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Has your gout problem caused by purines rich foods? Then why are you still getting the gout attacks? Even you have completely stopped consuming those high purine foods.

Our body has an internal source of purine - your body will still produce purine every day. 

More people in UK have gout and is increasing. But we are told from our Doctors to reduce are intake of purine rich foods and take tablets.

It’s more to do with nutrition or the lack off or even worse de-mineralisation. It’s NOT just gout, it’s all diseases that are increasing and for the young. As we are eating “non-food” but processed products.

Disease is when the body stops removing toxins, in our case uric acid.

I learnt the hard way as I was first told by my Doctor nothing to worry about, when I had a blood test with high uric acid levels (No body searched the internet back then for health) then I returned a few years later thinking I had broken my toe and was told I had gout and proscribed anti-inflammatory tablets. That I did not take.

Try this:

So back to inflammation – our so called food nowadays causes inflammation. The purine rich foods also have very good nutrition. But bear in mind not everything is created equal and we should eat all food groups but in moderation, but keeping carbohydrates to a minimum or completely cutting out from all grains and sugars. Lowering inflammation. By eliminating all processed foods, factory farm meats and bad cooking oils. Instead eating more anti-inflammatory foods, like olive oil, flax seeds, ginger, grass fed animals.


Low fat is also not good, as there is no goodness.

Created equal – What we think we are eating as healthy we find it is not. Red meat from supermarkets (Factory farmed) will cause inflammation, where local farmed, cows eat grass, the meat will lower inflammation.

Eat more butter (raw is better). the specific nutrient that seems to prevent the buildup of uric acid is vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is particularly associated with the kidney. It is the fact that traditional peoples always balanced protein intake with plentiful fat intake as well as gelatinous soup broths. Thus, gout is better understood as a situation of excessive protein intake compared to the fats and gelatin intake, two factors which balance the protein intake. This is why people with historically high protein intake who also ate lots of fats and soup broths, with no refined carbohydrates, rarely if ever suffer from gout.

Eat more raw organic food. In the 1930’s Paul Kouchakoff, M.D. showed that if you ate a diet that was more than 51% cooked food, your body reacts to the food as if it was being invaded by a foreign organism. He further demonstrated that if 51% of your meals were raw, you would have no leukocytosis (no white blood cell reaction), so your immune system would not be activated with a false alarm. Today, we deal with so many immune system issues; we have to make sure that at least 51% of our meals are raw so we don’t overburden an already burdened immune system. 

Drink clean, pure water. It is essential for health. 

More Vitamin C intake - 

Exercise and rest. By exercising 3 times a week and doing more walking will increase blood flow and circulation. Improves lungs to work more efficiently that help keep your kidneys functioning and improve your quality of life. It is also equally important to get your 8 hours deep sleep every night for your body to detox and heal itself. 

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    Hi martin, I've been having attacks since I was 14 years old and I'm now in my 50's. I stopped eating purine rich foods at very long time ago, but I still get gout. So for this my doctor told me to exercise for at least 20 minutes a few times a week, but if I step on a rock or anything that off centers the ball of my foot I feel gout pain. I rarely eat processed foods, maybe just once a month, I'll eat pizza or hamburger from a high end restaurant, but that's the extent of my processed foods. I dink purified water all the time and take a vegetarian multi-vitamin. Unfortunately, I cannot eat vegetables raw not even organic ones, I have to cook them or my stomach does a summersalt on me. WIth this said, even on a healthy diet, my uric acid is always 1 or 2 points above normal.  Can you explain why?
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      Hi patrathegreat, thank you for your reply. I am the same with stepping on something uneven or if I walk for long periods. It’s not gout attack, it’s the joint that is now damaged!!!

      What is your uric acid level? For those who have had gout need to be 5 mg/dL (0.30 mmol/L)   

      Are you on any medications? And have you been tested for gout via a needle in the joint? 

      Exercise is very important but can be difficult with a damaged toe, what I use after is a round plastic bottle filled with water and use when frozen, using as a massage the arch of your foot for 3 – 5 minutes 2 – 3 times a day and even an ice pack on the joint, but not forcing any pain. This will also bring blood flow to your toe. It will help and will take 2 months before it really helps.

      Have you tried juicing vegetables?  Try with apple and carrots. And one juice high in vitamin c and ginger

      If you eat meat then broth soups are the way to get all the nutrition.  

      Fats from grass fed butter and olive oil organic extra virgin used on foods. 

      You may have to also try eating clean for 30 days, to get the level down. And only eating at home, to make sure it’s all good. Cooking oil in restaurants will give you inflammation and no drinking alcohol.

       Eat more the good fats, grass feed meats

      And cut out all grains, no milk (Dairy) from supermarkets 


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      When you change any diet, there is a chance of pain for the first week! Make sure you are drinking water, vit C lemon squeezed in water. 

      Also you may have leaky gut???? Which you need to heal first!!

      Thoe homemade soup broth will do that 

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      Also sorry to hear you have been suffering from gout since you was 14!!!

      Is it only in your toe? 

      British rheumatologists recommended a top limit for uric acid of 5 mg/dL (0.30 mmol/L) for anyone who had suffered a gout attack.

      Do you have blood test offtern?  


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      Hi Martin, I am a healthy eater. Yes, I have done the juicing for a whole month, and more. No, meds. I'm allergic many medicines. I was on Indomethacin, but it bothered my stomach too much. Was afraid I was getting a bleeding ulcer. I just stay away from foods that are high in purine. RIght, I don't eat wheat, I'm also allergic to it, and it gives me gout pain, so I stay away from all wheat products. I eat cheese, on occasion and rarely do I ever drink milk. I still cook, when required, with butter. But not very often. Honestly, the list of foods not to eat, might as well not eat at all!
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      I get gout on any of my toes, on top of my toes, on the bottom of my foot, I also get it on my hand where my thumbs are, on the top of the hand. It runs in my family, and usually I get a huge inflammed ball, that can't be touched because it hurts like a dickens. Well, my blood gets tested for everything once a year. My uric acid levels are always a concern. When I was 14, they just put me in a cast, with a walking knob on the bottom of the foot, but I wasn't allowed to take anything. It took 3 months for the inflammation to completely go away.  I have an appointment soon in a few days so I'll get checked again. It just seems that out of nowhere it flares up and I'm not eating anything that would cause it to flare up. Thank you for responding, and giving me suggestions.
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      Well I would talk with your Doctor about your stomach first.

      Your gut needs time to heal.

      If you have stopped eating all grains, fizzy drinks, cereals and anything with sugar. You need start to eat bone broth soups every day. This time of year is ideal and use what’s in season.

      Eat butter from grass fed cows and take Green pastures cod liver capsules at the same time.

      Good fats from butter, olive oil and coconut oil. Eat avocados. Meat is fine from local farm, not supermarkets, you need eat for anti-inflammatory. 

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      I had a CT scan of my stomach not long ago, my results were good.

      Yes, I stopped eating all grains ages ago, I don't eat ceral at all, only fizzy drink was Perrier water last week, sugar only as needed. I can't take cod liver oil but I do fish oil. 

      Last week, I kept thinking I need to make bone broth, but life gets in the way with work. But I'll make the bone broth soup this weekend.  Yes, I buy local farm meat, and I only use the good fats you mentioned.

      Thank you for all your suggestions and advice. Have a wonderful day. 

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      Its very easy to make - put bones, water with a drop of apple cider vinager in a slow cooker all day or a pressure cooker for 3 hours. You can put half in the fridge, its quite easy once you have done it! 

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      I didn't realize that I've been making this soup with oxtails, short ribs and bones with a recipe that my mom used to make, and compared to plain old water and apple cider vinegar, our version is gourmet! lol
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    Hi do you think G P'S know anything about gout, i've had for 2 years and I also thought when I had my 1st bout that i had injured my foot i went to the doctors and was put on allopurinol1mg after a couple more bouts have moved up to 3 mg of allo, The last attack  I had  was Feb 2015 SO i have only had it bad for a year and i know not as bad as some people all i have now is some joint damage, even most of the redness has gone from foot i just want to stop the allopurenol because it must have long term effects , I have asked 4 or 5 Gp's they didnt want to know.
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