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blisssmile80 blisssmile80

RA meds and severe constant nausea for last 4 years; can someone please help?

Hi, I am a 36 years old female. I was diagnosed with RA 5 years ago. After being on Prednisone and oral methotrexate for a year, chronic stomach issues started; including heart-burn, constant nausea, vomiting and bloated stomach. I tried switching to MTX injections to bypass GI tract; stomach issues continued. 2 upper endoscopies, CT scans, US, Gastric emptying tests conducted; I have Hiatus hernia; but as per GI's, hernia is not causing nausea. I was on Prednisone for 3.5 years; gained 40lbs, dental cavities, moon face, sleep disorder; stopped it 1.5 years ago. As per GI’s, stomach issues are caused by MTX and prednisone side-effects. However, even after stopping these meds, chronic nausea persists. I have tried all kinds of meds for nausea-OTC, Zofran, Compazine, Promethazine, aroma-therapy, sea-bands, homeopathy and acupuncture, over the years; with little help.

I am still struggling with severe nausea 24/7, along with RA joint pain and sleep issues. I am not being able to work, drive or live a normal life for last 5 years. I am very limited to what I can eat; can’t tolerate any oral meds anymore. I wake up daily with severe nausea and joint pain; nausea gets worse by any strong smell, heat, if stomach’s empty for long. I am currently on Enbrel, but soon switching to Cimzia for RA. I am going for acupuncture 2-3 times a week, for last 8 months; it’s helping, but not curing my nausea. Please advise, if anyone else has severe nausea, induced by RA meds or otherwise. I am desperately looking for answers. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Please HELP!!! Thanks.

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  • lorraine74484 lorraine74484 blisssmile80

    I had terrible nausea and vomiting due to the methotrate pills. I was changed to the weekly injections and given omeprazol for the nausea and vomiting. After changing to the MTX injection, I seem to no longer have stomach issues even with all the other meds I take. For me it was the MTX pills that were the problem.

    I am so sorry you have living with that so long, I hope you can find some relief soon.

    Best of luck


  • Missleah Missleah blisssmile80

    Hi blisssmile80

    Sorry to here your struggles! I'm just at the start of this journey 37years old & just diagnosed with RA ! Wow prednisone definitely sounds like one to avoid ! It's frustrating that we are at hands of doctors and what they prescribe..I started with salzaprin my skin reacted so he's but me on MTX ! I can't believe how these pills make you feel ! Either put up with Pain or have to stick loads of chemicals in our bodies ! My husband thinks this medication is the start of me healing I think it's the start of something feel like I have had a personality transplant since RA started the pain then the meds im sick, tired and ratty miss the old bubbly care free me that's for sure !

  • Gloria814 Gloria814 blisssmile80

    I am sorry to hear about such an awful time with severe nausea.  I believe you have been off the MTX for awhile so that's not the cause anymore.?  Why are you switching to Cimzia, perhaps Enbrel not helping with pain.  

    I think ginger helps frequently with nausea.  I use fresh ginger but also ginger tea.  And have you tried saltine crackers before getting out of bed in the AM?  That's more for morning sickness but it's worth a try.  Also no big meals--just small freq meals 5-6x a day but bland foods and see if it helps at all.   I was going to say slow gastric emptying but they already tested for that.    I have had nausea for many many yrs before the diagnosis of inflamm arthritis but they did tests and never could determine the cause.   It's not severe though / was just annoyance but it's mostly gone since diagnosis.  For the most part I am not hungry so have to really try to eat good food and adeq amounts.   I also have bowel autoimmune Crohn's so that does add a problem in addition to the arthritis.

       I hope you can get some relief and I wish you luck on the cimzia.  I am on that now about 6 weeks.  Tolerating it thus far,  but side effects scare me as they do everyone else on these medications

  • tony35673 tony35673 blisssmile80

    If you're suffering from nausea your Doc should be prescribing medication for that.   My Doc prescribes anti nausea meds but I've never needed them.   If your Rheumy won't prescribe them see your GP.   Suffering RA is bad enough you don't need to add to it.

  • blisssmile80 blisssmile80

    Hi Friends, Has anybody tried Anti-depressants/Zoloft to help with severe nausea? Can you please share your experience and withdrawal symptoms, if any?. I would really appreciate any help/advise. Thanks.

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