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Some time ago I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. My GP started me on Ramilpril, 5mg then 10mg, Still had high Blood Pressure so Amlodipine was introduced and was eventually put on 10mg of that too.

Now Ramilpril, I cant really say i noticed too many side effects but ever since i was put on 10mg of Amlopipine i feel like a old man, lifeless, no energy, no sex drive to speak of, in short, feels like i dont have long left.

The first thing i noticed was (Embarresed) difficulty with erections, For me this is serious, then i noticed palpertations, light headedness, sleeping difficulties, now a lot of acid indegestion. I'm feeling tired all the time, like i cant be bothered, occasioanal stomach aches, chest pains,  diarrhea, a little grumpy and generally like a star zombie from the walking dead. I'm 52, most prople cant believe my age as I have always been young looking, but now by god i feel like i'm 62. in short my quality of life is S**T to say the least.

At first i put this down to getting older and maybe this is how life catches up with you, I dont drink, never taken any drugs but i do smoke.

But after reading some quite scarey articles about Amlodipine I'm quite sure it is the Amlodipine that is causeing this.I have spoken to my GP but he is reluctant to change my prescription as my BP is stable now.

But my reason for writing this, aside from being tired of how i am feeling these days and for being led to believe that Amlodopine has been banned in the Netherlands, is does anyone know of any drugs that could replace what i am currently on without the dire side effects.

just to be clear, I have been on both Ramipril 10mg and Amlodipine

10mg for many months now.

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    Kyle, there are loads of different BP meds you can try - if y are having such unbearable side effects, your GP should not be so reluctant to change you prescription and try another drug.  As for which one would give you no side effects, that is very much an individual thing.  What suits one person may not suit another

    My hubby is ok on both Ramipril and Amlodipine but only 5mg of each - when they increased the Amlodipine, he did suffer swollen ankles so they lowered it back to 5mg.   I believe the latest thinking is to put patients on two or three meds at low doses rather than one or two at high doses.  I am being highly sensitive to many of the BP lowering pills.  I'm on one called Losartan at present but it is failing to control my BP;  however, that doesn't say it wouldn't work for you.  If you've got a good pharmacist, then you could ask him/her for suggestions.

    Do go back and tell your GP exactly what you've told us about how you feel.  There must be another GP in the practice you could see for a second opinion.  Good luck.

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      Good advice you gave to Kyle86050, Mrs O. I was informed by my family doctor's office a few moments ago of two appts..the Endocrinologist

      & the Ultrasound. I was thunderstruck to find that I had an appt. with the specialist so soon. One never knows, it could take the Endocrinologist to discover my problem, but it may not..It certainly is worth the visit. The ultrasound may not show anything either, but if there's anything else going on in the legs contributing to the burning, that may indicate something as well. I'm a little more optimistic this morning. Hey..it can't hurt!! I was asked to bring all medications with me when I see the Endo. Fingers crossed here.

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    Kyle..don't be embarrassed about any of your side effects you are experiencing.

    Do I believe your problem is the Amlodipine???...I surely do!!! I'm sure you've read a lot of threads about this "medication" & I use the term lightly. I too am suffering

    with burning legs..have been for months on end, but hopefully, I'll find the answer..& soon. I think I may simply have to come off the medication. Yes, there's a chance the bp may go up because of it, but surely the doctor(s) can give me something to replace it. It may take several weeks for the chemical to clear my body, but if I feel as though things are improving however slightly in just a few short weeks, I'll feel happy. A little is better than nothing.

    I understand how you feel about not being bothered, etc.etc. I've had to push myself to do things at times. I sometimes even feel as though I'm coming down with something..slight nausea, slight headache. I try not to give into it, but it's very difficult at times, which I'm sure is the same for you. 

    As Mrs.O has stated, there are side effects to every medication..you'll have to find the right one for you.Sometimes the side effects aren't so bad, sometimes they're horrid.

    Please keep us up to date with how you're feeling! Cheers, Bro!!!!

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    Many thanks for your replies, Very grateful.

    I have since posting that called my local Pharmacist and after a long conversation with him it was decieded that, AFTER STOPPING SMOKING, (GULP) he is going to try to ween me off the Amlodipine.

    I wanted to give up smoking anyway, we all know it makes sence. but aparently it take about 4 - 8 weeks before that has any effect on BP if any at all, but it cant hurt.

    He also mentioned other medications to try but i guess being careful pointed out that others also could have side effects.

    Watch this space, I will keep all informed, and thank you once again for your replies.


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      Hi Kyle86050...I'm glad you have been in contact with your Pharmacist.

      I'm told that weaning off Amlodipine is not necessary (both by my Doctor & Pharmacist)...but I'd never advise anything against what you've been told by a professional.

      Please keep us posted!!!

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    All the BP drugs can give side effects....We've discussed this BP issue so much here and you need to look thru some older posts too.

    I take 25mg Atenolol, 25mg Hydrochlorizide (diuretic) and 5mg Amlopodine every other day now....

    Be on top of Potassium and watch white table salts.....I use sea salt and daily potassium....I just posted more on the post by someone else..... 

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      Hi Joy47826..

      I've been told that SeaSalt is no different from table salt. One is as bad as the other. The maximum amount of salt a person should intake per day is 1/4 tsp.

      You take the Amlodipine ever other day? 

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      We do need salts in our body, table salt is processed and bleached, I prefer a more natural salt.  WIth so many cutting out sodium they are coming up low on sodium and we do need some, but gotta keep a balance of it all with potassium etc....

      On the Amlopodine, I'm experimenting now, was taking 5mg every day but now taking 1/2 that tab one day and the whole tab the next day.....

      But I do take the Atenolol and the diuretic drug, which makes potassium pulled out of our bodies more.....it's a vicious cycle.

      Can't stand drugs and as I said we had a whole big discussion on the real need and how docs get people on these drugs so MUCH.   If you want to read a good article I can send you the link via PM....we talked about it here but this board does not allow links to be posted....

      But one needs to be open to thinking the other way as well as the drug way.   I believe TOO MANY just don't question their docs and drugs ENOUGH.   J

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      I agree, joy47826!!!

      If you find that your potassium is being pulled out of your body, you may need a potassium supplement, or boost up your potassium again by eating foods rich in potassium, i.e.banana, tomatoes, etc.etc.

      Yes, I'd be interested in the link you mentioned. Prescription drugs isn't always the answer. 

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    See other posts for Amlodipine and you'll see that you are one of many that suffers bad experiences. Solution is to stop taking Amlodipine,there are many other BP control meds. BTW I also found Ramipril not to my liking.
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      Marco...Since searching 'round & 'round...I've come across so many complaints about Amlodipine. Some side effects listed are slotted as happening say 1 in 100 or whatever, but I wonder who writes that.

      I'm finding that what's bothering me (burning feet & legs) is happening a lot in this post, not just with Amlodipine but with Lisinipril..regardless, there are more complaints about Amlodipine recently. The burning sensation is listed in the "rare" column in the Mayo Clinic site, but in my mind just because it's 'rare' doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

      I'm hoping to come off the Amlodipine very soon. This "rat poison" is spreading to a lot of people.

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      Mike, it's down to all of us to report our unwanted side effects from any drugs.  

      The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) is a government agency responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work, and are acceptably safe.  They are there to take action and protect the public if there is a problem.  Yellow Card forms are available at pharmacies or from the Yellow Card hotline or on the web - I can't give the website or my post will be held up for ages.  Perhaps you can Google it.

      If all of us complete the Yellow Cards about our problems with Amlodipine, there's a small chance that someone will take notice.

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