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After being on Citalopram for a few years, my GP switched me to Sertraline and started me on 50mg daily. This has now been reaised to 100mg daily and I'd like to hear if anyone has experienced the side effects im having since my dose has been raised.

I'm exhausted all the time, even a short walk is impossible and i find myself sleeping most of the time. I have a severely dry mouth and i'm constantly thirsty. My panic/anxiety has came back with a vengeance and i feel sick and generally unwell all day.

I had none of these symptoms while on Citalopram but I had to change as it stopped working as well as it had.

Please help if possible


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    This what I'm going through now also. I was on 50mg for 8 weeks and now 100mg for 8 days and my anxiety is back. It wasn't to bad today but for the past few days it has been back. I have heard it's normal to have side effects from the raised dose as it has to adjust to the increase and level out again. How long was you on 50mg for and how long have you been on 100mg x
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      I was on 50mg for 3 months and have been on 100mg for 11 days...I feel like the symptoms are getting worse but its good to know that someone else has them too.
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      Yes I feel exactly the same. I thought I wouldn't get side effects as for the first few days I was ok, but the side effects came on around day 4 or 5 of the increase. Don't worry it is normal but hell to go through as you think it's not working and feel like going back to 50 or just quit, but I have been told it should take 2-3 weeks for the upped dose to work. To get me through the anxious days I take rescue remedy. Have u tried it?. Keep me updated how your getting on and I will do the same. Take care and think positive. Tomorrow is a different day and could be the day that you feel better x
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      Spent 9 months on sertraline and experienced same initial symptoms for around 2 months afterward I experienced infrequent controllable anxiety attacks and sleeplessness as time went on I became better and fit for work. I reduced dose gradually after 8 months using nutmeg grater odd number of scrapes increasing to the end so that tablet 100mg was half the size. I maintained this for a week then came off completely. Now sertraline free for a week. Doctor has signed me off them formally today.

      Her questions were :-

      Have you been on them for 6 months or more yes.

      Have you suffered from anxiety before. No

      Have you removed the stressor. Yes changed workplace.

      Have you ever felt suicidal. No

      All I can say is it worked for me and I hope my journey helps

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      Thanks for sharing Jon...your method for cutting back the dosage is fantastic and i will definately implement that when i am ready to.  
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    It took me a few weeks to get used to 100mg too, and I got a dickie tummy as well (the runs) for the first several weeks which took some getting used to! It did make me feel listless for a while, but in the long run it helped me have nice, deep sleep and I began to feel more rested and able to function during the days. If you can, take something for the anxiety - I thought Kalms was great. I would not suggest more drugs until you adjust.

    Hang in there, baby steps, take it easy knowing that the adjustment period is always tough but it does go away. Once I got used to the 100mg I was able to reassess my priorities and I found it easier to deal with the underlying things that were actially causing my depression and anxiety.It gets better cool

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      Glad to help. You are not on your own or abnormal. I found that a vast majority of friends and colleagues who have literally placed their lives in my hands didn't contact me because they didn't know what to say. Some isolation is due to this so try to make an maintain positive contact.

      On reflection my problems stemmed from caring too much about the area that was causing my stress and anxiety. ie work. I have come to realise that is important to care less about what worries you and accept that this is a good thing.

      Take care and the best of luck for the future.

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      My depression/panic/anxiety began the day after i lost my Dad. I just fell apart and to this day I haven't been able to come to terms with it. I am finally getting the chance to see a bereavement counsellor as ordinary counselling has not helped. I really hope this works as I cannot deal with my depression etc until I deal with the root cause.

      Thanks again for your help.

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      I lost my dad and grandmother (who was my maternal) carer in a matter of months. This was really hard to deal with but I approached it as follows:-

      What is the alternative. The natural order is that I pass before my daughters and grand daughter. I am comfortable with this and I guess your dad would have thought the same.

      On the day of his funeral there were masses of rainbows. They still give me comfort.

      At certain times some of his comments are echoed and he remains with us in some of the things we do.

      As all of us are he was human and had his flaws but 5 years on I remember his good points and forget the bad.

      Celebrate the time you had and enjoy the rest of you life like he would have wanted you too that's the end of the advice or lecture :-)

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