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Noticed a lot of men disappear into the nether once they have gotten over their prostatitis and don't tell what they did to resolve it even after posting all over various forums, so thought I would make a post in the hope it may help someone else.

I've had non-bacterial prostatitis (CPPS) on and off for roughly 4 years. The latest stint with it has lasted an agonising 18 months straight, with all the usual hallmark symptoms, poor urine flow, hesitation, urge to go often, burning when urinating, pain in the end of the penis, exceptionally sore burning in the middle of my pelvis that radiated to the pelvic bone, thighs and back passage (this being the worst by a mile symptom, it's not particularly bad on the pain scale, perhaps occasionally gets up to a 5/10, just ALWAYS there, never any relief). Occasional lower back pain as well. Also seemed to have an impact on bowel motions as well, making them very loose which progressively got worse.

Have tried all sorts, exercises, usual antibiotic regime. But have found myself with quercetin as a constant companion these days as this definitely helps with the pain, but not so much with the urinary issues.

So to the cause, colloquially known as 'edging', it's the practice of getting extremely close to orgasm but then stopping at the last second, and doing this over a few hours for example until release. Good for practising stamina while in bed, but not great for your prostate in the slightest. For years, I had noticed that my prostate would get congested and very sore post a long masturbation session (sometimes 3 hours or more of edging) or prolonged coitus with my partner. But hadn't put two and two together, irritatingly.

Now, because CPPS is multifaceted, this is not going to be the cause of everyone's prostatitis, but I think in this day and age, especially with porn absolutely rampant everywhere, men will occasionally find themselves with a long period of being alone and think you know what *opens favourite porn site*. I've been doing this for years, even after settling down with a partner.

After putting two and two together, I decided if I had the urge to masturbate I would keep it within 15 minutes from start to finish. And the difference is quite frankly phenomenal. I'd say I'm 90% back to normal since stopping edging, urine flow is great, hesitation is more or less gone and I don't need the loo every hour but rather every 5-6 hours. The odd thing as well, bowel motions have also gone completely back to normal, after having diarrhoea for the last 3 months straight. I'm assuming the inflammation spreads and due to the lower bowel and rectum so close to the prostate, causes other problems there. I still get some pain (0.5/10) but its not always there, if it starts, it usually goes away after a few hours, but have only been doing this for the last month and not surprised after 18 months of near constant inflammation it may take a while to get completely back to normal.

So in summary, if you 'edge' while masturbating, and are currently suffering from CPPS/chronic prostatitis - stop edging, see if this relieves your pain and urinary symptoms. And for your own sake, if you find yourself without pain and urinary symptoms dramatically improve, DO NOT whatever you do, edge again, you will get a full blown flare up off the bat. This is exactly what I did for so long, would find myself having a really good day, hardly any pain, and think let's have a session, and go straight back to square 1 with pain. It's like the itch/scratch loop, that doctors love to point out. But this is the masturbate and edge -> prostatitis loop, at least for me, and I would imagine, at least a few others who practice this.

My thoughts are, by doing edging, it leads to a congested prostate. As during a masturbation session, your prostate is constantly making semen. I would imagine, after constantly doing this, the prostate runs out of room, and starts swelling to accommodate the increased volume of semen, do it often enough and the swelling never goes away leading to constant pain.

Hope this helps some of you chaps out there, at least for me, I've finally found relief.


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    Prolonged edging without finishing with an orgasmic ejaculation is not to be recommended it can lead to problems. Still not a bad thing though given that s bad practise so long as you finish off I think. Be interesting to see what others say
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    I did actually ejaculate eventually, the same day just to clarify. I'm wondering if even with ejaculation, an excess store still persists. I had a brief respite at the beginning of the year after a trip to Orlando for a week, 4 weeks of relief followed by a flare-up. Always wondered what I did differently that week, and the only thing that came to mind was I didn't masturbate once. Which furthered the hypothesis of something to do with masturbation.

    I have no doubt Lester, this 18-month patch was my second big recurrence. Had a year and a halves break between the first and second. And as above had the odd bit of relief during this flare up. But I'm hoping I may have figured out what the trigger is. I've been back to normal for a month now on the diarrhoea front, so whatever it was has passed. Wasn't hugely concerned about it, mostly as I've just hit 30, so in the double decimal percentage point chance for something nasty (no history of lynch syndrome in family etc). And my partner was having the same problem, just mine happened to stop at the same time my urinary and pain symptoms more or less disappeared, so may well be just a coincidence so probably worth taking with a pinch of salt.

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    Evensis, that was really interesting.  I wonder if too much sex, would be detrimental as well, for older men? I remember reading that more sex, the better for your prostate, maybe that could be false information, something that we as the general public, kept hearing about, so after awhile, we believe it to be true. Thank you for your observation.
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    I have to agree with you. I don't do edging but I notice that after a long sex session with a partner, my lower abdomen became very tense and tight for couple days or so, causing slow flow in peeing during this time. I don't know what the cause is, the prolonged erection, or all the pounding that took place. Hank

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