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Hey everyone, I've posted this on another forum, but I'd like to get as much help as I can. I'd just to like to know from this community's personal experiences whether or not my doctor is correct in the diagnosis of gastritis or If I sholud be concerned, because my anxiety won't let me believe I have anything other than stomach cancer. I've been suffering with gastritis/duodenitis type symptoms for a little over 3 months now. I'd say my lifestyle was high risk for gastritis - poor eating habits, frequent cigarette smoking, terrible anxiety and a cocaine habit that lasted around 6 months, though that's now behind me. The symptoms I've been experiencing seem terrible, but I've been to my family doctor probably 5 times throughout the three months, as well as once to the ER two nights ago.The physician said the same thing as my family doctor: there's no reason to think I have anything other than gastritis being made worse by my anxiety. I get, most often, nausea and burning from my stomach, sometimes down to my navel. The nausea can get really severe, when it flares up it comes and goes in intervals of about 30 seconds and then flaring down for 1-5 minutes. I have yet to vomit as a result of this. There is not much pain, just the burning and nausea. drinking water seems to help. These episodes seem to last 3-5 days followed by a period of feeling not as bad. These symptoms are combined with a ton of gas, and either constipation or very frequent bowel movements. Bowel movements tend to burn a lot, especially when my stomach is flaring up. I have a lot of trouble eating and the flare ups are usually associated with eating. I don't appear to be passing blood in any way, though it seems like the stool sometimes has a yellowy/green substance in it(possibly bile). My stomach appears to get much worse with my anxietyand things seem to triggering my anxiety incredibly easily, especially my symptoms. I have new anxiety medication(Ciprolex) which I am too afraid to start out of fear that it may upset my stomach. I am 18 years old for reference with no history of stomach cancer in the family. I've been taking tecta as well as 2 zantac a day but they only provide limited relief. I am absolutely mortified that I have stomach cancer and can't get the thought out of my head. Any input/advice/reassurance would be greatly appreciated as the symptoms are having a horrible effect on my mental health. Thanks for reading and hope to hear back from someone soon! smile

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    For your peace of mind your doctor should arrange for an endoscopy at least
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    I'm supposed to have one, however, the earliest I can get in to see a specialist is the summer. They can't move it up because I'm not very high risk, I guess. The ER doctor said that even when I get to see a specialist it's unlikely they'll even do one then because of my lack of GI bleeding or significant worsening of symptoms over three months.
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    That seems to be the problem nowadays that your GP can't ask for tests to be done as they can only be requested by a consultant. Ask your doc if he is allowed to send you for a barium swallow X-Ray instead.

    As you have no doubt Googled stomach cancer is not very common in this country for males it is 5.3 cases per 100,000 of the population and most of them are over 70.

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    I am sorry to read that your going through a rough time, I two have been suffering very similar symptoms as you since October last year so for about 5 1/2 months, I have had endoscopy, colonoscopy blood tests stool tests and ultrasounds, all clear.

    However I am still suffering, the only advise I can give going through it myself is try not to self diagnose... it definitely causes more anxiety and worry which is not needed when your going through enough pain as it is! Try and just look forward to the endoscopy etc.

    The problem with the symptoms that you and I are experiencing is that it could literally be soooooooo many things, so really its a process of illumination sad

    For the time being, if I was you try a plain diet, and keep a food diary and a note of when it flares up as it could be food related.

    My specialist told recommended I take Acidophilus tablets (from Holland and barrat) they are basically good bacteria tablets and help your stomach (I noticed a massive difference when I started taking these)

    I hope this helps

    (btw re: stomach cancer, I had the same thoughts like Im sure the majority of us do that have stomach problems, but as Derek said its very unlikely as it something more common in older people)

    Good luck and I hope you find the course.

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    According to my doctor gastritis is not that common either. The food diary sounds a good idea .Another thing that your GP could do is check you for Helicobactor Pylori as that is something that he can eradicate and it is the cause of many problems.

    Best advice I ever had from a GP is 'patient power' They don't like patients phoning their secretaries but the message always gets to the consultant.

    I was once quoted 26 to see a consultant. My GP got it down to 21 weeks and said that was the best he could do. I phoned the consultants secretary and said that (many similar symptoms to yours) that I was in pain and it was unreasonable to have such a wait and asked about getting any last minute cancellations. This was on a Friday morning. She phoned back in the afternoon and offered me 8.45 on the Tuesday morning.

    I got a registrar who welcomed me with, "So you think you have cancer"

    I replied that I did not think that but was in considerable pain that needed investigating.

    Needless to say all of the tests and X-Rays proved more or less negative.

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    Thank you both for your advice. after last night spent in the ER and the same answers again, I figure I need to get my anxiety seriously under control. I have googled that indeed Derek, and considering that only 0.1% of that already low number of cases occur under age 20, the odds are astronomically low. Unfortunately, anxiety does not even respond to logic. I have a test for H. Pylori scheduled and Jenny I will definitely look into those tablets. Unfortunately, my anxiety seems to be the main obstacle I must overcome to deal with this and I don't have the slightest clue how I will do this. New medication generally sets me off and according to the internet nausea is a relatively common side effect from cipralex, not to mention that the small amount I have been eating would only worsen this. Does anyone know of an anti anxiety medication with a low risk for nausea?
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    I can also relate to the anxiety as too suffer from this horrible depressing problem!

    I received counselling last year (through the nhs) I found this extremely helpful and a good place to talk out your problems with somebody independent! I also brought a book online (was recommended by my nurse that there are great books on anxiety that would be good to read) I can't remember the name of the one I read but there is so many and im sure there all quite similar!

    That's as far as I have got with my anxiety unfortunately, I think its something I have to learn to live with, I find deep breathing helps but as I say im still suffering with my stomach and still suffer with anxiety - WHEN I find out the answer ( I am determined I will!) I will of course let your know! lol

    One word of advise, I have tried to carry on my life as normal, I still always go to work no matter how rubbish I feel, I still go out with friends again no matter how ill I feel etc etc as I know if I stopped any of this I would become a recloose!

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    I'm in a similar position with stomach pain lasting 5 months. GP prescribed Omeprazole but I didn't get on well with it as it caused upset stomach. Booked in for an endoscopy in a weeks time. Of course my health anxiety had been through the roof. Hoping that the diagnosis will be Gerd or gastritis. I'm a non smoker, non drinker and have always eaten healthily so hope that's in my favour. Been under a lot of stress at work so maybe an ulcer. Been tested for H pylori and that wad clear. All blood tests clear.

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    Coke / crack gives you temporary Nonocclusive Mesenteric Ischaemia (amongst other Ischaemias,, ischaemia = reduced Blood flow, in your case to the Stomach, Intestine and Colon), you've given yourself Gastritis Duodenitis and IBS (like symptoms) due to your coke use,, give it 6 - 12 months and everything should be as right as rain (hopefully) smile

    Here's a Patient UK leaflet :

    Lay off the nose / pipe candy cheesygrin

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    Thanks for the reply Benny! I can't find a lot of information about that disorder at all on google :s it definitely seems plausible for sure. Do you have any info on treating it, with medication or lifestyle/diet changes? I've been off it since my symptoms first appeared tho. I did a very small amount of mdma a week or two ago and that wreaked havoc on my stomach so I'm gonna make sure to stay away from all the white drugs.

    In other news, my anxiety has driven me to the er 3 times in the last 4 days. I've been told the same thing each time: my crippling anxiety has been causing my symptoms. I've been a lot worse, having panic attacks frequently and simply being unable to shake the thought of stomach cancer. No endoscopy yet, but they gave me an ultrasound that showed nothing with my stomach or gallbladder so that helps a bit. I have now been reassured by 5 different medical professionals that I don't have it and according to data online the odds of me having stomach cancer at this age are literally about 1 in a million, so I'm twice as likely to get hit by lightning. My symptoms have been worsening but have improved as of today, something in my blood work indicated I might have mono so I have to get a monospot done. I've read that mono can attack the gi tract causing nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, so this could certainly account for my worsened symptoms over the last few days. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've got an appointment with a a well reviewed psychiatrist, so hopefully he can helps control my anxiety and in turn, my physical symptoms. I noticed myself not feeling ill while speaking to the doctors so I can only assume my anxiety is playing a major role.

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    You just have to wait and see. Give it time for all the crap to leave your system and for your veins and arteries to become fully sensitive to nitrates again smile
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    Would the persistent nausea and diarrhea be consistent with having this condition?
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    Yes, but they'd also be consistent with a multitude of things,, you might just need some antibiotics and Lansoprazole because your kissed a girl / boy who was dripping in H.pylori smile
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    Hi I have had gastritis for 3 years now, you don't need to see a specialist just ask for a federal to Gastrology, and the Gastrology consultant will arrange you to have an endoscopy, its all pretty quick, then the consultant with put you on a permanent medication I use omeprazole which is suppose to be the best, it takes a few days to start working but its helped me so much, don't stop or miss taking it or you will get a flare up, I had it after my pregnancy the baby was so big, I suffered so much calling ambulance out for gas and air etc b4 I knew what was wrong with me, I suffered a whole year, fever, neausea crushing feeling in my rubs and back, was a nightmare, then I started studying gastritis and ways to help heal my stomach, there are things you should have to help improve, these are pure aloe vera juice, this is so soothing on the stomach, also manuka honey which has natural healing properties, and also soothes, chamomile and mint tea, also liquorice pure only vitamins, I found my flares ups were wbed,e at night an morning when lying flat in bed so I started to use lots of pillows to prop myself up or use a foam wedge, this helped so much took a while to get use to but was able to sleep better with no problems, I to worried bout cancer because I went snooping to much online and found that this can lead to a form of stomach cancer, but that's a small chance if left untreated for many many years and only a chance, I think things like that are a gene and run in family, once you get on the right medication your symptoms will fade and it will stop you worrying

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    i have the same symptoms like you and i wonder  how you fill riight now i hope better thanks

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