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Hi I have been drinking about half a bottle of Bacardi most nights for about 5 years. I decided to quit Sunday so now 2 and half days no alcohol. Difficulty sleeping but no other withdrawal symptoms is this normal? I've never really felt physically addicted......drank out of boredom .

Last year blood test was 220 but go did not send me for any tests. Can I rectify any damage?

Since stopping Sunday my anxiety has improved.


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    Yes, perfectly normal to suffer insomnia when stopping daily drinking. I shall copy and paste a previous answer.

    Alcohol hits two parts of the brain, the GABA (brake) and NMDA (accelerator). When alcohol is consumed the GABA brake is put on (slows the mind), so the brain/body compensates and the NMDA steps in and whacks the accelerator down hard. Only problem is the NMDA becomes jammed for awhile, the GABA brake comes off when the alcohol stops, but now the brain is speeding with no brake and the accelerator jammed.In this period of stopping alcohol before the NMDA accelerator actually lifts off, the brain will race, hence those that find they can't get to sleep at night without a couple of glasses of wine, because when their head hits the pillow, the brain is still racing and will not rest.

    So, the brain is out of kilter for awhile. The balance does come back. The above is just a rough guide and is not meant to stack up as a technical reply. In answer to your next question, you can either just tough it out for a couple of weeks or if your GP is decent, you could go and ask them for a prescription of diazepam (Valium) to take before bedtime, so that your brain slows.

    As for any damage, stopping drinking is the best, but to know about damage, you would have to go for an abdominal ultrasound to find out if there was any.

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      Thank you. I'll do it alone as no symptoms apart from insomnia. I've been told unlikely I'll get dts now.

      Can't find any info on the alt scores.

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      DTs usually happen in the first two days of drinking and are very unpleasant (take my word for it), so I would say you are out of the woods for that. Although some people who seem to suffer no bad withdrawal, have been known to have seizures in day four or five. Which is why when people are being detoxed, it is usually for a week. So just be mindful.

      If you are UK based, the guideline range for ALT score is 10 - 50.

      Are you sure that is your ALT figure and not GGT? GGT is a similar range 10 - 70, but it is the one usually picked up on for alcohol.

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      I wasn't paying attention. She said it should be 32 and it was 220....

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      I'm pretty sure it would have been GGT. There is no set figure, just a range which I have given, she has probably given you a middle figure.

      These blood tests don't really say how well your liver is, they give an indication of hard your liver is working to deal with the constant daily alcohol.

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    Good technical reply from RHGB and very relevant. I stopped nearly 5 years ago and also had problems sleeping for one week. improved and slept better and better. You are on the right track. Well done!
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      3 days in. No cravings whatsoever. I just hope to start sleeping better. Still worried about those scores of 11 months ago but I was thinking of getting tested again once I haven't drunk for 6 months.

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    Slept better last night but did take a nytol. Feeling positive. smile
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    hi carly...my sleep usually comes back to normal or "better" at the 10 day mark...the other night I had the best night sleep I've had in a long time.

    So what brought you to the cross road where you decided to stop?

    Its so nice when the desire just "happens" and you don't want to drink anymore...I hope this lasts for a good long time for you and if you can stay away from alcohol...things only get better!

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      I just decided I didn't want to continue poisoning myself. I gave up smoking around a year ago and realised that the cravings were just thoughts.... I didn't have to have a cigarette it was a choice. I feel the same about alcohol. I chose to drink because it was numbing my feelings but I never felt I needed to. Then I decided I didn't want to anymore.

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    Update please. How have been Carly? What are your plans for the weekend? Robin
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      Hi I'm still not drinking. Sleeping better. smile still worried about damage already done but prefer ignorant bliss.

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      The past is the past and do not worry too much. You have improved tremendously for certain. Keep it up

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