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So im 30 male 6 foot 2 170 lbs. Ive always been in shape and never had any health issues until this started 3 years ago.

Basically what happens is anytime I lift weights ( especially with effort or lift heavy) my heart goes out of rhythm or on the edge of an "attack". It also occurs if i sprint..and sometimes even when i jog. Its more likely to happen during certain movements such as overhead presses and squats, those set it off almost immediately. Doing regular arm curls i do alot better with. But still if i push myself at all to the point of exertion or sweating my heart will go into an "attack".

These attacks I've had about 20-25 of them id say in the past few years. Mt heart resting will be around 180-190, blurry vision, very sweaty palms, dizziness, and sense of doom (similar to how heart attack is described). I also get tingling feet and hands..sometimes my entire arm, and my hands and legs usually tremble. This also has occurred before whenever i drink caffeine. (However for the previous 27 years of my life before this began i was extremely athletic and drank caffeine on a fairly regular basis without ever one issue).

Going into the ER during these attacks they call them panic attacks, however i feel they are not. My cardiologist says they are only PVCs and PACs of my heart ( he doesn't address the actual attack just the heart on ekg). My GP said its overactive nervous system,my own research leads me to SVT.

So today i went to the gym and was fine until i did a chest motion workout ( bench press) and it's almost like something internally kicked my heart out of rhythm is what it felt like. I was fine while doing arms workouts and running. Then once i went into the attack i was immediately tachycardic followed by a rhythm that was slower and went BOOM-BOOM ( 2 rapid beats followed by a pause..then two more Rapid beats followed by a pause). During this rhythm i felt like i was either going to die or pass out and blackout but i managed not to. On the way to the ER i came out of the rhythm so i didnt go.

Beta blockers ( propranolol) hasn't helped much only very slightly..and calcium channel blocker (cartia xt) hasn't helped at all either.

Recently 4 months ago i developed another health issue where i never get hungry and my stomach will bloat pretty badly when i eat a regular sized meal. I feel better when i dont eat for extended periods of time and only eat very tiny amounts but ive veen losing too much weight.

I dont know if these issues are connected or not connected but does anyone have any ideas on either the heart issue by itself or the combination? Thanks

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    Ive heard magnesium helps with pvc. Mine kinda calmed down over the past 6 months.
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    Magnesium Taurate definitely helps me.   Since coming of Bisoprolol due to bradycardia my heart rate speeds up too much sometimes the magnesium is definitely making a positive difference.
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    Hi there Alien05, you have just described me exactly. Im 42 i suffer from ectopic beats and have since 30. however i had always been fit and into my weights. I had issues when running when id get the pause and pound when my HR was elevated, this seems more aggrevated with sprints of circuit type work ie moving possition alot.In fact i came to the conclusion that anything that wobbled the body or at least shock the interior organs such as jumpng up and down (skipping) and running etc triggered them. I stopped running years ago because of it and maintained wieghts which i was able to manage untill reciently when i had the same problems you describe. I was getting these runs when the HR elevated with training but shoulder press and pulldowns. were two particular areas i noticed stimulated it. I would "feel odd" HR racing unable to actually physically feel my pulse as it was all over the place with no rythmn at all. I feel it in my throat like a tickle and i want to keep coughing like clearing my throat from and irritation. Obviously panic kicked in to the extreme and the sense of doom is horrendous. I left the gym on each occasion and like you mine stopped pre hospital. I have over the last 2 months stopped training due to it. 


     I also get the bloating and over the last 12 months cut gluten form my diet which has helped a bit. I used to bloat high up in my gut, just under the pecs really. I believe that this puts pressure on the Vagus Nerve and therefore stimulates rythmn issues in easily irritated hearts. Like you if i have a normal or slightly larger meal i cant move about or the palpitations will kick off again for sure. I also feel better heart wise, the less i eat other than getting hungry. i dont drink acohol, carbonated drinks, caffeine and try to reduce sugar (not very well).

    I have had all the tests, echos, stress test, holters and the cardiologists just say its benign PVC,s and PAC,s with some sinus tachy thrown in. Although I have never managed to catch these episodes on any form of recording device.

     I can quite honestly say that they scare me and really ruin the quallity of my life, i dont feel that my doctors take it seriously, the second they say benign they are not interested, they done care about how it effects you.

     I would love a cure for these, id also like to know what it is that is occuring during these episodes, is it serious?


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      Chalky thanks for the reply. Its very odd to me that these same exact symptoms can happen in people and essentially be thrown aside by thr Dr's. My cardiologist tells me my heart is perfect when he did my ultrasound of the heart and said my stress test was fine other than PVCs.

      What he doesn't understand or acknowledge is the actual attack part of it aside from just the palpitations.

      I work as a medication aid in a medical facility and have talked to a few nurses about my condition. The ones with alot of experience told me they believe it to be A fib.

      I called my cardiologist wnd stressed to him over the phone yesterday how bad it was and describe to his nurse in great detail what i was experiencing. After doing this he agreed to do a loop recorder under the skin which im hoping will help them to see whats going on.

      Sometimes i wonder if its something else causing the attacks and causing the heart to do opposed to just a heart issue itself

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      I have just spent a week with a new version of a Holter monitor called a BARDY monitor. I wasn't able to instigate the episode, part of me was too scared to really push it........ just in case.

      Interestingly though some of my palpitations that I felt weren't palps. It is suspected that they were intestinal spasms. I have a sliding hiatus hernia which I don't think is a cause but I'm sure it doesn't help.

      There is a known link between Gastro issues and palps.

      I've never come across anyone else who can explain nor has had these episodes with weight training intil you posted! It would be great to get to the root cause and also have an exploration as to what it is. When it occurs it feels serious. I did wonder if it was AF but I know some people are in AF for lengthy periods of time like weeks I for one could not cope being like that all the time.

      I think the fact that it has self corrected is a good thing. They would not even worry about it in hospital if it self corrected. Another positive that I take from it is that I have remained concious and never passed out additionally I'm able to do things as I panic left the gym and got to my car without help I'm sure if it was really serious I wouldn't be able to do anything.

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