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I'm meeting my surgeon tomorrow regarding gallbladder stones and surgery. Here are some of the questions in my mind. Appreciate if you can let me know some of the questions that needs  to  be asked in case i missed here. I'm taking this decision after suffering with 10 years with indigestion/Acidity/bloating and burping. and past 7 years with lightheaded and fatigue added to it. Hoping surgery will give me relief. I'm 36 years old male, 5.7 feet, 67kgs.

1) I have gastritis and gallstones, severe bloating and burping accompanied by lightheaded/fatigue,  will the gallbladder removal will help these symptoms to go away?

2)In your experience, did you had patients who had gallstones/non working gallbladder with dizziness/lightheaded symptoms and after GB removal , did that resolve?

3)Initially i was diagnosed  with non working gallbladder and no stones. Recently diagnosed with gallstones. so is my gallbladder still not working ?

4) My A1BC is 5.6, i get some times frequent urination and tingling in feet, does anything to do with sugar levels  or gallstones? my gp says it might be due to my low B12 or Sugar levels  -Not sure if this question  can be asked to surgeon.

5) what is the recovery period for gallbladder surgery, how many weeks i need to be ooo for work?

6) Diet to be followed after gallbladder surgery.

please let me know if any other question i need to put to surgeon. 

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    Hello.  In my case since gallbladder removal I get very nauseated at times.  I also find that I tend to have heartburn more often, but I have a heartburn medication that I take that really does stop it in its tracks.  I also have medication that I take for the nausea that works miracles.  After my gallbladder was removed I was in excruciating pain.  I mean it was so horrific that I could not sleep for almost a week afterwards.  I ended back up at the hospital where they gave me muscle relaxers and pain medication.  Once I took those I was actually able to sleep and within two days I was feeling like my old self again.  I would suggest that you make sure they give you muscle relaxers and pain medication when you are released.  If they do, I think your recovery time will be way better than what mine was.
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    i don’t think any of your symptoms have anything to do with your gallbladder!

    you don’t mention anything whatsoever about PAIN !!

    you do not mention anything whatsoever about disantry !!!

    you mention acid reflux , indigestion, etc well most people with no gallbladder issues have a degree of these things I should imagine!

    i do not think removal of your gallbladder will remedy these problems at all !

    dizzyness etc I do not beleave has anything to do with your gallbladder !

    i had my gallbladder removed 11 weeks ago because I had a large stone stuck in the gallbladder neck which led my gallbladder to become infected full of puss and gangrenous and I have been in agonising pain for 3 years and when I say agonising I mean it.

    i had no issues with dizziness or indigestion or acid reflux at all .

    however I am sure it’s all different for different people as our body’s are all different!

    and if you have now been diagnosed with a non functioning gallbladder and gallstones, then it should probably be removed anyway as it’s not doing anything and surely can only progress to more problems!

    however ?

    please be aware that after removal of your gallbladder ,you may indeed end up with more problems than you had prior to removal !!!

    for me the opp was breeze.

    i removed easy. well so far !

    the pain was minimal but I still feel like I am recovering if I ever will lol

    and I seem to have ongoing issues as a direct result of gallbladder removeal ?

    these are the things you need to take into account!

    and ultimately it’s your decision on what you feel you should do and that will have to be your choice unless of course you end up with no choice as did I !!

    personaly I do not think the so called advanced medical world has a god damn clue what’s going to happen to anyone who has their gallbladder removed !!

    and I do not be leave they know very much about this at all !

    but that’s just my opinion of course.

    i wish you luck and a good outcome and merry Christmas to you.

    best of luck.

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       i do have less pain , but not severe. But i have severe bloating and burping combined with dizziness and  extreme fatigue. I do had many episodes of diarrhea,but that was stopped using colestipol medicine. I'm really having a mixed  thought on the surgery. Also, i have waited for this many years to see if it gets well. But nothing happened. Again i also have gastritis.i have a mixed thought how this surgery is going to be .

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    I'm totally convinced my lightheadedness and off balance feeling which has now been constant 24/7 for 18 weeks now is linked to my gallbladder. I asked the consultant when i spoke to him 5 weeks ago and he was 100% that it was'nt. To be honest i've read hundreds of stories that people complain of this symptom. I also get tingling/pain in my feet which i'm also convinced has something to do with it.

    Let us all know how you get on pls.

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      Just came after meeting from surgeon.

      1.since i had a non working gallbladder intially, the stones are formed now and more stones can form in future as the gb is not working.

      2. He mentioned removing the gallbladder will help bloating and burping, will avoid passing of stones to common bile duct and pancreas. It is not going to help with the dizziness.

      3.He said there is no answers why gallbladder stops working for many people.

      4.He has 30+ years of expereince. He never seen any one with gallbladder issue with dizziness. He asked me few questions like what work i'm doing and when you are getting dizziness. I told him i work 8 to 10 hours in computers and watch majority of the time cellphone and i told him the dizziness occurs when i watch something close and look far away. for example, i work in computers for 2 to 3 hours continously and then when i try to go to restroom, i feel dizzi and focusing. Also feel dizzi and imbalnce walking in large malls where i need to look far away. He was saying that eyes is not able to refocus and insisted to wear glasses and see if that helps out.

      5.Regarding B12, he was wondering why i have low but he said generally any one more than 50 years age will have B12 obsorption problem.

      6.He also said gastritis is separate and gallstones/gallbladder issues are separate, so removing the GB is not going to help with gastritis.

      7.Regarding tingling in feet, he mentioned it can be diabetic or b12 issue and asked me to deal this issue with my general physcian.

      8.He also said a non working gallbladder is not going to work good again and more stones can form going forward.

      9.He also said my body currently works in a way where i dont have my gallbladder as my gb is not working. He says my body is already adjusted to work with the GB.

      10. He advised to take at least 1 week break from work and no diet restrictions for gallbladder surgery. He said three holes will be put around the rib area.  The latest appointment  date  available is jan end.

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      Thanks for all the info. I just wonder why so many people write about dizziness when they had gallbladder trouble? I think you mentioned about your A1BC level of 5.6 but thats within normal range i think? Are you going to have surgery now? I must say your healthcare professionals seem so much more effecient than here in the UK. I have family in Australia and New Zealand and they also have fantastic healthcare professionals.
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      My parents says to take a second opinion in india before i goahead with surgery, so i might plan for india trip early next year or i may convince my parents to get the surgery done in US itself. But most probably i don't see any other solution at this moment apart from removing the gallbladder or i have to be  with all these symptoms for  rest of life.Also i dont like to prolong further as this issue is going for almost 7 to 10  years.

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      He suggested to go for surgery. But he did not really push for emergency . Also here it is holiday time  from Dec 15 to Jan 1st week , all (including doctors,engineer,others) will be on vacation.  so the very first available date is around jan end. According to him  it can reduce/relieve bloating,burping and pain associated with the gallbladder. Even if it reduces bloating and burping, thats a major relief for me. But i should not get any new complications from surgery.
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