5] and serves to distinguish CP/CPPS patients from men with BPH or normal men. Some patients report low libido, sexual dysfunction and erectile difficulties.

      I get all the above,I forgot to mention that it makes me feel very tired,did you get tired feeling with it?

      Do you drink any alcohol now? I don't now.

      ive always been a big tea drinker but now cut it down to just 3 a day

      thanks Surfer21

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      Hey Surfer.  Had some of the problems that you had.  This a little personnel but I'm glad your not having trouble getting a erection.  The amount of sperm may improve drink alot of water and try some zinc.  I was on iv's and pills that it was like russian roulette had three diffrent kinds off orgasm.  When I would have sex or JO.  I did not know what was going to happen.  Sometimes I would have some sperm come out another time it would stay in the urethra and sometime nothing would come out.  Thats a dry orgasm. When the sperm goes into the bladder.  That will hurt for a while.  Like I said read all you can on your problem and try a few things.  Your doctor and I both told you to relax and have some fun.......Ken   
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      Hi Ken. I am having erection problems sad to say, I am thinking the Pregabalin is causing this.

      when I do have an erection I also have a dry orgasm,not as good as before all this started.

      I wonder if one day everything will work like it used to??


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      Ask your doctor if there is something else that you cold try tell him your concern.  I am glad I'm not taking anything for ny bladder or prostate anymore Did not like the side effects I will look into it for you and see if I can help any  Ken 
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      The urologist did say he could give me something to help with the urgency and frequent peeing,as he said they have side effects so I told him I will try and manage it,I just watch my fluid intake when I'm out and about.

      Thanks Ken

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      I will have to look it up again.  It did have about 30 side effect but did not see that.  Derek just e-mail you and he is right cialis may help with your bladder and erection.  Check with your doctor and ask him for sample for a week to try them.  My doctor gave me some  but it was only 20MG. It help but the cost was to much.  If it works.  check to see how much they would be with insurance.I get my viagra from canada with my insurance here in the states it was over $300 for 30 pills.  In canada I get 140 for $147.  Don't take them all the time  Talk later Ken  
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