Question about chronic anal fissures for a 22 year old.

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hello everyone, hope you are all well and safe. i am a 22 year old male. i have been told that i have anal fissures to which i use anosole when i need to. i have realised that the symptoms come back around every 3-4 weeks and they remain for another 2 weeks before they go away. the symptoms include, constipation, fresh rectal bleeding post faecal ejection, and distinct sharp pain in the same region of the anal canal.

i was wondering have you guys face something similar, is there anything i could do to help. i have heard GTN might be of good use however it can give one side effects like strong headache.

thanks in advance for any insight.

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    I have suffered on and off with fissures for around 1.5 years and like you they used to come and heal within a couple of weeks. Recently i have had a persistent one for around 5 weeks. My doctor has put me on GTN ointment which i was a little worried about using due to the side effects but i haven't had any - im 2 weeks in and i guess the pain has reduced slightly but is very much still there and i am bleeding a very small amount on and off. I am not sure how quickly its meant to work but i have to use it for 6 weeks. I would give it a go - if you get headaches just take some pain relief.

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      hi thank you for replying leyla. I am sorry you are going through this. i will take your advice on board, best luck and health in the future.

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      Like you I have being anal fissure for 1.7 years but it has gotten better to the point that I was so confident and I stopped using stool softener and here I am again back to the horrible pain I ever had in my life. I got this from my hemorrhoids banding ..... feel like I got better from one thing and then shortly after I got another issue. It has really changed my life completely. I am trying at all cost to avoid surgery and let it heal on its own. Also I noticed that when take fiber supplements that actually hurt my tear so I will substitute it for veggies and fruits (lots) and keep the consistency.

      Please let me know how it goes...

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    Hello! I had suffered with acute fissures that really didn't cause pain, but did cause bright blood for a year or two. Then around October last year, it got really bad and was horrendously painful. I used GTN, which does cause headaches pretty badly to most people, but it was better than the pain. I also tried Nifedipine ointment for a while. Neither helped me, but at that point I think I already had a deep chronic fissure so it was hard to heal. I also tried botox, which provided relief, but didn't heal the fissure. I then got the LIS surgery about 3.5 weeks ago. It was a really rough first few weeks, but now it is much better pain wise. I have a follow up in 2 weeks with the surgeon and then again at the 2 month mark.

    From my experience and what I've read and been told by surgeons, is that if the fissure didn't heal on its own or didn't respond to conservative measures with the creams, then most likely will need surgery.

    One thing that REALLY helped with pain was sitz baths in hot water. I did those a few times a day and gave me a lot of relief and helped clean the area. It helps stop the spasms which is what most of the pain comes from. I recommend seeing a colorectal surgeon or proctologist, since they're the most familiar with anal fissures. Sometimes regular doctors can mistake it as hemorrhoids. I had a skin tag (which I got removed during my LIS surgery), and it can look like a hemorrhoid even though it's not. The skin tag got inflamed and was painful as well.

    Hope this helps!

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      My doctor today Prescribed me GTN ointment and honestly I had such a relief.... I will try for at least 6 weeks and like you said if it doesnt get better within 6 weeks then LIS which I am terrified of. The fiber supplement did not help my BM ( soft but bulky) not sure why and I was drinking at least 80oz of water per day... are you taking stool softener? because I heard that it can reopen again. what really helped my BM was milk magnesia.... gonna give it try again and eat more veggies and fruits. Let me know how the healing process goes.

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      thank you so much for writing this. I will take all that into consideration and hopefully will find a solution. sorry to hear that you went through all of that. best of luck

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      hi again, you mentioned that sitz baths has helped you. Do you mind explaining how one could go about achieving them? is it something you buy? is there a useful webpage you can link us to.

      Thank you

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    Are you taking stool softener like milk of magnesia ..... mine doesnt get back that often and usually heals fast but not this time.... I was trying so hard to stop the stool softener and let the fibber do the magic but I got busted because I had some strain and now the fissure reopened and I am in pain.... So hopefully it heals with a week and I can keep natural fibber such as veggies and fruits and of course water.

    I also use Hemorrhoids wipes and I dont insert my finger tip but Qtip with aloe vera juice and vaseline before and after BM. then I clean my anus area and use any fissure ointment. Like you, I got prescribed today GTN and hopefully the speed up the healing because I am scared of the surgery. I will try today the sitz bath to see if the make any difference.

    Let me know how it goes

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      Hi, hope you are doing well, thanks for writing this. Essentially I have implemented more fibre into my diet and using anusole after bowel motion, so far it has helped with the pain. I do get the bleeding as usual, but the pain has slightly subsided with anusole. If it doesnt improve I will try milk of magnesia. Ho whas the aloe vera qtip combo worked? Has it been useful?

      Let me know how you get on.

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      Hey I am glad the pain has subsided. This is my third week of no pain or bleeding. In my case the fiber supplements did not help but made things worse despite of the water intake. So I am eating fruits in the morning or oatmeal then lunch white meat with veggies. My dinner is mostly fruits. yes the aloe vera has helped along with calmoseptine (mixed together) and with the Qtip i rub it in my anus rim. Some days I feel minor discomfort (minor burning or pinching not sure if that is normal but rather that then pain). My GT said to keep using the GTN three times per day for 6 weeks but to avoid constipation and keep using stool softener for at least 3 months or longer. So i am still using Milk of magnesia 15ml before bed and next day my BM is either soft or watery... just hate the side effect of laxative (gassy or bloated). keeping my fingers crossed that my fissure heals 100 percent.

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      that sounds fantastic, cant wait to see how you do in couple of weeks, best of luck.

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