Pulsatile tinnitus, does anyone had it or have it.

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I have it I can tell what my blood pressure is all the time from the pounding in my head.  My dr or should I say x dr said I just had to live with it for the rest of my life.  She was going to prescribe medication to lower my blood pressure,  but my blood pressure is perfect a bit on the low side on occasion.  Any way I have had this since I had a reaction to amoxacilion for a chest infection 9 months ago.

right now I have a sinus infection the dr is trying to clear up that has been since December.   He is making an apt for me to see ent, has done a ct scan, and a sinus exray.  All he said is he just sees cloudy.

has anyone been treated for pulsatile tinnitus here?  Perhaps cured?

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    Hi Pam, yes I have it as well, started with a sinus problem 17months ago, was so loud I couldnt sleep or concentrate on anything, saw four different drs who all said like yours you have to live with it.

    I told them it was quite scary, and wondered if i had a blocked artery or something, they all made light of that, so I began to look up pulsative tinnitus and discovered how very different it is to the normal sort, I found a site called whooshers which is helpful.

    Anyway long story short, I had a TIA last april, and was then seen by a neurologist, I told him about the whooshing and he agreed it has a different cause to the other T, he gave me a scan, checked for neromas,that was clear, and he felt that maybe the problem was still sinus, I should add at this stage the noise had quietened considerably.

    So here I am, still with the PT but very quiet now, in fact often when out and about i am not even aware of it, and sometimes it even stops for a few minutes, my sinus problem is much better but not clear, so I guess if I could get that cured the other would follow, as it has got better as the sinus has.

    I do notice that if I get stressed or anxious the PT becomes louder, and yes its in time with my heart, so like you I know my pulse rate.

    The thing all the drs asked me, including the neurologist, was if the PT changed sides, from ear to ear, and yes mine does, its often in both, but somedays it will be mainly on the left, and another day on the right, the drs seemed happy that this was occuring, i think.

    Anyway, thats my story of PT so far, I hope one day it will completely go away, i guess its about 70% quieter now than when it started, and as i say sometimes even better than that. When it began i didnt know how i would be able to live with it, it was so loud.

    One other thing, I have tmj, and that can also cause PT, so perhaps that may be something to look at. Try the site i suggested, there are lots on there that have found answers to the problem..

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      Hi yes I found the site I was the one that diagnosed myself 9 months ago. I had a chest infection and was put on amoxacilion and had a horrid reaction. I was on the antibiotic 4 days plus puffers,  and all of sudden my chest got worse I had diarea (How the blank ever you dell that). I was urinating blood and my neck glands were so sore I could not even turn my head.  

      At the hospital all they said is I had an infection, omg was I sick,  they just wrote me script for more antibiotics but not a pennacilin kind.  The pounding the dr can hear with a scope,  had a ct of my head have not heard back about that.  From what read we need a vascular surgeon.   I found a really good one at my local hospital.  

      Also like you I have a sinus infection, on antibiotics right now I have never had a sinus infection before and I am 50,  also have tmj the jaw clicks some times.  I was so p*ssed at my dr ignorance I fired her the nex day.  It's obvious there is a blockage somewhere, just need the right person to find it.  I am scheduled to see an ent soon my new dr is setting it up.

      also like you sometimes it's both sides or one or the other side,  sometimes it pounds like a pounding headache without the pain.  I do notice it more of a buzzing noise today but a hint of heartbeat is still felt and heard if I pay attention to it.

      i was shocked how dumb and flip dr can be about this,  I like you are hoping it's just sinus pressure etc... Nothing serious,  I bet if a dr got this they would not stop looking for proper treatment, and dr shop till they found a solution.  I will never forget the lack of concern with my old dr  well she was really young right out of school.  She actually said maybe I should take Zoloft.  What a blinking b&$&@.

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      What on grean earth could I have typed earlier that they won't post it shesh.  Anyway like you it's not as bad, or maybe we are just getting used to it.  I feel better for firing that dr specially when she could hear the beats in my head and offered me Zoloft.   Today it's mild buzzing but if I pay attention I can feel the heart beat.  

      Maybe be we are just getting used to it, I hope the ent can help and refute me to a vascular surgeon we have Aggies one here.  I know the site your talking about that's how I did my own diagnoses.  

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      Keep us informed, be interesting to see how it turns out.

      I dont think in my case i am just getting used to it, as it was so so loud in the beginning, never could have ignored that.

      Get checked for tmj as well, i know my jaw thing is part of it, i can change the frequency when moving my jaw around, think its called somosensary, or something like that.

      Well good luck with ent, let us know how you fair, i hope you get some answers, and the PT remains lower....

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