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I’ve been on Sertraline for 10+ years with no issues.  I’ve changed generic brands many times and not noticed any difference.

3 weeks ago I was given Sertraline made by Ranbaxy (first time).  

Within two days I felt horrendous.  Like I was in full on cold turkey withdrawal.  Brain zaps/increased anxiety/panic attacks/vivid dreams/withdrawal headache.  All symptoms I’ve had when I’ve gone cold turkey before.  Exactly to a T the same.

In the end I went to my pharmacist yesterday and asked to swap.  He said that he’s had three patients this month come in and say that their Ranbaxy Sertraline wasn’t working properly.

I am completely convinced that the batch has gone wrong somewhere along the line.  I’ve never had an issue changing genetics before.

I’ve reported under the yellow card scheme but I’m wondering if anyone else has had any issues in the last few months? 

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    Hi Amanda,

    I can’t remember which brand it was that I took but I had the same brand for around the first 3 months of taking Sertraline when I was feeling much better. One time I went to a different pharmacy and the brand I was given was different. The pharmacist reassured me that it would make no difference but the same as you within a few days I was in an absolute mess. I told my doctor and they were not convinced this could happen but it gave me awful side effects so I can definitely relate. I went back to the old brand and within a week I was back to normal. 

    Hope this helps. 

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    Yes, I’m having the same problem. I took my Ranbaxy sertraline back to the pharmacy and luckily the pharmacist swapped them with another brand. I felt better very quickly and am pretty much back to normal. 

    I am never accepting this brand again. 

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    Ranbaxy made me I'll to, I've been on the activis brand for a few years but they have now merged with accord, having taken these for about a week I have side effects back, ear ringing, headache, hung over feeling and aching muscles, so annoying, just hoping it passes. My doc refuses to believe that different generics cause problems????

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      Hi Sue,

      Did your side effects pass? I was OK on Ranbaxy and have been swapped to Accord, and from the 1st day of swapping I have had heightened anxiety, sweating, insomnia, sore throat etc. If they passed for you, how long did it take? x

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    hi all, i have compared the ingredients (fillers) in a few different generic brands of SERTRALINE, ( AURIBUNDO, ACCORD AND Ranbaxy ), and have found that they all have exactly the same ingredients. The only difference was that the coating of RANBAXY has talc listed in its coating , but the others dont. Given they all have practically the same ingredients , , surely they should all have the same effect?/work the same?

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      Hi Melanie,

      That's really reassuring to know! Weirdly I've noticed a change whenever I've switched brands - and unfortunately I'm not imagining that change!

      I've found Ranbaxy to Accord (100mg) very much the worst by far. 6 days in to using Accord and working out whether to stick it out or to try and move to another brand.

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      sorry just to add - I've been on them for coming up to a year now and have switched between brands Accord, Ranbaxy etc. quite a few times. All those changes have been okay more or less other than Ranbaxy to Accord! Bizarre.

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    Hi, i've been on Aurobindo mostly but have reacted badly to Ranbaxy twice went starting. I have thrown all my Ranbaxy in the bin and have been told by the pharmacist that i will have to ring round the chemists to try and find someone who stocks aurobindo or something else other than Ranbaxy.

    When i first started Ranbaxy i thought it was all in my head and it was the anxiety coming back. I stayed on them for a few weeks and then i got Aurobindo again. I forgot how bad Ranbaxy were for me until i started on them again this week. After just 2 days i started to feel bad again. Been back on Aurobindo 2 days and feeling better already.

    If you do some research although the active Setraline Chloride should be the same, the filler and coating ingredients vary and can produce side effects symptomatic of anxiety etc. I'm never going back to Ranbaxy again

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    I am struggling with sertraline generics aswell!!!.I was given my first 50 mg pack 5 months ago.I took an overdose in 2018 and never really recovered from it.For me the Accord generic and the Teva generic were awful.I started with ranbaxy.I expected to feel pretty bad for the first few weeks and i wasn't disappointed!!!!!.Drowsy,anxious and fed up.I stuck it out and just as i began to pick up a little,i was given Accord and within days i had a nasty panic attack.Doctor swapped them for Teva which made me feel like i could eat a horse.So today i have started another one by Milpharm and i feel strange!!!!!!!!.This is my final attempt with sertraline.Citalopram gave me nightmares.,so i think prozac is next on my list.I have taken prozac before but that was about 10 years ago.I have to say with prozac i didnt cry once in 10 months and the only initial side effect was a very upset tummy.I sincerely wish everyone here that is struggling that you will find the ideal medication for you. xxxxxxx

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    I've just come across this post after googling issues with TEVA/Ranbaxy.

    I have had several different brands and noticed 0 side effects.

    TEVA was prescribed to me last month and I've never felt so awful. I have been on sertraline for coming up 5years! The day I started taking TEVA I started feeling awful.. I didn't put 2 + 2 together. I was nauseous, on edge.. dizzy. I ended up having a mental breakdown!! For the past over 3 months my husbands been away, I was working.. looking after 4 kids and I had my head more than above water.. They have set me back years! I can't quite understand it but I haven't felt anything like this for years.

    I have been switched back to Milphram or Aurobindo and noticed a difference in a matter of a few days!

    I have too written a yellow card.

    Thankyou for your post! I feel so much better for reading about your similar experience with the brand x

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    I have a note on my prescription telling pharmacists not to prescribe Ranboxy for me after two horrendous experiences when I was given this. I won't touch it with a bargepole now but I know other people who are fine with it. It's really weird because on the face of it they are exactly the same as other brands...

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    Hi Amanda

    ive been feeling really weird for the last 3 weeks and have been wracking my brain as to what it could be. Felt like i was going cold turkey - but i have not even missed one tablet.

    i have been taking Sertraline for over 10 years and never felt like this before.

    I googled my symptoms under the header sertraline and your post and this forum came up. checked my tablets and they are manufactured by Ranboxy. luckily i have a spare box from another manufacturer so i am swapping straight to those. i will contact my doctors tomorrow.

    anyone know how long it will take before these awful symptoms subside?

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    ive been on the ranbaxy brand a few months and not really noticed any issues with this brand to be honest. ive been on sertraline for about 3 years on 100mg, but recently had a blip and moved up to 150mg. 2 weeks in and im not feeling myself but slowly starting to improve i think. i think we can get too hung up on these generic bands and the tablets as i was when i first started. Everytime i got my repeat it was a different brand and if i had a dip i blamed this and over thought things about generics, maybe it does have an impact on some people i really dont know.

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    thank you! I've had the same problem. I was about to ask to change medication.

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    Omg!!! Ive been trying to work out what the hell has been wrong with me for days. I have got a banging headache, shakes, feeling very weird etc. My chemist gave me the Ranbaxy brand of Sertraline and I am convinced it has upset my brain. The symptoms you describe are exactly how I am feeling. My chemist is going to try me on another brand, as they no longer stock the normal Aurobindo brand that I have.

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