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maria99745 maria99745

reacurring boils

Hello, i have been getting boils in my groin area and thighs for about 4 years now. i have gone to my dr many many times. I have had blood tests to rule out diabeties. they have never taken a swap from me even when i have gone with boils in full swing but nothing is done. They now say there is nothing i can do about. i just get them im jst unlucky. I dont buy this and was pee'd off when the dr said you just got to live with them. anyone who suffers with boils knows how painful these can be and being told i had to live with it is not an option. i did some looking up online and found out about HS. (hidradenitis suppurativa) i told my dr this as i fits perfect and she laughed at me and said i may have staplycoccal carrage. ( sorry about spelling). so i looked it up online and i just does not fit with me. so im asking if anyone else has any ideas. all i have been given by drs is shower cream to help with itch. I always have them they never go just keep spreading all round my bikini line, thighs and groin. i have two or three at a time all the time. and now i seem to be getting small cysts under my arm pits. Can anyone out there help me or give me some advise as i feel compleatly let down by my drs. As i said this is been going on for nearly five years. I cant wear underwear and dont want to go out. this is making me very depressed i need help. thank you for reading. i hope someone will reply.

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  • ann46903 ann46903 maria99745

    Hi maria

    This sounds like a condition both my daughters have, It is called

    HIDRADENITUS SUPPURATIVA.  They had similar problems with doctors not understanding it, until one young on the ball doc knew what it was straight away. One daughter had to have a cyst removed from her groin, and always has them coming up under her chin or elswhere. The other daughter had such terrible acne that she went on Roaccutane (dreadful side effects) and it took two years to clean the boils but now she has scars. They have really suffered with their skin through their teens and early twenties. My sister had it too and my dad, so I really think it runs in families. Look up all you can about this condition and then tell your doctor. There is a special wash that the doc can give you which helps a bit, but apart from keeping everything spristine and totally hygienic, there is not much else you can do. But I definitely think you have HS. Dont let the doctor fobb you off,  but I can tell you that my daughters still have occasional boils and skin problems, its something I think they will have to live with throughout their life. Good Luck. I know exactly how you feel.


    • maria99745 maria99745 ann46903

      Thank you Ann for replying. It's nice to know I'm not alone, but I feel for your daughters. It really is not nice. As I said I have been to drs many times and just feel so let down. I don't like to go to drs and say its this or that. Coz I feel like I'm telling them their job. But I do agree I Think it's HS. But if drs won't agree what can I do. I have come to except that I will have to live with this for the rest of my life. But I would still like a diagnosis for it and not just told to deal with it. Thank you again Ann and I'm sorry your girls have had to deal with this. I understand everything u have said. The scarring is the worst. Boils come and go but the scars stay.

    • janicemanz janicemanz ann46903

      Don’t think it’s genetic. Very often doctors will claim something is genetic when the truth is family members often have the same eating habits and lifestyle habits. None of my family members ever had HS boils. Only me and I used to drink a lot of coke, coffee with sugar and I smoked. I was loaded with toxins which very often the body will try to excrete toxins through the skin when they can’t be internally excreted. Eat organic and non-GMO foods.  No sugars or refined processed foods or fast foods.

  • ann46903 ann46903 maria99745

    just one more thing, my daughter caught MRSA at hospital when she attended to pick up her roaccutane pills, and the boils were horrendous. It took over 5 years to get rid of it all, and she is still prone to them. I cant believe your doctor laughed. She could be right about the staph thing though. I would go back and insist on seeing a dermatologist (its your right on the NHS)  you need a proper diagnosis.

    • maria99745 maria99745 ann46903

      Omg your poor girls been through it. I don't have any family history of them. It's just me and they only started about five years ago. They just don't go. One goes and another appears. I have lumps and scars all around my groin area. It seems to be getting worse not better think I will just have to keep going back to drs until someone listens to me thanks Again Ann.

  • pedro   h45885 pedro h45885 maria99745

    To Maria99745;

    Hello; Please, try this medication " Terrasil Max skin repair" . Plese, read completly all the information wich come in the cream and follow the instructions. I was tormented by recurrent boils for 9 months at my armpits but after I applied this cream on my infected skin, the healing process start. In one month I was free of boils and furunculosis.

    • maria99745 maria99745 pedro h45885

      Thank you pedro. I am willing to try anything. I have anti bacterial washes and creams. But nothing seems to help. I have just had a huge one burst on me yesterday after a week of absolute pain and already I have my next biol already coming up. This I happens all the time to me. I am never free from boils. I have been suffering for over 4 years now and they seem to be getting worse bot better. I'm sorry if this is to much info but my sex life has been non existent for 4 years because of these dreadful things. So if anyone has any advice no matter how small please share. Many thanks.

    • maria99745 maria99745 tom51388

      Hello. I tried the cream and it's made no difference. I am still getting them. Before I have even for rid of one another one appears. I don't know what to do anymore. Other than just put up with them. Nothing is helping and no one knows why I'm getting them. I can't wear underwear, jeans or be intimate. I Hardly go out because of the embarrassment and pain. It's a nightmare.

    • wi11iam wi11iam maria99745

      Have you tried hydrogen peroxide wash.

      The thing to remember is that the condition is not caused by hygiene issues, but once an infection is there you need to be extra sterile like you would with any other wound or infection.

  • kate89317 kate89317 maria99745

    Hi I too suffer with boils and I'm 19 years old and have suffered since I can remember I currently have one that isn't going down its getting worse, yesterday I went to the walk in clinic as it was late and doctors were shut and they told me it was an abscess and prescribed me antibiotics flucloxacillin, I've been taking it for just a day now and already a new one came up over the course of the day which makes my count up to 6-7 now I'm on 500mg four times a day I hope they sort yours out maybe ask for a stronger penicillin if therer is one

    • kurious kurious kate89317

      my response to Maria is waiting to be moderated???

      antibiotics are definitely not the answer .. infact it makes matters worse.  Go out and buy yourself some good quality oil of oregano and put a drop on them and watch them disappear.  I find if i do that right away it nips them in the bud.  Also read about colloidal silver or go to any reputable health food store and ask them about it.  I think its a sign of poor immunity so look into boosting your immunity .. read about turmeric and add it to your diet .. that's a start.  My first ones appeared after a hot summer sweaty day working in the garden so keeping clean and dry is really important.  Forgot to mention to Maria you should also do sitz baths in epsom salts ... just put some epsom salts into a bucket in the bathtub and sit in it for 15 mins or so. (That is if they're around that area!!)  Otherwise just take a bath in epsom salts or do hot washcloth compresses.  Hope that helps??


    • maeward maeward kate89317

      Try Turmeric.  They sell it in capsules as a supplement also in the seasoning aisle in pharmacy section.  I made a paste applied to the boil and took it orally.  

      Google - Turmeric Boil.  

      Google - Turmeric Benefits

      Good Luck!

  • kurious kurious maria99745

    Maria ... i wrote a long answer to you but for some stupid reason the moderator deleted it.  I did not have any links and wasn't promoting a product so it makes no sense ... all that typing for nothing!

    i dealt with this in 2012 one morning i just woke up with 4 or 5 of them around my upper thigh and one on lower belly.  That one got infected the dr wanted to put me on antibiotics but i don't do that unless it''s absolutely necessary and as far as i knew these were just spider bites or something!???!!  i asked for a topical antibiotic but that didn't do the trick it was too far gone so i did do some antibiotics which opened up a whole new can of worms .. fungus .. then bacterial infection.  Antibiotics throw your whole system out of whack.  Flash forward to Jan 2015 and my husband all of a sudden developed a few on his butt. He went on antibiotics but they returned so that's never the answer.  Through our own research we decided to try oil of oregano .. this works like a charm if you get to it right away.  I got them again .. i think this crazy thing is contagious ... the dr i saw this time did a swab and it came back showing moderate mrsa or staph infection. We were also doing sitz baths in espsom salts ... look up colloidial silver ...we were using that topically and also ingesting it .. but they are both different so watch which one you buy or buy both.  Also look up turmeric ... start ingesting it ... or make a sauve out of it with a little bit of oil of oregano and the turmeric and put that on the boil/folliculitis.  This is a horrible thing to experience so i feel your pain.  Let me know how it goes!!  Good luck!

    I should start a new thread saying ,.. found the cure! 


  • ann46903 ann46903 maria99745

    Hi Maria

    I was suprised to see my posts deleted too, as I only gave the same advice to try to help as other people???  anyway reading other posts ive had good advice too. Like turmeric etc. Good luck

  • Lizsa Lizsa maria99745

    I always gotten boils on my butt cheek when i get stressed.  The pain and itch was beyond bearable.  I finally read to get wild Mediterranean oil of oregano at the health food store .   Not the kind you cook with.   You mix equal drops with coconut oil and GONE,  there are so many uses for it too. My husband swears by it for his tooth ache, allergies and stops a cold dead in its tracks.  Just google it.  Good luck.  

  • janicemanz janicemanz maria99745

    I get exactly the same thing. They are painful and uncomfortable and leave ugly scars. Don’t expect an MD to help with this matter. They always want to treat with antibiotics which adds to the toxicity in your body which is likely causing this. When you’re body is unable to rid of toxic material internally, it then tries to elongate through the pores in the skin. Stop using any kind of antibiotic including antibacterial soap which also kills off the good bacteria. Heal your gut with organic, non-GMO foods, and use really good probiotics and digestive enzymes. No sugar, which feeds bad bacteria, nor refined process foods which are also full of toxins. No sodas, no aspartame or other poisonous sugar alternatives and get the Fluoride out of your body. Eat lots of organic greens such as kale, spinach, romaine, cabbage and cruciferous vegetables. Get good sleep at night and make sure you’re asleep by 11 pm so you keep the circadian rhythm on target for the maintenance of your internal body clock. This model has done wonders for me. I’ve gone from outbreaks of a dozen or more down to one. Stay healthy using your own brain. Use raw, organic, non-GMO supplements. Doctors only treat symptoms and aren’t trained to cure chronic illness. They are big pharma peddlers. Remember, all disease is from either or both deficiency in diet and toxicity. Stay away from ALL fast foods. Buy fluoride free toothpaste and drinking water. Best wishes.

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