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well its been almost 4 weeks since I quit taking Zopiclone and I am so glad that I did. The first week or so I went to hell and back. No sleep whatsoever and really in a bad state. I did my own research on how to beat the addiction and online I discovered that if you start taking melitonin , that it will assist in falling asleep. So I took 10mg about an hour before bedtime the first few days and it didn't do anything. So I went to plan B. I figured if I wasnt going to sleep, I might as well stay up to the wee hours of the morning which I did. I physically exhausted my system and still took the melitonin when I felt I could nod off. I did this for about 2 weeks and I found myself, every night being able to fall asleep sooner. Now its been almost 4 weeks and Ive decreased my melitonin to 5 mg and I can go to sleep around midnight and stay asleep til about 7:30 the next morning. My sleep disorder is slowly getting better and I know by year end, my goal to become addiction free will be a reality. I never gave up cause my goal was to become a better person for myself, to live life to the fullest, and never look back at the addiction so many doctors wanted me to be on. I can say honestly here that everyone's health starts within themselves. We all have to really take control of it instead of allowing doctors to consistently give one pill after another. I have been lucky and have found a doctor who is onboard with me and has verbally said, that he will not give me anything that is habit forming ever again. I have never been more focus than I am right now and I plan on remaining that way. Thanks to all of you out there that responded to my messege. I am a firm believer that us, together as one united force can lick any issue that we have. I hgive praises to Jesus as well for with his strength and belief in me, I succeeded in my quest.

For those of you still on your journey, Remember, you are never alone, Just reach out to Jesus and to this forum, you will be succeful and happier than you thought possible

take care everyone


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    Hi Karl. How long where you on the sedative? How are you feeling now? Do you still have higher than normal anxiety levels?
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      Hello there. I was on them for 5 years. My anxiety is there but tolerable. I'm a person who has a strong mind and will power. I never quit anything I take on and quite frankly my doc is speechless as to my ability to overcome. How you doing. Are u in withdrawals or thinking about it

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      Yes I am going for the third week. Like you the first week was sureal, but I just kept on going. Now I at least sleep for three to seven hours daily. My anxiety levels are moderate. Going to start gyming next week. Never new the stuff affected one's brain so much.

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    Thank you for your post.  I have been on benzos And zopicline for 40 years.  Took my last 1/4 zop last Dec 31st.  Now, still having problems.  Tried GABA, valerian, melatonin, passionflower etc.  I am taking less of these, sleep 4 hours, wake and try camomile tea and maybe get a couple of hours more dozing.  But really miss sleep.  I think you are right.  You just have to let your body get to the crAshing point.  I have been trying to do classes, physical and mental, and I need to STOP for a while.  The good  side is, my brain is so much more alert, even tho I am tired.  I didn't realize how,the pills were fogging me up.  So glad I quit, but after all these years guess it's taking longer for my brain to regenerate!


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    Congratulations Karl!

    You have achieved so much and I know how difficult this is.  I have been Zop clean for almost 2 years after a 19 year addiction.  I was able to get off of this with medical marijuana (approved in Canada) to ease the withdrawal.  I  now take a low dosage of trazadone (50mg) to sleep.  Although I do not like to take meds this is far better than the Zop nightmare.  

    Once again, Congrats!!!

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      This is really interesting to me. I take diazepam, and after being on a reduction programme which was working OK, when I was down to about 2-3mg a night, I started getting tinnitus. I have read that this can be a withdrawal symptom from diazepam.

      The tinnitus carried on and I've had it now for about six months.  Unfortunately I have increased my dose of diazepam, so I now take about 8-10mg a night. I find that this does help me to get a good nights sleep, even though the tinitus is sometimes distressing in the day. I know at least I have something that can help me control it. The thought of not having that help is really worrying.

      Maybe the tinnitus is due to something else. I am seeing an ENT specialist about it.  

      What you say about marijuana - maybe this could help me  - to reduce the diazepam again, and help the tinnitus. I will do some more research into this.

      I would love to be able to come off the diazepam, but I dont want to be stuck with a mentally distressing condition. 

      The tinnitus makes me less confident, and I basically dont want to really socialize because of it.

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      Congrats to you as well. So many of us on this forum have a story of achievement to share. My wish is that I hope the medical experts are listening to us. Let's all pray and hope for those still on their journey or quest for freedom. I've always say this and it is United we are strong. Together we can accomplish anything.

      God Bless


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      Hello Ursula, the tinnitus is likely due to the diazapam. Taking a higher dose could make it worse. With time higher dozes of diazapam needs to be taken to achieve the same effect. The best is to get off the stuff and learn to live with the tinnitus which can carry on for a year or more. I have tinnitus due to diazapam withdrawal. I tend to ignore it and am only aware of it when I think about it.
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      Thanks Lesalphine.   I know tinnitus is pretty common - my husband has suffered with it for years. 

      I have noticed that when I'm pre-occupied with something else I notice it quite a bit less - which is good.

      I'll try reducing again. I dont like being reliant on diazepam - of course. I know there are therapies that can help with tinnitus - which aren't just other medicines. I'll look into these. I do find that pink noise helps, as does having a fan on sometimes.

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