Prostatitis? Stange Symptoms, After Dr. Exam Muscle Pull?

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Sorry for the following novel but I wanted to put out as much information as possible as my symptoms seem very strange, especially what happened when I got in my pool. Hoping that someone reading this keys in on something that can help guide me and my Dr. Thanks in advance for reading this.

Background 50 year old male, recently lost 35 lbs by working out, cutting out alcohol, eating healthy. Would like to lose 30 more. Take 12.5 mg Metoprolol a day and multi-vitamins. Also have polycystic kidney disease, however, other than large cysts one about the size of a football under my left ribcage it doesn’t bother me.

I eat pretty healthy, don’t drink, smoke or use drugs.


May 1, 2016

Exercising at home doing treadmill, plank and side planks, crunches with feet on high bed

May 2/3, 2016

Started feeling discomfort in groin area and right testicle, thought it was possible hernia

Phoned Dr. and scheduled appointment for June 8th

May 16, 2016

Started feeling dull pain in perineum, slight discomfort/pain running down back of right leg, pain behind right testicle, itchy anus, slight fever and chills. I was in pool on 15th and asked wife if she remembered me falling on my butt because it felt like I may have bruised something on my anus. She said no.

May 17/18, 2016

When waking up in the morning I would ask my wife if she could smell and odor, my wife has a very sensitive nose and she said no. It was a familiar smell but I couldn’t place it.

May 20, 2016

Symptoms continue to get worse in testicle, and I finally place the odor about two years ago I’d had an arm infection that had gotten quite bad, red, swollen and smelled. That was the odor I was smelling. I contact my Dr and told him based on my symptoms and the fact that the pain behind my testicle was quite bad I thought I might have Epididymitis. Dr. agreed and called me in a prescription for Cipro. I took 500mg of Cipro 2x a day gave me a two week supply.

May 22, 2016

I have a cross country business trip scheduled and the cipro seems to be working, odor goes away, slight fever goes away, pain in testicle is going away and I feel good enough to travel. I return on the 25th almost symptom free.

May 26 – 30, 2016 (Following dates/events are somewhat fuzzy)

Somewhere in here perineum (more on right side) and testicle pain returns. Feels like I’m sitting on a golf ball and feels like I have a hemorrhoid (never had one but I think that’s what it feels like, wife checks and I don’t). Pain and anus feels full. Testicle pain not as bad as in the beginning but the perineum pain is very bad. On scale from 1 – 10 with 10 being you want to put an end to things I was at a 8. Also groin is a little tender. I’m also having issues with tendons from Cipro. I stop taking Cipro on May 30th as it feels as if my ACL is going to burst. I flood system with magnesium, also take calcium, fish oil and vitamin C which I’ve read all help with tendons or the absorption of magnesium.


June 2, 2016

Dr. calls in prescription for Bactrim. I take Bactrim through June 5 when I break out in a bad rash. Dr’s office instructs to discontinue and will see me at my regular scheduled appointment on the 8th.

Symptoms are getting better but still there.

I have blood and urine samples taken for my June 8th appointment.

June 8, 2016

Drs. appointment. Explain symptoms i.e. feels like I’m sitting on a golf ball and pain behind right testicle. Pain wise I’m at a 3

Labs look good (I have a copy) nothing high that would indicate infection or other issues. Does prostrate exam, everything looks good, checks for hernia, checks testicles said he felt maybe the vas behind the left testicle that seemed a little swollen (right testicle was hurting that day) but didn’t seem to worried about that. Looked at the perineum area that was hurting and I think he said it seemed a little swollen, thought it might be a muscle pull since this is how this whole thing got started so he put me on a medrol dosepak. Said if that didn’t help he wanted to do an ultra sound of the region.

Dr. did rotate legs and in certain positions e.g. rotating knee out there was severe pain on what I would call my inner hip, like to the right of my groin. I can duplicate the pain when lying in bed although not as severe. He said it wasn’t in the hip, can’t remember where he said. Right side more than left. I think this is from the Cipro as I didn’t have this pain prior to taking it and Cipro did a real number on my ACL, common side effect.

Based on prostrate exam doesn’t think I have prostatitis.

June 9 or 10, 2016

Almost don’t start medrol dosepak because I’m feeling much better. Figure what can it hurt so I start on either 9 or 10th.

Continue to feel better

June 11, 2016

After swimming in pool I urinate and I have a painful burning sensation and some blood in urine. Blood goes away after urinating twice, pain goes away after urinating 6 times or so. After first urination I drink cranberry juice and a lot of water.

My pool is a salt water pool with about 5ppm chlorine and a pH of about 7.6. Swam in it all last year no issues.


June 12, 2016

Perineum and testicle pain return

June 13, 2016

Swim in pool again, probably ½ the amount of time I was in the first time. Urinate after getting out of pool and painful urination is back however no blood this time. Pain goes away after urinating 3 to 4 times.

Perineum and testicle pain still there, about a 3 on the pain chart referenced above.


June 14, 2016

My wife started complaining of yeast infection symptoms, we had intercourse (unprotected) twice in the last 5 days.

 June 15, 2016

Perineum and testicle pain still there, about a 3 on the pain chart referenced above.

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    I have had chronic prostatitus for years, due to very large prostate, causing damage to blood vessels coupled with my past history of bike riding before they had the revised seats.  I never had pain in my testicles, I did pee some blood and could feet the pain in prostate but pain was localized in that area and no where near as painful as yours and I had burning when peeing.

    With so much pain and symtoms, I would get a 2nd opinion.  I would think like someone else mentioned that MRI would be in order, as well as a bladder scope which will hurt like hell if prostate is inflamed.  They may even want to do a biopsy, which for me was not that painful.  My prostatitus never caused my wife any issues nor never any smell and my wife has a sensitive nose.

    Also, my urologist has done a finger probe putting pressure on my prostate (somewhat painful if inflamed) and it will usually emit a fluid from your penis that he can immediatley put under a microscope and also in a culture to indentify the bacteria involved.

    Lastly, I have been using Manuka Honey in my coffee for a couple of years now, it is proven to be a natual antibiotic and comes from New Zealand. The better brands are graded for antibiotic strength.  I take a 15 UMF and have some 20 on hand just in case I get an infection.  I have not had prostatitus since, and never gone this long.  Google it and you see a lot of research and that it is a known cure for Mrsa when all else fails, plus you do not buld up a resistance like you do with antibiotics.

    Good Luck

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      Hey bro, how are you?

      My case is very strange and rare.

      It started last year August 29th with hematuria. Blood in the urine. No pain no soreness no nothing.

      No bacteria neither infection found.

      CT scan negative. All good.

      Cytoscopy showed friable prostate at the bladder neck. It was source of the bleeding.

      I had cypro for 6 weeks. It cleared up. Then I started feeling discomfort when I sit and then soreness and sometimes spasms in my left side of my ass and leg.

      After 6 months hematuria(blood in the urine) came back.

      Did all the tests again. No bacteria neither infection.

      My doctor does not know what's going on.

      He put me on Bactrim for 7 days. Still have some clots and some discolored urine. Meaning I still have blood.

      I have a Cytoscopy coming 23rd.

      Any thoughts? Would be appreciated.

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      Thanks for the tip on the Manuka Honey, going to order some.

      Evidently the symptoms of prostatitus can be hit and miss which is why I haven't ruled it out. I've heard of people who have it and don't have symptoms of painful urination or ejaculation, similar to what I had prior to the two occiasions getting in the pool. When Dr. check my prostrate he said everything seemed fine. I suppose he's ruled it out but I haven't just yet.

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      WOW strange. Cipro is nasty stuff for me, really did a number on my tendons but it did seem to clear-up what I had in the beginning.

      Only time I had blood was the one time after being in the pool, only time.

      I had the soreness in the ass/butt and down my leg prior to taking the cipro so not sure what caused it although it's classic prostatitis symptom.

      Sorry I'm not much help, still trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. Good luck!

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      I have never ever been sick in my life.

      Never took medications.

      I'm 35 years old healthy. I don't smoke I don't drink and never did drugs in my life.

      My urologist does not know what's going on either.

      I don't have problem with urination however, my urine stream in the morning is weaker most the time... Dunno why.

      When I sit down I feel mild soreness prostate area and lower back that's comes and goes sometimes I have nothing ... that's the main symptoms. No pain no burning no nothing.

      Now the blood came back in my urine.

      Hope everything will be ok for everybody.

      Take care of yourself guys. Don't let the anxieties take over you.


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      Anyone who has ever been a serious bike rider, particularly with the old seats likely caused damage to prostate and blood vessels.  As you age and prostate grows it can cause bleeding and prostatitus.  Also, I was in early 30s when on a trip with wife and noticed blood in urine and went to ER and the doc asked me if I was having more sex on this trip than I normally had at home with the kids around, I told him yes.  He said I probably had "honeymoon disease".  Or having far more sex than normal, I  have noticed in the many years since, that can also cause protatitus.    
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      I used to bike in studios like crazy. I do racing !

      Very aggressive workout. And extremely activate sexually! I have never ever have my prostate a rest for like a week or two I remember.

      But my doctor told me it has nothing todo with that since I have kinda injured my prostate at the bladder neck.

      When you bike a lot you might injure your pelvic muscles but not the prostate tho.

      I don't know what's going with me. Still invistigating from

      Where I'm having blood in the urin.

      I had Cypro for 6 weeks cleared up the blood then after 6 months it came back.

      Going to do Cytoscopy again.

      All my tests are negative. And I'm just 35 healthy young guy.

      I don't have pain no fiver no bacteria no infection found. Nothing!!

      Just soreness that comes and goes in the prostate area and lower back and little mild pain in my left testicle and that's it. Everything very mild.

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      Each person is obviously different, and I am surely not trying to diagnose your issues. But it has been common knowledge for some time that bike riding has caused some prostate issues and the main reason they changed the seat design years ago. My chronic prostatitus started when I was biking daily. On the old design seats, without padded shorts,you were sitting directly on your prostate.  I was about your age.....

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the article that was pasted in full here as it may breach other website's copyright. Please do not paste whole articles in posts. Links can be exchanged via the Private Message service.

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      No idea. My prostate is healthy!

      On the 23rs I'm gonna do another Cytoscopy to see the prostate bladder and kidney.

      I remember I used to sit on the seat with out short with padded or protecting the seat. I was stupid! And I was going nuts with spinning. I used to do 2h 48 miles and 1 hour 26 miles.

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    I currently am suffering all the things you talk about and believed that it was why the Consultant said I had Prostatitis. My Doctor blames cramps and aches down to regular use of Ciproflxacin, and now on Trimethroprin. Also have Thrush and smell is blamed on strong infected urine.  Only resolve I can see is really strong dose of Antibiotics after proper growth of infections of urine to see what bugs exist. Apparently NHS is trying to restrict lab work on growths due to costs and tight budgets.
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      I obviously did not respond well to Cipro, infact it felt like my ACL was going to burst just before I stopped taking it. Interesting about thrush, although my urine test came back with no bacteria (but I'd also been on Cipro for 11 days when I had my urine test).

      Good luck!

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