Prostatitis after bacterial infected genital cyst - how long does it take take to clear up

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Hi everyone, I have recently had a bacterial infected cyst on my penis. After extreme pain and antibiotic treatment the infection resolved but now I have been diagnosed with prostatitis that they say is non bacterial. 

I have been fighting this for two months with symptoms including pain in rectum, between anus and testicles, little pains in the penis or ureathra, lower back pain, side pain and maybe a few other things. 

The only tests they did were a urine test and they didn’t find any bacteria and diagnosed me by my symptoms calling it “mild prostatitis”

I have been trying to fight this with lots of water. Herbal teas, ejaculation, natural prostate supplements and avoiding coffee and alcohol.

The urologist  put me on 10 days worth of antibiotics and neproxin so I don’t know if that will do anything.

The pain seems to migrate between areas and sometimes becomes barley noticeable but it’s been more consistent feeling in the past 5 days,

I am  very stressed (almost depressed)  that I may not see a end to this especially after some of the horror stories I have read on the Internet. 

 I just wanted to know if anybody has had something like I have and actually recovered completely,  and what are the odds that I will?

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    Educate yourself n search for a altruistic uro they're like finding the holy grail.

    Antibiotics are for a temporary situation. All drugs are toxic. Once you're in the clear discontinue.

    That's what I do.

    Stay healthy n sane

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       Thank you I am trying my hardest,  I have never had to deal with prostatitis before so I’m trying to figure out how to fight it.  I hate being on antibiotics so much and I know all the medicine is poison.  I just want to get rid of it and stay out of the doctors but I’m not sure if it’s gonna last months or even years
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      Nick,  can  I get your email address?  My comment to you is being delayed because it has to have approval by the moderator of this forum.  If you send me your address, I can name a book that you may find helpful
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    hi nick

    ​I have had chronic bacterial prostatitis for 3 1/2 years 

    ​make sure you find a urologist that will perform a expressed prostate secretion cluture

    or a semen culture to verify if you have a bacterial infection of the prostate .

    ​make sure you stay away from fluoroquinolone antibiotics ciprofloxacin , levofloxacin 

    ​moxifloxacin , gemfloxacin , ofloxacin  THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS !!! 


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    Stay strong.  My first URO told me I had chronic non bacterial prostatitis.  He was dead wrong.  Like you, they really didn't sample anything.  A good URO will do a post prostate massage urine culture to see if you in fact do have bacteria in your prostate.  A week of antibiotics for the wrong bacteria won't do damnit.  I ended up finding out I had mild BPH but the symptoms sure weren't.  I ended up getting surgery called REZUM on 5 Oct.  I'm still healing but I barely have pain, just pressure and urgency.  This will resolve in time.  AND QUIT reading other people's stories.  Because I did the same and stressed myself so bad I became suicidal at points.  Don't give up, get another URO man.  And ask for a post prostate massage culture.  Have them sonogram your prostate.  You might have BPH.  And yes, symptoms can suddenly appear.  Best of luck to you brother

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    Nick146, don't despair. I had prostatitis when I was about 24 for 5 years on and off. My NHS uro gave me FOUR steroid injections into my prostate over a period of 4 years (unheard of now!) but 3 of them gave me instant relief and lasted about 12 months. Not much help to you, but after the forth injection failed to help, I saw naturopath, a faith healer and took a rye grass pollen product. Whether any of these ultimately helped I can't be sure, but in 2002, my prostatitis just disappeared. 100% symptom free! I had got a new girlfriend about this time and a good sex life I'm sure helped. One uro I saw in London told me it would burn itself out eventually and maybe it did. I was rid of it for 13 years until September 2015 when I felt that weird and unpleasant feeling coming back. I've now had it on and off for two years. I keep a diary and I have gone up to 3 months pain free during this time. I still see a good uro who has done the usual Cipro/Tamsulosin/doxycyline thing. None of those helped by he is very open-minded and when  told him I was trying herbal remedies (quercetin and bromelain, pumpkin seed oil and saw palmetto, he acknowledged that studies have proved these can help. I'm pretty sure they helped me! He also gave me a prostate massage under a general anesthetic which helped.

    This September, I decided to go for a bladder neck incision since my uro told me my bladder neck and bladder had thickened and because I was peeing often, he felt it would help improve the flow and relieve my prostatitis He believed urine was getting forced, under pressure, into the prostate. I'm now 10 weeks post op and my prostatitis does seem to have settled down, but it's still early days - I'm not sure yet how well the op has worked but I'm due to see him in a couple of weeks for a flow test etc. I only mention this because, of the many theories about prostatitis out there, urine getting into the prostate is one of them.

    Keeping a diary has helped me no end. On those dark days when you wonder how you're going to keep going, looking at the diary and realising that I've had not just some, but many, many good days is reassuring. It's all to easy to think, yikes! - I've had prostatitis for the past however many months or years, but it's easy to forget the times when it has abated.

    Anyway Nick, this is just a long-winded way of saying prostatitis can and does go and it's all about trying to stay positive and leaving no stone unturned! Pelvic floor relaxation exercises have helped me a lot too - prostatitis always gets worse when you're tired or stressed. My uro told me that stress plays havoc with the muscles down there!

    I hope this has helped you a little. I'm living proof that it can go! If you're getting depressed, that's not surprising. Prostatitis IS the pits. However, as the old saying goes, 'When you feel like you're getting to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!' Hopefully you'll find lots of things to encourage you on the Internet. Just accept that sometimes you'll read something you wish you hasn't! It's also worth remembering that men who do recover don't always want to share their news because they're just to relieved to see the back of it. This was how I felt back in 2002.

    Good luck anyway mate, and I hope you find some relief soon.

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       Thanks so much for your input man.  I really appreciate it.  I can just hope that mine clears up his antibiotics but somehow I doubt it and I think I might have a very rough road ahead of me.  It’s weird though before it was migrating through different areas in my body when it comes to pain but now it’s just this constant aching near my rectum that won’t seem to subside.  I’m on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories as well 
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      hi Nick

      did you resolve your prostatitis? i m going through hell last 4.5 months, they found on ladt exam streptococci bacteria in prostate secretion, i tryed several antibiotics (azythromicin and sulotrim and levofloxacin and nov amoxicilin) but did not work as i still have symptoms. I m on diet for 2.5 months, taking lot of natural products adviced by some alternative medicine experts but still feel problems (every day different, sometimes urgency to urinate, sometimes pain in rectum, mostly pain lower abdomen plus red and swallen tip of urethra-penis and burning in urethra after urinating). Please guys share advices and doctors which can help fight this problem, i want my life back!

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     Hey guys,  quite a big update.  Over the past few months I have been through so much including severe pain, hospitalization and unexplained symptoms my pain started moving from my pelvis to my legs all around my body and long story short I have ended up with over 40 symptoms come to find out I  most likely have a mind body  syndrome called tension myositis syndrome coined by John Sarno.   My prostate was never inflamed and no bacteria was found.  It was a misdiagnosis all along I urge everybody suffering with prostatitis to read  The mind body prescription by Dr. John Sarno.  Although I am not healed yet I am on a better path then I have been in months.  It has truly been a journey Through hell  and I’m hoping to find a light at the end of the tunnel 

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