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I have a question about anxiety. I want to know if anyone feels that when they have to go out and do things that they have anxiety when I get up in the morning and I can't sleep very well the night before because they're worried about how they're going to feel? I have had dizziness feels like a rocking in swaying sensation for nine months now and they tell me it's part of an inner ear disorder which causes anxiety but I already have GAD and I get nervous going places. So I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. They know they have to go out and do things and they're just afraid. Thanks for your help

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    There is a switch in your brain that is broken and it is telling you your in danger when your not.

    Keeping busy to distract yourself when an attack happens.

    Exercise,eat a good diet and keep hydrated.

    Consider therapy to learn how to manage your anxiety/panic

    Anxiety thrives off fear

    Stay Strongcool

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    yes yes yes.

    you are not alone.

    i have anxiety about normal day to day things i have to do. i dont know why. but when i've got to go somewhere, anywhere, shopping, work, to see my friends/family, doctors, any appointment, literally anywhere.. i just get this horrible overwhelming feeling that scares me from doing it which i dont understand. then i get more anxious about the fact that i'm probably not going to go because of that feeling, and cycle through the consiquences of not going which are even worse, which makes that overwhelming anxious feeling even worse so i avoid whatever/wherever the thing is i'm supposed to do.

    for example i suffer exessive sweating because of my anxiety, then becuase i sweat i get more anxious about being sweaty and smelly then i sweat some more and so on. so i book an appointment to get axillary botox to make that problem go away. then i dont go. why? i dont know. that horrible overwhelming unbareable feeling.

    or with work. i've now lost 2 jobs because of my GAD. in the morning i get that feeling and feel i can't possibly get on the train and go to work. why? why do i feel like this? i have to stop myself feeling like this. ok so i'm not gonna go in today. but i've used all my sick days, and work are being p*ssy and doing an investigation because ive had too many days off and im only on prebation. they wont want me. then ill lose my job. then ill have no money i have no savings. where will i live. what will i do. i cant go to interviews because i get too anxious. i cant even get another job. i'll have a break down. so all these thoughts cycle making me even MORE anxious as you can imagine and guess what? i dont go in. i lose my job twice! 

    i get anxiety over silly things, and sometimes big things. if you can push yourself and power through do it. its worth it. the more you avoid something/someone/somewhere the scarier it will become and it could literally ruin your life.

    i hope i'm not scaring you. i hope you can read this and feel "omg i need to make sure that doesnt happen to me" and it helps

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    I can so relate to your post! Going out is my worst fear i can barely do anything. I have a son and hes also stuck in the house cause im scared ill pass out when were out somewhere, also the rocking sensation i get also! Horrible thing feels like im going to take a fit of some sort!
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    Hi there Patty,

    I too know what you are talking about. The moment I wake up even before my eyes are open, I feel this uneasy feeling. Within minutes of wakening, I start this stoamch issue, my legs start to jitter and shake and is most upsetting. Going out to do just about anything makes me anxious. Just this morning I knew I had to go out and get groceries and it was such a big ordeal to go....but I did. This session of anxiety has been going on about 3 months for me. I have lost 15 pounds due to stomach issues and have started having tachycardia and am going for an ablation the end of May... And the list of other anxiety symptoms goes on and on.

    Hope you can relate as I certainly feel it is all anxiety. It is amazing what fear and your mind can do.

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    Yes. Absolutely yes. Anyone whomis high stressed, unwell, doesnt feel good will feel very vulnerable going out. Its one of the most damaging anxiety rules most give themselves. It stinkg going out and feeling ill, just really is awful and it is scary but you have too. Maybe have someone accompany you, but dont cage yourself in. Its worse.
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    Hi Patty:

    I know what stress feels like because daily I am bombarded with it. I thinks it really starts from early childhood not only how we are brought up by our parents and outside influences. For example, if you had parents that did not show you love, how can you know how to love. Not only my parents did not love me but both were very abusive towards me physically and mentally. Another factor is being bullied because I never learned how to defend myself growing up and later in life stay with you causing depression, anxiety, stress, just feeling unwell and even developing health problems.

    Anxiety attacks? I had my share of those too. There are a host of other factors as well, way too much to enter here. So Patty, you are not alone. Everyone has stress in life and how we handle it is that it we have to learn how to make the best of it. It's not easy and you have to work at it. Here are some things that you can do. Try meditation, self hypnosis helping you sleep. There are many sources that can be searched out online. Try warm water pool or jucusi, light exercise, taking deep breaths, and do things like a hobby listening to music and read good books. There are lots more to mention but I would make this letter long. So, patty, chin up and there is so much help here and outside of here. Fear can be conquered but you have to work on it. Good luck and I wish you well.

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