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Ramipril, Felodipine and Asprin... Side effects

Hi, am a 40 yr old male that has been diagnosed with high blood pressure 5 months ago, 204/110. Am on 10mg Ramipril, 5mg Felodopine (going to 10 mg tomorrow if BP is still high) and 75gm Aspirin.

Just wanting to know if anyone else is on this type of prescription, and what if any side effects they have, including any when you have had alcohol.

My side effects, mainly over the last 2 months have been nausea, muscle pain in my left arm, and now in my shoulder and neck. Loss of appetite, light headedness, unquenchable thirst and frequent urination. Feeling anxious, agitated and very low at times. Have noticed my concentration is getting worse now, and am forgetting things.

Had a drink About 10 days ago, a real good on, trouble is, some of the side effects got worse, i.e: the agitation, irritable, anxiousness, and i had some real severe mood swings.

Has anyone had any experiences similar to these, i would like to hear from you and see how you dealt with them.



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    I have been using Ramipril for over a week now, and I have been having the same syptoms. Doctor advised me to take my 2.5 initial dose at night as I am taking anetanol 50 gm in the morning. The first night I felt that my heart was pounding out of my chest, very erratic, palpitations, made me feel very anxious. Couldnt sleep told my husband just in case anything happened to me in the night. Needed to get up half a dozen times to go to the loo which is not like me at all. Ringing in my left ear, drove me nuts. Tried to bare with it, thought might take time getting used to the medication but still feels like my chest is very constricted hard to breath, and feels really bruised as if someone punched me in the chest.

    Loss of appetite, increased thirst, dry eyes, head aches, and forgetfullness!

    Going back to the Doctors again tomorrow and asking for something else! Let me know how you are getting on.

  • Briflo Briflo

    Hi. Ramipril and drink certainly do not mix. Your extreme thirst could be t diabetic related so get it checked out. I have an appointment with my GP to get all my other Ramipril \"side effects\" checked out

  • Guest Guest

    Hi Nick

    I suggest that frequent urination and thirst could indicate diabetes. You need to go back and get checked + no alchol with these drugs.

    The agitiation and irritableness could be another side effect of diabetes, as this could be showing a low blood sugar, the brain needs about a third of all sugar consumed, and if doesn't get it you can get irritable - so get your blood checked and test your urine at the surgery. This irritableness could cause your mood swings - low blood sugar -!

    Aspirin will agitate your stomach linings, so with drink it will be worse - so thats why no to drink - try eating something first before aspirin and milk lines the stomach that can ease this situation.

    But my main advice is go back to the doctors telling him all that you have said and don't be fobbes off by no its ok line of convesation that sometimes occurrs get tested for diabetes.

    All the best


  • Guest Guest

    Hi Nick,

    Your alcohol tolerance level will lower now but as Simon suggets never take the aspirin with alcohol ( they both do the same job ). I have been on ramipril for the past year and only discovered yesterday that one of the side effects of this drug is a dry irritable cough ( which i have had for the past year!!!!! ) Will definitely be going to see my GP tomorrow. In regards to the urinary frequency - I experienced the same also. I usually pee twice a day but went to 5-6 times when i first started. Thankfully, now back to near normal of 3 times per day. Unless there is a family history of diabetes i wouldn't worry too much but do get it checked out.

    Cheers, Steve

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    [b:b85ccba55a]i had the anxiety & forgetfullness all the time when i was on amplodimine & indapamide,also pressure headaches,i stopped taking them & am now just on 10 mg ramipril.vast improvement,the ramipril on its own seems fine,just a few hot flushes,but bp being maintained on ave at 140/85,so i would tell your gp to just try you on ramipril for a month to see how you go,good luck.[/b:b85ccba55a]

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    I have on Ramipril (10mg)for 2 years. First 3 months my reaction was terrible itching - all over. My body got used to the medication, and now its fine. No side effects - just a very slow but steady reducing BP.

    I do take with Amplodopine (10mg) now, just to increase the rate of BP reduction. Take them both in the morning, and I feel good - no further reactions.

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    i am 28 yrs old have been using ramipril from last 1 year sometimes i feel like having aches in shoulders and chest but the doctor said that might be caused by the anxiety and stress . the rest its al right lets see how it goes

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    my gp gave me Ramipril when I had a swollen foot. Said my blood pressure was boarderline high. started on 2.5mg for a month. After one month BP had not improved - was actually up. So they gave me 5mg. after one month BP was up and I was not feeling well at all -eyes sore - aching muscles - heartburn.

    Guess what? They put the Ramipril up to 10mg and gave me eye drops and offered to prescribe indigestion remedies. Used eye drops but when I started the new 10mg dosage I started to have severe palpitations as if my heart was jumping out of my chest and I also felt very anxious for no reason - all the time. Needless to say I could not sleep despite taking sleeping pill.

    I am also on Amlodipine 5mg and it is very possible that it was not just Ramipril that was the culprit but he combination of the two.

    I had severe skin reaction to Micardis a few years ago which lasted for about six months before I re read all the info that came with it and stoped taking it after which the raw rash went almost over night.

    The problem is my GP who seems to know nothing about drug interaction and when I explained that I could not continue taking the Ramipril as it was making me feel very ill - he just kept saying \"you are not coplying with your medication\"

    Am I going bonkers or are they supposed to discuss side effects with patients. Or are we living in some futuristic state where we are compelled to take medication even when it is killing us or at least making us feel very ill?

    • gerard64487 gerard64487 Guest

      Its interesting your adverse reactions, I practice veterinary surgery and I advise all my owners that medicines are posions its a question of working out how much good one can achieve in the use of, as opposed to the negative effects and thats where balance is required. It is a sad indictment of the NHS that they do not have time to treat the whole person, but just address the bits affected. eyes dry eye tearing as a side effect of ramipril, swollen ankles as a side effect of felodipine , thinning of the blood as a side effect of asprin and so on. The truth is the pharmaceutical companies thrive on overuse of drugs the more they have people on dependence the more money they make, pure and simple. I view the use of drugs differently and feel that it is essential to allow the body to recover from constant bomabrding with medication, so I take a day off to allow recovery. Which means give the liver time to recover from constantly detoxifying. This is my personal approach, but I would not advocate it or suggest it for others it is a personal choice

  • Guest Guest

    I was on Felodipine 5mg and Ramipril 1.25mg but the side effects were awful - hand tremors, nausea, dizziness, heavy limbs, heavy breathing, palpitations, occasional gasping for breath. It became intolerable so the GP agreed to stop the Felodipine. Within 3 weeks I was fine again but now the Ramipril is up to 5 mg and some of the same symptoms are recurring.

    Read the info sheet inside the tablet container and use a hi-light pen to pick out the known side effects you are experiencing, then show it to your GP. Also go and see your optician, yes, optician. They can tell you if the high blood pressure is causing any damage.

    Good Luck

  • Terry Davis Terry Davis

    I have been on Ramipril 2.5mg for two weeks and my reacions to the drug were so severe that I came online to check if anyone else was suffering the same side effects.

    I am taking Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg in tandem with Ramipril even though it says on the mediclal notes to tell your GP if you are taking it. I did mention this to my GP and he said it was alright to take both.

    Since starting on Ramipril I feel confused and unsteady on my feet. It feels as if I have a perperual cold, with a dry tickle cough. I feel tried most of the time and suffer pain in my left shoulder and the back of my neck.

    I went for my first blood check today and told the nurse about my symptoms, but, of course, she did not comment.

    MY BP has gone down slightly, from 179 over 90 to 168 over 86 but I do not feel as well now as I did before I started the treatment.

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