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I lead a dangerous but exiting early life and then became a teacher (maths). I was a registered D and A 100% dissabled person for 5 yeras and its still with me. I'm going to dot point the following from my intense and long experience for your interest.

1. The more 'different' your pre. D and A life, the less you can interact with your regular domestic person. It alienates you.

2. The more 'different' your pre. D and A life, the more pro-active you become and that threatens your regular domestic person.

3. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets. This is your critical moment. If you realize what's isolating you you can learn to evaluate what you do against real criteria,ie. become proud of yourself in spite of everything and avoid the whole problem.

4. Most people can't do this so on the pills they go.

5. From then on everyone goes through a different meat grinder.

6. People who want to help or live with you will 'catch' it every time. Warn them.

7. Years later its still the same. You go through every kind of medication.

8. You realize suicide isn't an option unless you want to be remembered as a complete loser (if you have any sense).

9. You try Marijuana and maybe it helps a little, but you want to ENJOY ordinary life.

10. rolleyes Eventually you meet someone who says STOP!. COLD TURKEY, SO DO IT!

11. evil Stop the meds, just like that. But do TELL your doc,don't ask him. He won't like it but if he's any good he'll support you.

12. eek Stop the feeling guilty, under the control of others, a victim, just like that.

13. Stop the your old life,get a new job,place to live,set of colleagues,maybe relationship, just like that.

14. Suffer, it's legal you know!

15. Week 1 is OK. Weeks 2 to 6 are up and down, don't go near a pill. Weeks 6 to 10 hurt, relish it, it's giving you life.

16. It's over. Walk into your new life and forget the old one wink

17. Or spend a week in the psyche ward and start again frown

18. What have you got to lose (unless you're a numbskull and do it without your doc)? confused

Somebody told me this 9 weeks ago. Wish me luck! I feel good, I'm 66 and feel like 25. Look around the net. You'll find a lot people who have succeeded doing this. I hope you are one. By the way D and A happens to caring, self honest, often smart people. If you are a couch potato or a delinquent you probably won't have read this.

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    Well Maturin, I'm glad that things worked out for you. You obviously are very ignorant about depression. Not all people are different. What works for one doesn't mean it will work for the other. FYI ...I force myself to get out and do things to keep myself from isolation but that does not help. I feel the same way with or without others. My problem is probably more chemically involved mood disorder. So I'm glad you have solve your problem and hope it keeps working for you.
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    I don't think that's fair, pat3692. Maturin might be ignorant about YOUR depression, but since when did you get to judge? As for your `more chemically involved' mood disorder, this gives you diagnostic rights over his? In fact I was told for 13 years how `chemical' MY `mood disorder' was. (A drawing of mine graced the cover of the American Journal of Psychiatry in July 2006, put there by my doctor, a bipolar expert, to illustrate just how `chemical' my disorder was. Oh, and the first 8 pages are ads from the Big Pharmas and that's just for the docs!). But MY mood disorder was really caused by a very nasty suicidal toxic reaction to an SSRI that lead me to 66 shock treatments in 20 months and another 11 years of hospitals, drugs, and more ECT. Last year I had an epiphany like yours Maturin. I woke up, physically and mentally, one day and simply said `NO MORE! they've had me long enough!" I have been drug free (carefully) for approx a year with NO `chemical' symptoms at all. My friends were astonished at how different I was. Plus, the `chemical imbalance' - genetic stuff is out the door. It was good to hang our hats on it and say `I can't help it, it's in my genes and all I can hope to do is control it for the rest of my life.' The whole thing was a drug company slogan, a very good one, to sell Prozac. The docs now say they knew that all the time but didn't tell.??? I listed some of these on another site yesterday for someone. See `forums' with `jaguar' and Racherz. However, if they work for you, pat53692, that's OK, too. Hey Maturin, I'm 71. I play good hard tennis twice a week - go to the pool aerobics class 2-3 times a week and having lost all that time and most of my skills (successful artist & novelist/playwright) to ECT (shock), am embarking on a new career as a research/activist to try and curb psychiatric excesses that threaten the fabric of our `democratic' society. I.E. `shock for children with no age limits, the return of lobotomy (new names, same destruction) and drugs as `preventative' treatments for all, but especially the mentally well elderly, and kids/adolescents. (ECT for 55 children aged 4 and under in 2009 here in Australia). Oh, and `treatment' whether we want it, need it, or not. In every other part of medicine, if we don't want treatment we are entitled not to have it. Why haven't I got that right?

    PS: check out my post (as above) - and go for it Maturin. There are a few suggestions for staying well there, too.

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    PPS: No "mental illness" has, or ever has involved any recognisable physiological condition of the brain.
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    Depression is hard. Hard to live with, hard to fix. But fix it we can,` with a little help from our friends'. Our society has to re-learn that happiness does not come from a pill. We actually have to get up off our backsides and try. I'm NOT saying it's our own fault. I'm NOT saying we should `just pull ourselves together and get on with it.'I'm NOT saying that what you, Maturin, and I did - and it's early days yet, is possible or even desirable for everybody. I'm saying, keep an open mind. Whatever, it might be difficult, we may never get there, wherever `there', is but the strength is in the living and striving. It's what makes us human. And the best of wishes to you pat53692 - we're all in the same soup bowl - live and let live.

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