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My high BP has been monitored since October last year - suffering pain on the right side of my head, headaches/feeling nauseaus in the morning/stiff neck and right shoulder. Changed my pillows etc., when I went to the GP he took a relatively high BP reading - suggested tablets. I said I would prefer to go down the alternative med. road trying to change everything about my life that could be factored into this problem. He agreed but I had to have BP taken at work by the nurse to monitor and if it became any higher I had to go back to him.

For 6 months I have changed so many things in my life outside of work. Changed my diet, reduced alcohol, increased exercise, started meditation, addressed anything that could cause me to be anxious and anything I was worrying about (which is very little). However, the only thing I cannot change is my job when I approached the subject with my MD (I am his PA and also Office Manager together with Events Co-ordinator and admin support to Business Development Team.. just a few jobs!! (historically when someone has left or made redundant they pass their job on to me).. I average 45hrs at work a week but this is a constant high pace and feel I am flying at 100miles an hour all day every day!! So, taking work into the equation I asked for assistance to take some of the pressure off this proved a fruitless request - there is no budget for an office junior. So, I carried on.

Thursday I felt very unwell (more so than usual) went to the nurse and my BP was up to 200/120 - startled she told me to go to the GP asap. I could see she was worried however, I tried not to share her reaction.

However, the realisation that if I don't do something radical now I won't need to worry about it anymore because I won't be here to worry about it kind of forced my had to go down the pharmaceutical route.

There is a lot of information here and a little bit of scaremongering... if I don't go on these tablets then I risk a stroke or heart attack or worse death. I am 48 with a beautiful 21 year old daughter, I have brought her up on my own and despite financial pressures have maintained my mortgage with very little outside help. I have always worked and I feel have a healthy diet and lifestyle prior to all of this.

The job stress factor I feel is a major factor in this happening to me and now I will change things. The MD is on vacation at the moment but when he is back I will be requesting an admin assistant with this help only will I remain in his employ. Without it I will hand my notice in and I will go temping. I am very good at my job and reliable - I may even consider going self employed. However, his choice.

I really just want to say if all else fails (I have a degree in health and this is honestly my last resort) trust me I have tried very hard to change my BP in alternative ways then to seek pharmaceutical help. Consider not seeking help.

Realistically, if I don't take these tablets now then I may have a stroke and worse die. Words one keeps to oneself - try saying them out loud and the realisation hits you and I am currently going through a very tearful time not least to see my girl crying with worry. So, hey yes there are side effects but with this drug we are still with our loved ones and enjoying life. I didn't expect this at 48 years old that's for sure.

I am happy to debate, chat to anyone.


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    This is my first day of Ramipril.

    I have been trying to alter my lifestyle ( lose weight, less salt, more exercise ) but I'm unable to get below the magic 140/90 BP figure.

    Although my average BP reading relaxing at home, courtesy of my wee home BP machine, is about 145/95 so it's not too bad.

    So I've bitten the bullet, seen the Doc, and we'll see how many of these pesky side-effects I'll get !

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    Hi Carol my heart goes out to you. I'd just like to say that I do hope you are more relaxed. Your job does seem to be very hectic and full of pressure I hope that you now have an assistant, you certainly need one, 100 miles an hour I can appreciate that one. High blood pressure does mean that the risk of stroke is very, very real. How many times have you heard of people having strokes due to high BP many I'll bet. At lower end of things the result might be a mild TIA and blocked arteries at the back of the brain with some loss of energy and any reserves of energy, going up the scale there's loss of mobility down one side of the body paralasis and of course the ultimate after a severe stroke, I needn't go on need I?

    On a personal note I 've just taken early retirement, best move ever. My GP moniterd my blood pressure for awhile and for the last three weeks I have been on Rampiril 2.5mg. I have everything crossed that I don't get the dreaded dry cough that effects people. I must admit Ramipril did the trick, BP right down where it should be and what a relief. A few months ago I bought an Omron M6 BP monitor it's BHS validated, it can be bought online, I did very good quick service from First Aid Wharehouse. The machine is brilliant it records systolic, diastolic and heart rate and stores up to 90 readings including time date etc, it means that you can check your BP at any time, saves a trip to the doctors, they have the same BP monitors in many surgeries. I am very pleased to have found this web site. My advice is try the Ramipril you can always switch to another if it doesn't suit you. The last line on your post Carol is something to remember. Good Luck

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    I have now been on Ramipril for four weeks and no side effects so far.

    I do not have fingers crossed anymore, feeling a little more confident about the dreaded dry tickly cough. The tablets seem to have the desired effect BP 130/85 or there abouts. Visting my GP next week for a check up, blood samle was taken recently. Carol hope you are well.

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    I had two 'mini strokes' as I call them , being 57 , normally known as TIA . It is frightening when it happens ; and I can only advocate smoking - big no ( I didn't) , and avoid stressful employment (I did from 1990) . You may then be lucky.

    I have given up smoking , which probably has the biggest effect . However , I have much gratitude for Ramipril . My dose was doubled after the second TIA (within a week of discharge) , and after a week when it was thought I was doing well if we kept it around 150/100 . All I can say is that a lot of walking ; Ramipril 2d/2.5 , Clopidogrel and Amlodipene + a nightly statin keep me at usually well below 120/80 at awakening . Up to 140/90 is pretty sustainable for the man who's got to this point.

    What is frightening is how fit the gym said I was.

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    :cry: ..........And I don't want to push this too far - but I collapsed and couldn't speak , and my systolic was 200+ all the way down to the hospital ward ; and the ambulance crew insisted I was going in.

    My hospital is Sheffield Northern General ; that's a set of teaching hospitals with some credibility in the trust. I've had every heart monitor test you could think of ; and some you'd rather not , and I think a probe in every orifice other than lower abdomen.

    In the past three months I've had many discussions about my condition , some of the most interesting with trainee doctors from the university . The point is that the discussions are backed with all the scans , x-rays , that a major hospital can muster in a crisis week . It was impressive.

    And the point ? - much as I love my GP , when he queried the aspirin prescription alongside Clopidogrel (because it isn't usual , he said) , I could at least refer him to a consultants concern - that I was discharged , and had another episode three days later . The average GP treats high BP as a fact of life too often , rather trying to understand the cause.

    I think you should push for hospital evaluation.

    Best regards


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    Was on nifepedine for 3 years and it caused swollen gums-my dentist could not clean the plaque so it was a viscious circle.After paying to go to a private surgery,dentist wrote to my drs to change presription to Ramiprl 2,5 mg.Been on them 6 mths but for last 6 weeks have had the dreadfull cough,ruining mine and my husbands sleep and causing me to constantly sip liquid and then keep running to the loo to avoid cough loosening my bladder!!Dr today has taken me off Ramipril and put me on Verapamil Hydrochloride 240mg.He says after a few days cough should go-hope so!
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    I Have just read your notes, I too have high BP i think its work related but due to the work situation at mo I am finding it difficult to find a different job. I feel why work for a employer who doesnt give a dam about its employees and they like employees who are commited to they work. But why should we have to take tablets to compensate the stress which we endure each working day. Arent our bodies worth more then our jobs.

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