Rapidly Changing Symptoms that I can't find an explanation for...

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Sorry for the long post... And if this doesn't belog in Cancer then my deepest appologies to those who are or who's family members are currently struggling with the disease... I don't know when this all started, as some of these symptoms go back as long as I can remember, but I've been experiencing a lot of unexplained symptoms recently and I cannot go to the doctor because I have exams till Febuary (I set up an appointment for the 18th of Febuary though so hopefully some of you will be able to help me while I wait). I thought I had testicular tortion but after a ultrasound it was found I had bilateral cysts in my testicles, the doctor gave me some naproxen and sent me on my way. Christmas Break came and went and after my first week of school I started experiencing some troubling symptoms:


-White Specs in Stool

-Orange Urine

-100+ Pin Sized Flat Non-Itchy Red Dots all Over My Body, Mainly on my Arms That Dissapear When Scratched Then Reappear Shortly After

-Joint Pain


-Swollen Lymph Nodes All over my Body


-Bean Sized Movable Bumps Under My Elbows

-Painful Tendents

-Muscle Pain

-Slight Yellowing of the Eyes

-Slight Yellowing of the Skin

-Bleeding Gums

-Random Minor Muscle Spasms

-Bone Pain (upper ribs when breathing deeply and in arms and legs and hips when pressed)

-Teeth that Loosten and Re-Tighten


-Heart Burn

-Easlily Caused Bleeding Under the Skin (that has mostly healed by now)


-Random Chest Pain

I've stopped taking all forms of medicine except ginger root extract occasionally for my nerves, missed two days of school because of this and today was my first day back. Now my symptoms have changed, some have been removed from the list and some added.

-I Taste Blood on Occasion When I Cough (although none is visible)

-New Red Specs (maybe 1.5x more)

-Nails Turn Blue/Purple Randomly and Hands get Cold

-Skin is very Splotchy, not a Rash so to Speak Just the colour is Very Uneaven (pink some places white others, almost like a grid) And the Pink Sometimes Changes To Blue/Purple

-Splotches on my Wrist Remain Consistantly Blue/Purple

-Skin Yellowing Has Dissapeared

-Eyes Still Slightly Yellow Around Edges

-Orange Urine Has Dissapeared

-Rash on My Chest (not itchy just pink and raised and speckled)

-Skin Turns Pink and Puffy and a Little Itchy When Scratched or Hit

-Joint Pain has Lessened

-Muscle Pain has Increased

-Cramps have Increased (not gas, it feels like a stitch)

-The Space Between My Anus and Testicles Hurts When I first Sit Down

-The Skin Around My Testicles Has Swollen

-The Bone Pain in My Arms And Legs has Lessened but has Increades in My Hips and Ribs

-Lymph Nodes have Began to Hurt Under My Armpts And Chin

-Random Chest Pain has Increased

-Sore Throat the Comes and Goes


-Cold Feet

-Arms, Hands, and Feet, Fall Asleep All the Time

-Skin is Slightly Less Irratable

-Slight Fever

-Skin Looks Goosebumped Sometimes when it isn't

-Nose Bleeds Have Stopped

-Bleding Under Skin Still Easily Caused but Still Heals


-Muscle Spasms have Decreased

-Neck Pain

-Sweating (although not drenching sweats just a little bit here and there)

-Difficulty Foccusing/Remembering Things

-Burning Feeling on Anus but Haven't Eaten Any Acidic or Spicey Food

-Swelling Under Chin

-Pain in Tendens has Worsened a Lot

I am 17 years old, set to graduate this year, and have been diagnosed with depression/anxiety since last year but have not been allowed by my parretns to seek counsiling, and I know this maybe should be in Health Anxiety but Cancer runs in my family, my dad and grandma both had lymphoma and melonoma (grandma stage 3, dad stage 1) and my other grandma had stage 4 lung cancer but died from MS instead. So I'm putting this here as my sumptoms seem at least in my mind, to match luekemia or perhaps some stage four cancer that has spread everywhere (I have two potential melonomas that my dr wants to keep an eye on indeffinitly before doing a biopsy) Please, if you can, help me get to the bottem of this... I'm loosing my mind...

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    Oh James, I don't think any of the cancers in your family are hereditary. All of the symptoms that you have listed could have many other causes besides cancer. It's funny how we all jump to that conclusion when we don't know what's wrong with us. Having said that I do think you should see a doctor before February. There must be some gap between exams that you can fit it in. Your parents don't sound very supportive which is a shame but we are always here to listen. You will be able to concentrate on your exams a lot more once you have seen a doctor. Anxiety is hard to cope with so needs to be dealt with. Let me know how you get on.

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    Aaaaa, must be so hard for you! We are not the Doctors here. Because of the Cancer in your family you are trying to pull all those symptoms. Don't do it. Try to relax, plenty of water! It will sort your skin, stomach and urine - dark yellow can be a sign of diahadration! Good healthy food! Go out for a good run! Will do good for you. Are you in England? If yes, don't wait for the appointment go to E&A they will sort you out in no time.

    Don't try to diagnose yourself!


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    Update: I went to the doctor and he was shocked about the red spots on my skin and yellowing of my eyes. He sent me to get bloodwork done immediately and I am currently waiting on the results.
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      Hi James. I'm so glad you went to the doctors. I know how worried you must feel but you have taken the first steps to getting better. Whatever the results of the tests at least you'll know what you're dealing with and that's half the battle. You can get treatment, so far so good. Keep in touch, I want to know how you get on x

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    Update: Blood and Urine tests all came back normal, dr was confused but told me that if there was something wrong it would've showed up. He told me to simply stop paying so close attention to every little thing about my body and I should start feeling better... I hope he's right...

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      Glad all came back clear.  With regards to not seeking counselling, you are old enough to go by yourself, if you in UK you can get a leaflet from your GP and call yourself to arrange an appointment to speak to someone free of charge you do not need your parents permission, it would be better but if they do not support you do it on your own or try to speak to a friend or another family member.  Look up side effects of naproxen, a lot of what you mention is listed. A lot of your symptoms are also age related, the reason for this comment is that my 17 year old, has goosebumps and spots all over his legs, a lump under chin that comes and goes, and the odd lymph node pops up.  His urine is brown sometimes, but he does not drink enough and that may be the case for you as well.  What he was told by our GP is that the lump under chin is hormonal, skin rash is due to hair getting stick in follicles as they grow with puberty.  The lymph nodes in neck go up and down all day long especially is you have a cold or are run down.  I think a lot the aches and pain are age related and stress related.  With regards to cold hands and feet my sons hands are always blue.  He is healthy, sporty and full of life and so should you be at your age.  The GP has checked you so if you were my son I would give you a great big hug and tell you not to worry so much. I am 57 and female and have dreadful health anxiety and have been told the same by my GP that I am thinking about things too deeply  Get a couple of good nights sleep, have a good meal and curl up with a book or film and try to stop worrying about everything.  Take a good multivitimin and be careful of too much ginger as it causes digestive problems ie. gas and indigestion. Please keep in touch about how you getting on.  Take care 
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