Prucalopride and Lyrica for bowel pain and anxiety

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I've been on low dose Lyrica for 3 weeks and now have given Resolor to help with chronic constipation - nothing else works except movicol which gives me diarrohea, so take very small amounts.

I still have severe distension and pain over the belly button which wakes me at night several times so end up being exhausted.

Anyone else taking these and how are you getting on with them?

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    HI U.

    Did you have consitpation before taking lyrica? Did you have pain over the belly button before you took lyrica?

    Regardless; if you ahve swelling as  a result of taking this; you need to see your GP and consider a change of meds - IF yoru belly was not distended befor you startted taking lyrica.

    I am guessing you are not suffering from seizures?  are u able to be more specific ; IBS/IBD.. ? 

    Lyrica works by increasing gamma. (amino acid) . [Picamilon combines niacin and GABA and crosses the blood–brain barrier as a prodrug that later hydrolyzes into GABA and niacin]. Tomatos also are a good source (please ensure you have niacin as well if it's seizure related)

    if you can; post the intial symptoms/issues you were having BEFORE you started to take lyrica.

    Re the constipation; this is common when taking meds; however if you had this before you were taking lyrica; can you let me know

    in the meantime ; please reassure me you are taking vitamin supplement?.



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      consitpation can be resolved utilising some 'natural' remedies; like diabetic chocolate; or sugar free sweets; but this may produce the same results as you currently have. apple juice/ cranberry juice/ red grapes/tomatoe soups  as well as apple cider vinegar etc. will naturally assist in bowel movements.


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      Thanks J for your reply.

      Yes I did have constipation - diagnosed with slow gut mobility and visceral hypersensitivity; as i am only 36kgs I feel sluggish and as though i need to have a motion daily or at least every 36 hrs, otherwise i feel painfully bloated and very uncomfortable.     At night i can wake after 2 - 3 hrs sleep in alot of pain which can be wind so massage abdomen and sip wartm water aswell as use a warm wheat bag.               I'm VERY sensitive to drugs and can only tolerate Paracetamol in suppositry form which does not really help the pain . This is why gastro man wanted me to try LYRICA.     Using only 50 mg but would like to increase as low dose not helping.....believe me I've in the past  been used to looking after myself with a natural diet herbs and supplements , which I still do as much as possible.   Unfortunaely  all drugs have side effects.      A second gastro man has  suggested using RESOLOR (first one also wanted me to use this before Xmas but didn't),along side, which i started a week ago - this I know acts on channel blockers balances out serotonin so the 2 drugs ard suppossed to wrk well together.     I have had to use a small amount of Movicol also which i hope I can stop today.

      hope this is the info you's not an easy picture to deal with

      I'm waiting to get testd for SIBO.


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      HI ; thank you for your email.

      if you are sensitve to drugs; this is perhaps confirmation that your liver is currently overwhelmed.. you need to be taking anti-oxidant foods (red grapes/ beetroot/onions/ garlic).

      You should also be taking milk thistle' which can repair the liver on a cellular level; this in turn asissts teh gallbladder and then the bowels (the liver affects both).. This is esp. true if your stools are grey /clay coloured.

      Make sure you take the anti-inflammatory - antioxidant garlic.. even if ti's just for a week; a clove a day..

      If you believe it to be bacteria related; take liquorice from a health food shop.. with a pro-biotic /yoghurt.

      Drink Apple juice / coconut water/ or berries& cherries from teh co-op!!

      Eat tomatoes.. with the skins is preferable; some soups and that etc.

      Please take a vitamin tablet for liverhealth... (whilst it may be the gallbladder the gallbladder gets sick from teh liver (unless it stones) and which i am sure they would have scanned you by now.. .

      Let me know if this assists ; i hope you do at least try the garlic and milk thistle.. smile

      let me know how it goes ; feedback is definately appreciated.. smile

      if you don't agree with me; then you don't need to do this; but take it from someone who HAS suffered for the last 7 years and was told to 'live with it'.. days after taking the milk thistle; and the garlic and liquorice tablets my pain diminished a lot..


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      thanks J

      I can't tolerate most of the foods you mention - FOS dominated.   I do make up milk thistle though 3x a day and use good multi vitamin plus coconut oil   I think my liver is OK - test show at a resonable level ; it's the actual gut.  I have to eat carbs as very thin and these with some veg cause th gas which is trapped and painful.

      Hope you are OK  Still waiting for my SIBO test


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