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I recently posted on this Forum see my post Cold or LPR. I have a couple of questions for everyone but especially for those suffering fro LPR ,Asthma and Perennial rhintis as I do, although have never been diagnosed with LPR. My Ent throat scope was done in 2015 and nothing sinsister found but was diagnosed with the Rhinitis and given voice care as I sing in a choir. I have had this awful cold for 3 weeks am not on antibiotics. My problem is a terrible cough which gets worse as the day goes on by evening I am continually coughing and spitting out saliva with a horrible taste in the mouth. The cough is sometime productive then it changes to a dry hard cough where I cough on one breath but no mucus. I am on the 3rd day of a 7 day course of penicillin. My throat does not seem right and the roof of my mouth is sore and tongue possible from all the coughing. Ears hurt sometimes. This is why I think it might be LPR. My most worrying symptoms is that my voice is hoarse/crokey and I have not been able to sing since a couple of days since the cold started. Another thing the day before the cold started I was hoovering and when emptying the the dust accidentally got a mouthful and had to use my asthma inhaler. Usually I wear a mask but didn't this time, although I had been in contact with someone with a cold earlier in the week. I have been trying to follow the low acid diet but very hard with husband to feed as well and really don't feel like standing cooking coughing all the time. The cough has not really improved. My go said that if the antibiotics work I should be feeling better in 48 hours. I must admit everytime I get a cold it goes on a month or more and I get a choking cough. This time is just seems different. My gp really wants me to take course of steroids but has been holding back because I have glaucoma and have been told I am a steroid repsonder so should only take them if really necessary as they raise my eye pressure. I used to use a steroid nasal spray for the rhinitis which really worked but had to stop them because of this problem. I am now thinking I might need a short course.

  1. Do you think this could be LPR I already take ranitidine for gastritis and I have IBS and diverticulosis or do you think it could just be the cold affecting the asthma and rhinitis.
  2. Anyone lost their voice like this especially singing voice and how long did it take to come back.

    My Gp says she cannot refer me to Ent until after 6 weeks as that is the ruling on NHS just in case it

    is the virus causing it. I feel it is just wasting time I would be devastated not to be able to sing again.

3 Lastly I take Gaviscon Advance ( am in the UK) at night but wondering if I should take it after meals.

Thank you so much for reading this. I know I seem to be posting the same things. Food wise I have been having porridge and toast for breakfast with skim milk (although just bought some almond milk to try. I have cut down on tea, I never drink coffee hardly ever have alcohol only the odd glass of wine and never drink fizzy drinks perhaps 1 or 2 glasses a year. My biggest vice is chocolate and I have cut that out. I eat plenty of salads fruit and veg so at the moment not eating onions, garlic, tomatoes. I am only eating melon and banana. There seems to be a difference of opinion about raspberries. Veg root vegetables small amounts of brocolli and green beans pepper and courgettes, whole meal bread pasta and white and brown rice and chicken and tinned tuna. Does this sound ok. I have had a couple of biscuits which I shouldn't. This I have really only been doing for a few days. Really feeling down and frustrated as to what to do.

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      Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I cannot take PPi tablets as they really upset my digestive system. I have ibs, gastritis and diverticular disease. I take the 300 dose of ranitidine at night. I have nearly finished my antibiotics not that they are doing much good. My cough is just as bad but slightly less frequent. It seems I get these symptoms every time I have a cold and they last weeks. I am going to ask for a referral to ent again. Only thing my doctor said she cannot refer me until symptoms have lasted 6 weeks. I still have no singing voice speaking voice is a little better. This worries me as heavens knows how long it will take to get the appointment. Between colds I just get slight throat mucus which I put down to post nasal drip from rhinitis. Now I am not so sure.

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    As you will see from my post I have been suffering from a very bad virus for the last 3 weeks. I wanted to ask about the type of cough with Lpr. I have been coughing continually for over 2 weeks although it has improved in the last couple of days. the cough was often productive but sometime dry and like coughing on one breath. With Lpr is the cough dry or productive even if you have a throat full of mucus and are always spitting into a tissue. I realise that the cough and mucus may be down to the cold but I am trying to decide whether what I have now is down to Lpr or my rhinitis. Although my speaking voice is little better ( I am trying not to speak too much) I still have no singing voice which is worrying.

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    Hi, l have asthma, hietas hernia, hayfever , diverticulosis too. after many years of misery, but not fully free, l have found that cutting back on bread , also l have gone on lactose free milk and noticed l'm not as phlemy. on my last camera shot at the hospital for the hernia,l got talking to a lady who was having it done and has Asthma too, we both are convinced that the two go together!, l swear by Sanderson's throat mixture, it was an article l read that opera singers take it. Antibiotics will not do any good, upset the good bacteria in your stomach, which will make matters worse for for the diveticulosis etc!

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