Rain and swollen right side abdomen

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I've been having abdominal pain for over 8 months now, it started off very vague and intermittent but is now a lot more persistent, the worst pain is to the right of my belly button, but is now also in the upper right and left abdomen as well as left side of the chest and across my back.

I am constantly very tired.

Stools are mostly loose with occasional diarrhea.

My abdomen pulses up and down constantly. I am neither skinny or overweight. 5'11" and just over 12 stone.

I have now noticed my abdomen protrudes on the right side of my belly button much more than the left hand side.

I have been back and forth to doctors and a few gastro's, had countless tests: ultrasound, numerous ct's, mrcp/mri, colonoscopy, endoscopy, bone scan, angiogram, fecal fat and numerous bloods. All have come back clear and no one can tell me what is wrong.

Before all this started, I was a fit, strong, happy and healthy 41 year old, I am now a shadow of my former self. I have become anxious and have been on mirtazapine for 5 months.

I am particularly interested to know if anyone has experienced the right sided abdominal swelling or has any idea what causes it or any of my other symptoms.


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    Has IBS been mentioned? Have you had a HIDA scan to check gallbladder function?Have you tried a food diary? Keep going back to your doctor. I went to various doctors for three and a half months and had numerous tests with no answers. In the end I was diagnosed with IBS.Was one of your tests for celiac?

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      One gastro doctor mentioned IBS, but personally I think it's doubtful that is what it is, the pain is not relieved by or related to BM's and the pain is quite high in the abdomen and also across my back, which I don't think ties in with IBS.

      I haven't kept a food diary, though I do know the pain isn't related to what I eat, as it is there every day, regardless of what I eat.

      The celiac test was clear. I haven't had a HIDA.

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      finally someone that feels same as me my pain is about the same top of stomach into chest docs said ibs but hospital ruled it out am not alone then

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    i have the same problem been told its ibs but as far as I my concerned this is doctors cop out if they cant find cause

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      IBS is not a cop out diagnosis. Doctors don't diagnose it lightly. Vigorous testing is usually done to rule out other possible causes and make sure mistakes are not made. I was diagnosed with IBS and the cause was found to be stress.

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      i feel same way they blame everything on ibs a been told a dont have it

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      am only saying what hospital said they dont know why my docs said it as a clearly dont have it i also know more people have been told they have ibs when tthey also been told by hospital they dont

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      I suspect people getting misdisgnosed with IBS happens in a small number of cases and is down to poor medical advice. I was lucky to finally get a competent doctor who identified my symptoms correctly.

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      soon as i told doctor and surgeon at hospital the pain been there for 3 years does not ease of stay same bit all the time witch also hurts my chest bad they said straight away it wasnt ibs your not in constant pain with it thank you x

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    i agree with the 2 comments previous. Also you dont mentiom what you eat prior to your attacks. it could relate to something of of food intolerance or diverticulitis. i was just diagnosed with that as well as lactose intolerance.

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      I don't have 'attacks' as such, it's more constant, so I don't think it's related to what I eat. The only time it seems to be better is when I'm lying down.

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      My IBS was constant to start with and was still painful when lying down.

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    Back pain does occur with IBS, particularly lower back pain which I have had. A pulsing abdomen also sounds like IBS along with swelling/bloating. I have had a twitching sensation in my abdomen and seen a friend with IBS having a pulsing/twitching abdomen. Loose stools/diarrhoea is also an IBS symptom which I have had. When my IBS started, my pain was there all day, regardless of what I ate. Some people with IBS don't have food intolerances. Pain moves about with IBS in the way you describe and can occur just about anywhere. It can also leave you very tired.At first, most of my doctors didn't know what was wrong with me either. Some suggested IBS at the start, but I also doubted it because it seemed too simple. Have you had any stress prior to your symptoms? Stress is a leading cause of IBS.

    It may be worth it to have a HIDA scan just to rule out your gallbladder. However, if all your tests are negative, including a HIDA scan, you may have to accept IBS. While pain temporalily improves with a bowel movement with IBS, everyone experiences the condition differently and it is possible to have non typical symptoms with your IBS.

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      Thank you for your reply.

      I too doubt IBS as it's 'too simple' and also because my symptoms don't fit the classic IBS symptoms. I am worried that it's something sinister that hasn't yet been picked up. I did have some work related stress about 2 months prior to the onset of the first symptoms.

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      Your symptoms do seem to fit the classic IBS symptoms. I had the exact same fears that something serious had been missed. My symptoms appeared after six months of constant stress. Everyone experiences IBS differently. I didn't recognise my own IBS because my symptoms were different from my brother's IBS. Consider your specialist's suggestion of IBS because your doctor is the expert and you have had many negative tests. IBS can be diagnosed when all your tests are negative. The onset of your symptoms after stress sounds exactly like mine. I missed this link because I didn't think it was relevant and didn't mention it to my previous doctors. However, that was one of the questions my final doctor asked me and he diagnosed IBS on that basis. In desperation, I told my dad how stressed I was and he suggested I should tell my doctor this since nothing else I had told my doctors had provided answers. Just as well I listened to his advice. Once I accepted my diagnosis, my symptoms got better.

      I found when I was thinking about things other than my abdominal pain, my symptoms reduced. When I started worrying about my symptoms again, my pain came back. This is also a sign of IBS.It is possible that you have something as simple as IBS. Many people with IBS have difficulty accepting their diagnosis. Go back to your doctor and ask about stress related IBS. If you are given a confirmed diagnosis of IBS, accept that diagnosis.

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