Rashes to do with ME or just coincidence

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So for the past year or so I've had ME symptoms and my Dr has basically said she thinks I have ME so I'm on the waiting list for a specialist. Anyhoo, since June I've been getting rashes on my arms and hands that tend to get worse when I've been outside. To be honest, I could drink more, but the rashes tend to dissapear after a couple of hours indoors (though they spread whilst indoors too). They're itchy and the first one was on my hand. Antihistamines don't help.

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    Sorry I think my IPad is as mixed up as me. Rashes outside if they itch has your GP checked your bloods yet? If not I suggest you make an appointment and get your blood done for ESR, CRP,  ANA you may have an autoimmune reaction
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    Hi there,

    I am diagnosed ME for a few years and after a while I started getting rashing on my neck and on/off redness to the skin. I have to say no medical person is prepared to put this into the ME side of things.

    Dermatologist biopsied and it came back with low grade infection. It certainly is worse when I feel worse.

    As Pam said ensure your gp does ana and esr bloods as there are conditions like Lupus that symptoms are alike to ME . My ana had a low reading.

    Take care.x

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    Do any of you ladies suffer from a very dry mouth, painful glands, dry or sore eyes, mouth ulcers, IBS, dry vagina, numbness and tingling in your hands, feet, ears, nose, do you have swollen joints, painful joints, were any of you or are you double jointed, do you have tinnitus, do you need to drink a great deal of water, does your mouth feel dry all the time. Do you find your self having to spend pennies all the time especially at night, have you got stress incontinnence? Do you have difficulty sleeping, do you wake up exhausted! Do you feel drained, do you have pains in your wrists? Do you have painful fingers, do you have Psoriasis. Did your ME start after an operation,  an illness, a bad birth experience, did you have difficulty getting pregnant, did you have Preeclampsia or Hyperemisis Gravidarum Like the D of Cambridge (severe pregnancy sickness) do you have painful or infrequent periods, did you bleed badly after your children were born post Partum haemorrhage. Did you have glandular fever as a teen, when did you last go to an optician? Have you seen your GP recently has he tested your blood? Even if you had children and they are growing up do you feel cold, do you feel down, anxious, depressed. Are you loosing the outer edge of your eyebrows? If any of these apply please tell your GP and ask him to test for inflamitory markers ESR, CRP, an ANA if the are normal good if not, ask for a thyroid test.
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    Hi  scryfox,

    Yes, I get rashes up my arms and legs too, especially if and when i go out and it's very sunny.  I've had M.E. since 2010 - but it was diagnosed in 2011, and the rashes started around the end of 2010.  My GP back then, prescribed me with Fucibet cream, which works wonders, but you have to use sparingly and not constantly as it contains steroids.

    It's horrible isn't it.  I used to sunbathe a lot when I was younger, but can't even sit in the sun any more :-( which is a shame as i love it!!!

    I even get the rashes if I go to someone's house in the winter and their heating is on full blast.  Plus shops in the winter bring me out in a rash too, as their heating is way too high.  I tend to sweat a lot too, but for some reason this summer, it has eased up a bit thank goodness.

    Maybe you could print this reply and take it to your GP, and he or she can perhaps prescribe you with the same cream?  I had to change GP 2 years ago as I moved home. My new GP refused to give me the cream, and gave me a cheaper one instead - that didn't work at all, so he has now given me the cream I asked for (Fucibet).  I hope this reply helps you a little? Val xx

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    Wow Pam, so many questions lol.

    They are allvariation symptons classicly relevant to conditions like Sjogens, they conditions, ME (some not all), Lupus and more.

    Covered this end throughout. Unfortunately checking so much out can take alot of time and energy at doctors/hospitals and pretty damn detrimental to CFS/ME as exhausting and stressful, both pre and post ME diagnosis....grrrr.


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      That is correct but fibromyalgia and ME are often the forerunners of other AI conditions so I thought I would run through the list of symptoms that I either have or had to arrive at what I have now! I was born to a mum with Psoriasis and a dad with flat feet. From then both I have had a very painful life. This is my medical history not in the order of diagnosis as I have almost finished my 3 year complex dig into my own life, what I had, why, and what made me at 68 a rather frail old lady. I was born with an umbilical hernia, I had a sqint, I was a happy child until I went to school and caught measles complicated by pneumonia, my periods started dramatically but then they stopped, I was told age 15 I would never have children. I had terrible teeth, I felt odd, I hated going down steep hills, I never wanted to skate, by 20 I had all the sicca symptoms. I had dry eyes, dry mouth, dry vaginia with vaginitis and thrush but still a virgin until 21 when I married, I had put on weight, I had skin tags, facial hair, dandruff, I was given hormones I got pregnant miscarriage, son1) born at 36 weeks SIDS  at 11 weeks 2) normal birth 3) normal birth 4) conceived 9 years later on the progestogen mini pill, Hyperemisis Gravidarum for the entire pregnancy I lost 6.5 stones! Then ME, Primary Seronegative Sjogren's, finally my thyroid has packed up! That is my medical history as it happened! That's how you need to think, there are many Seronegative folk with Sjogren's. What I didn't know and neither did my GP or indeed any doctor who has seen me is this. I was born double jointed but for the last 60 years no doctor has been taught to think Hypermobile people may have problems! I was also diagnosed that I had Stein Leventhral, in my day it was a fertility problem, not any more like EDSHT PCOS is a life long imbalance of the endocrine system. The population in the UK for both is 10% I had the misfortune to inherit both, so my present diagnosis is Primarily Seronegative Sjogren's, Hypothroid, Psoriasis, PsA, Hypermobility syndrome, Fibromyalgia and POTS! I go septic very easily and I have had an epidural abscess

      This is really an exercise for all you ladies in this group, you must think back to predict forward. I hope someone might find it useful, I have helped several in my FB group in the UK and saved one young lady who is Hypermobile by NOT having her legs chopped off, they did her mother who is 68 like me, her mum had 7 hip operations now they both realise why! You must think back to every little thing that might have given you ME or fibromyalgia. Holidays abroad, childhood ailments, operations, childbirth, stress, I could go on for ever! Good luck ladies 


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