Quit cannabis... It's been 6 weeks, suffering with anxiety, ruining my life, taking propanolol.

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Hi, so this is my first ever time posting on a thread and first time looking at this website, so please be nice smile

?I am 20 years old, I have been smoking weed since i was around 16 not much at this time because i never had a job so every bit of college money i got [£20 bursary per week of college, dinner money from my mother each day, pocket money from my father, birthday money, christmas money] would all be saved and spent on cannabis! Whenever i had scraped enough  money together (which would be £10 for 1gram) i would buy it staight away and ask strangers or friends for ciggies/skin papers to make a 'joint'. A close relative always had cannabis available for me to buy, i lived with this close relative so if i never had enough money, i would 'strap' a bag of cannabis until i got money to pay him back (which would always be a matter of days). Eventualy at 17 i got a job in a call centre, i was paid roughly £75-£100 per week and as you probably guessed, this would be spent on weed, ive always worked and lived around cannabis smokers - so ive always thought its 'the way forward' and 'the normal way to live' honestly every person i knew was smoking the drug including my father, brothers, sister, friends, all of them. So because i had more money i obviously smoked alot more cannabis, i was at this job on this ammount of money smoking this ammount of weed for 1 year until i turned 18. (i should mention ive got a boyfriend who i have been together with since i was 16 also). So at 18 i got a great new job ??in a office/relail shop and my wage went up to £150 per week, well i was living the dream, from here i have smoked cannabis in the morning before work (before 9am), in the evening (just after 5pm) and just before bed (9-10pm). This was every single day monday-friday and even more at weekends. My wage eventualy went up to £250 per week and the smoking carried on for 2 years until i was 20. Enough was enough it was getting in the way of my relationship i would always rather spend money on weed than go out with my boyfriend, i would rather stay in bed than go and see my boyfriend at his house (he lives with his mother, father and sister) i would always find it 'too much, cant be assed, too far away,etc) anyway i remember falling out w?ith my close relative because i forgot to bring his £10 home after strapping 1 gram that morning, i got really aggressive and i ended up saying to him I WILL NEVER BUY WEED of you again, i ran around the corner to my dads and i sobbed my heart out because i felt i was addicted to weed and didnt know what to do. My dad told me he has never heard of anyone ever being addicted to weed and from that moment, i never smoked weeed again. So the date i went to my dads and gave him all my left over weed and told him to bin this weed was Tuesday 15th November 2016. Since this date its obviously been 6 weeks.

The first week was TORTURE;

?1st night: really bad sweats, woke up drenched and had to change my pyjamas a couple times becase they was soaking with sweat, felt like i really neded some weed but managed not to take any (because of the fear really of ASKING my close relative after telling him ill never get it again and i hated him.

?2nd night: again, terrible sweating and the real urge to smoke weed, again i managed not to smoke it, i had my boyfriend with me cuddling me, telling me it was gunna be ok he really helped.

?this happened for around 5 days until i woke up that day and said WOW i feel so refreshed. was telling a man who works next door in anothe relail shop how happy an refreshed i was! i think it was 2-3 weeks later i started getting this wierd wierd feeling, my chest was almost rattling, i felt as though i was nervous but i wasnt incontrol of my body.. Sweasting palms and feeling really UNCOMFRTABLE in really normal sitatiosn. after spending hours searching for answers, i found out i may have 'anxiety'. I tried to let this feeling pass, i bought some RESCUE REMEDY spray for my tounge which helps in panicky sitations, didnt really help me though. anyway it was  saturday night and i normally go out every saturday for a meal and drinks cocktails with my boyfriend. I went out and BANG i had my very first panick atack, i had to leave the table and call a taxi and go home. This caused an argument with my and boyfriend but after phoning my sister who suffers with anxiety she talked me through the panick atack and helped me calm down slowly, everything she said to me i explained to my boyfriend and he sort of understood a little bit but didnt understand what i meant by 'the feeling in my chest, the big knot in my chest, my heart pounding coming out my chest, the fear im going to drop dead right her infront of everyone' he just didnt get it. Anyway this panicky feeling carried on for ocuple days and i struggled t sleep at night (Isomnia) about 3 weeks in , it was crazy the anxiety feeling had literally GONE, it was amazing, i bounced round telling my sister and my boyfriend, ITS GONE , ITS GONE, im made up. That was it i thought, im off the weed, im not being panicky of anxious! YAY! but then on the 4th week i got it really bad again like a smack in the face out of nowehere i was working at my desk quite busy to be honest, and i went a little dizzy which made me panick and i phoned me boyfriend to calm me down and it wasnt working. I obviously was telling my self from here its back, freaking my self out. I told my sister 4 1/2 weeks in that the feeling was back and thats when she told me, YOU NEED TO GO THE DOCTOR. i went the doctor and she put me on propanolol 10mg to take WHEN EVER i feel anxious upto 3 times per day (so upto 30mg per day) so i started taking them on Tuesday 20th December , 1 in the morning and ne at night. I felt like it was a miracle tablet and i felt as though i would never feel anxiety again!! It was amazing, on christmas EVE, i felt abit panicky again but NOT severe, i was a little worried incase it came back in the morning (christmas day) but it never , i woke up fine. Anyway i went to my boyfriends on xmas day (i dont really know the family well because as i said i was always more interested to sit in my house smoking weed than going to his to socialise. Anyway, we wher all sitting talking having dinner, (i took 10mg (1 tablet) about 40 mins before dinner, and BANG i felt panicky again, not a panick atack, but enough to make me text my boyfriend to take me upstairs on the sly. My boyfriend asked me if i want a ciggie and to come upstairs to get them (just saying this to get me off the table cause i asked him to via text [im shy] and was panicked) anyway as soon as i got into his room i felt a big relief but stil shaky and cried my eyes out on xmas day in his arms. I made him get us a taxi home to where i feel safe and i was fine again in my house. ITs now boxing day and i havent took a tablet cause i belive they have stopped working for me And i feel shaky siting here now. But if the tablets arent working why take them? I might of went on a little bit on this post but im nervous and a little confused as to WHAT exactly to write! I am going on holiday on 9th January which involves a  hour plane flight and im really worried incase i panick. The feling makes me feel like im going to die and i cannot stand it, its unbearable. I am going to call my doc on Wed 28th and arrange to see her hopefully before 9th Jan. But does anyone on here know anything about this? have u quit weed? ive heard this feeling goes away after 90 days so ive got another 48 days left .. but i also believe i may have developed anxiety disorder whilst smoking weed and DID NOT realise because the weed was covering it up. Thats alo what my doctor said might of happened.  So am i stuck with this for life? If she going to give me a higher dose of proponalol? I dont want to depend on tablets, i dont want to NOT BE IN CONTROL of my body. i almost feel like just smoking weed agian but its been 6 weeks and everyone says ive done so well. Please any help i would aprecaite. Please, thank you. Please feel free to give me your stories about quitting weed and anxiety. MErry xmas to you all and all the best. So sorry about going on this much i know its abit long. Thanks alot.

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    Your GP knows about your addiction and associated Panic Attacks. Withdrawal of Weed may take longer than what you think. You have stopped the stuff although now your Lungs will be clearing of the soot and smoked drug this may be the case although I am not experienced in recreational drugs.

    When smokers give up smoking they can suffer withdrawal over quite a long period. Eventually the soot from smoking begins to be coughed up and the lungs are still dreanched in soot and nicotine, it takes an extended period to clear the lungs. When I smoked I started coughing up soot etc at about 6 weeks and I was still getting withdrawal at twelve weeks. I never smoked again although my lungs did not recover for seven years and in that time period I still felt the need to smoke. I did not return to cigarettes and all eventually cleared. Possibly something like that is happening to you, I would smoke sixty cigarettes a day.

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    Mavis There are organisations that give you support, information and coping mechanisms for withdrawal from cannabis. I have just been radng one such Organisaion. They advise drinking lots of water to dilute the toxins from cannabis. To eat plenty of foods containing potassum for exaample melons, bananas, tomatoes, avocados.

    ?To have hot baths preferbly with magnesium flakes in the bathwater. There is a long list of do's and don'ts I suggest googling marujana annonymous

    Also avoid others who smoke this stuff. You need a new life away from these drugs.

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      Thank you very much for a reply, I really appreciate your time writing to me and the info you have gave me. Will make sure I look up organisations as this is something I haven't done. And will google that straight away, thank you. Happy new year.

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      Hi again No problem. You are very welcome. I just came acrosss this Organisation as I was looking up withdrawal from Marujuana.

      please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further help. We are here to support each other.

      Happy New Year to you too.


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    Hello there! It seems like you've been smoking loads of weed thus your body got addicted to it and now you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms. My advice would be to try and take small doses of Xanax everyday for less than a month (as you can get dependent on it after a month) and it will really help calm your symptoms until the withdrawal symptoms stop. Don't worry that you'll be reliable on tablets. Xanax isn't an antidepressant and you can stop it anytime or even not take it a day that you're feeling somewhat better. But it will really help and not ruin your holiday. Small doses like 5mg. In the meantime, try breathing techniques and meditation EVERYDAY! It helps! Best of luck and a happy new year!

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      Thanks so much for your reply. I definitley am experiencing withdrawal symptoms, i just didnt ever think i would experience severe anxiety, i didnt even know what anxiety was until it started having an effect on me! i thought it would just be sweating, isomnia, cramps, cravings and all the usual stuff. I understand my brain has got used to the THC chemicals being in my brain and now my brain is trying to ajust without it, im just worried incase i have developed a full on permanent anxiety disorder. I just want someone to tell me they have been through it and it does pass after so long... Someone must be out there who has suffered this and either got past it or is still suffering. Thanks for writing to me, i will be asking my doctor about Xanax, im on propanolol now, so would this be taken WITH propanolol or INSTEAD of propanolol?

      ?i meditate sometimes but dont really notice it helping me so i dont do it that much, i also try breathing techniques but its just making me think 'is that it now, im going to be like this for life, i cant drink cause im scared incase it makes me have a panick attack, i cant eat too much junk or drink energey drinks cause im worried thats too much caffiene etc, i just want to be normal again. Cant belive weed has made me this way.


      ?I wil keep you updated. smile

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      It is always best to withdraw from drugs under the advisement of your GP, He will have facilities He can refer you to to make it easier to not only withdraw from Weed also prevent you taking backward steps

      Good luck on your journey


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      Try not to worry. I asked around and came up with the following information.

      ​s weed is addictive then withdrawaal symptoms are to be expected. HOWEVER they will pass after a few weeks depending on the amount that was taken, the dose and your metabolism.

      There are oprocesses set up to support withdrawal but it is based on counselling, CBT, distractions, Mindfullness and on a 12 step programme used by AA and narcotics annonymous.

      I rang 111 and they gave me this tel number for you. It is 0300 999 1212 and theyare there 24/7. There is also Ask Frank set up by the NHS.

      Also can ring the Samaritans who will support you especially over the holiday period when your GP may not be available.

      ​Hope that helps. You can come through this. You have gone through six weeks of withdrawal, that is brilliant. The worst is over. xanax is a benzo and I was advised by a pharmacist that it is terrible to witdraw from and he does not advise using it as you will then have to go through withdrawal all over again. Magnesium is good for relaxing the musclea.

      Alsomagnesium baths, soakin epsom salts.


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