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  • LukyBowler 1

    Itchy, infected and sensitive skin for 6 months, please help.

    So a very long story short, about 6 months ago I noticed my skin started to itch all over.  After about 3 weeks of itching with no visible rash, i started to noticed red inflamed/infected hair follicles all over my inner thigh. None of them had pus in them, just a red ring around the follicle which...

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  • jhon92169 1

    Folliculitis for 6 years, seeking for help

    Hello, I have folliculits for a 6 years now, after seeing a lot of doctors and trying antibiotics, anti bacterial soup, acupuncture (Who helped for a little while), probiotics and tumetric pills nothing seems to help. one doctor told me that after biopsy he will find a solution, the biopsy result was...

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  • Guest M

    I have folliculitus on the each side of my head kinda to...

    I have folliculitus on the each side of my head kinda tords the back. I have had this for about 4 years. the past few months though its been really bad. note: my head is shaved on the sides. Anyways, a few days ago i went to the doctor, this guy was indeed really nice and when he looked at it he knew...

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  • Troica1003 2

    Cure to folliculitis.

    I have the solution! After years of spending thousands of dollars going to dermatologists and taking a ridiculous amount of medications, it's ridiculous that something so cheap could solve my folliculitis issue within 2 weeks. Do yourself a favor and follow these steps every night before you go to bed:...

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  • victoria29 1

    Hair removal for Folliculitis?

    Hi. Does anyone know if hair removal is available on nhs for Folliculitis? Suffered with with this for nearly 3 years and nothing works. Suffer with it on my genital area which is now spreading to my inner thigh. Ive been prescribed washes which dont seem to help and umpteen amounts of antibiotics. Antibiotics...

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  • GlenUK 1

    Facial Folliculitis - Any Cures/Suggestions?

    I'm new to this site/forum.  First post! I'm a 36-year old man who has suffered with bad skin on and off since my teens.  For years I was told I had acne and put on various antibiotics.  However, a couple of years ago a dermatologist diagnosed it as folliculitis and advised me it isn't acne at all....

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  • maria99745 2

    reacurring boils

    Hello, i have been getting boils in my groin area and thighs for about 4 years now. i have gone to my dr many many times. I have had blood tests to rule out diabeties. they have never taken a swap from me even when i have gone with boils in full swing but nothing is done. They now say there is nothing...

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  • Guest M


    hi. . right now im suffering from boil. . and its really painful. .i was not able to go to work because of the pain. . i think this is chronic furunculosis. .i dnt know what to do anymore it keeps comin back. .at my thighs, neck, armpit my back. . i hope i can find a treatment for this chronic skin disease....

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  • jboots 1

    Is this Folliculitis?

    Hello,   I've had these red spot for years now but recently ive been shaving my head I now I want them gone.  Are they Folliculitis?  They maybe very small bumbs. They are really red.  And they dont hurt.  

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  • Homesickadtr 1

    Ingrown hair or something else?

    I have this large-ish red bump on my groin area. It's very tender and hurts whenever it's rubbed against my jeans. Because i got it a little while after shaving, I assume it's an ingrown hair. I've had ingrown hairs before that usually go away within a few days. What I have now has been there for a while...

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  • anna42529 1

    Never had a boil this sore before!!

    So I've had my fair share of boils but the one ive had over the last few days has been one of worst pain ever. It's on my lower bum cheek,ive not been able to sit down, walk properly and even found it difficult to lay down. Yesterday morning i got up out of bed and noticed loads of blood on the sheets,...

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  • michelle81046 1

    Sore at base of hairline and ears - what can this be?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if they know what these sores maybe. They seem to be getting worse i have tried in past week to calm them with rosemary and coconut oil but today they are really sore and look infected. Any help would be much apperciated xx

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  • LilyR2010 1
  • arvin225 2

    Acne/pimples on scalp

    I am a 32 year old male that has had acne since I was an adolescent. From my early teenage years to a couple of month ago I was on and off repeatedly taking medications for acne/pimples for my face such as over the counter remedies and creams, and prescription remedies and creams. Later on a dermatologist...

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  • junieju 3

    Boil on face help

    Hi My Mum has a large boil on her temple, She has had it about 6 weeks. Her doctor referred her to a plastics consultant, He has said she is to have it removed on the 9th December, then they will send it for testing. We hope it is ok. My question is can she wear a plaster over it, until her appointment,...

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  • sandy8460 2
  • chris2 2

    Boil on face and feeling off colour

    Hello folks. I've got what appears to be a (painful) boil developing next to the inside corner of an eyebrow. Pretty sure that what brought this on was being stressed and not eating or sleeping properly (looking after dog which had a stroke). Apart from looking a sight I am also feeling off colour. Could...

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  • pooj 1

    my "solution" for foliculitis

    I've had this foliculitis thing going for the better part of a year. Painful irritated pimple-like bumps and clusters all over my thighs, butt, back, shoulders. Normally they just flare up and die down. But sometimes they form white heads, pop, bleed, ooze, or become infected staph cysts that get HUGE...

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  • sebastian15836 2

    What is this ? (with pictures)

    So, this thing (hopefully not herpes) doesnt hurt or itch at all and i have had no other symptoms. I recieved unprotected oral sex two weeks ago. It showed up two days ago i scratched it and it looks like this now. There was a bit of blood. Its completely on the surface i think. I have seen pictures...

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  • Morpheuss 2

    Ingrown Hairs

    Hi, I'm 18 years old and female, and for a while, I've had constant itching and ingrown hairs. The itching is on the front upper area of my vulva, and the ingrown hairs occur on the sides (in the crease where the thigh is meeting). I used to shave but haven't in over a year and never did it for long...

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  • sue63772 2

    What thw hell is this

    Pls help , I m 44 yr old female and I keep getting these awful boil like things . I get them on my breast, belly and on my private area. Juat below my pubic bone. . This bout I v had constant boils coming up now for past 2 months. They get really big and very painfull. Why do I keep getting them

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  • kimberlywilliam 2

    Managing itchy ingrown hairs

    Hey Folks! So I have been diagnosed by the doctor with ingrown hairs on my vulva. The problem is they are itchy as all hell and wake me up at night. What can I do to manage the itch? I m applying antibacteral cream 3-4x daily that was perscribed. Any thoughts??

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  • ryan1088 1

    Boils, lots of them. Dermatologist wants to give me Roacctune? :/

    I've been getting boils on my face, back and front of neck, my back and my bottom for a while now, they weren't too bad before and a round of antibiotics a year ago from the doctor helped temporarily.  Recently I've been getting more, I feel like when I'm stressed/run down they get a lot worse! I'm...

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  • Tydril90 2

    Need some help

    Hey all need a little advice, I had a small what I think was a boil come up on my chest about 5 days ago, I managed to pop it and now I'm getting a really bad burning sensation at times not far away from where the boil is located, it seams to have formed a scab but wanted to know if the burning sensation...

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  • michel119 1

    I'm new and I look like Herman Muenster

    Hi! I just found this site. I hope I am not disrupting a conversation. I could really use some help and support. I recently developed the worst case of bacterial folliculitis I just turned 58 and these hairs are growing long, short, curly and they swell up. They are really deep in My skin. Dermatologist...

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  • chris 76675 1

    Does anyone have these symptoms, if so, any cure please?

    I'm male and 60. I have a patch on the side of my jaw where a lot of the hairs grow about 3mm from the root and remain under the skin, then stop and are treated as a foreign object. I dig them out which is preferable to the infection that I end up with, if left. All the hairs are straight and have a...

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  • kurious 2


    To all you folliculitis sufferers .... this is a simple solution that works ... at least it has for me.  OIL OF OREGANO!!!!!!!  It's been a while since i last had a folliculitis spot.  I have a feeling doing heavy work and 'sweating' seems to bring them on (ie. this week after a few days of cutting hedges...

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  • corey88129 1


    I went through chemotherapy (Lymphoma)last year and finished in Jan of this year. During my treatments I would get cysts on my buttocks. My Oncologists said that was a side effect of the chemo. About two months ago, I started getting them again. They seem to come after yoga stretching or working out....

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  • isabellahnt 1

    herpes? folliculitis? ingrown hair? cancer? what does it look like

    I was shaving with an very weird razor that gave me small bumps before but about 2 days after i shaved i got three like dry crusty bumps on one side by the groin aread and 2 on the other side. then 2 days or so later some more appeared but two came off as pimple so i pooped them and alittle pus come...

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  • bob51653 1

    Try this--it worked for me

    I started getting folliculitis 2 yrs ago. It got to the point where it was so bad it was seriously painful. I took doxycycline orally for 1 year and topical clyndamycin for 1.5 years Eventually the doxycycline was too much and it started giving me dermatographism, so I had to stop. I was also building...

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  • Zoe3131 1

    Malassezia folliculitis help

    Hi I got diagnosis for malassezia folliculitis about 3 months ago it's all over my back and chest and neck and forehead sometimes feels like sand paper lol.. We av tried selsun and nizoral but nothing seems to be helping does any one else suffer bad

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  • fran 14997 1

    I appear to have pseudo folliculitis on my legs

    i stopped waxing due to ingrown hairs on my legs 6 years ago. I started tweezing ( 3 types of tweezers) & lifting the ingrowns with fine sewing needle. Before long I developed the habit of removing all hairs this way - at least 60%of the hairs were ingrown. Trouble is, I started digging too early. I...

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  • vanilla7986 1

    Boils and acne

    I have been an Acne sufferer since being a teen and had a course of Roacutane which cleared it for about 2 years but it has come back in 2014 I have now developed boils and had 10 in 8 months My children have also had boils several in a short space of time I took them to the Dr's but he seemed uninterested...

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  • naji 2

    Lump in palm

    I have a small lump in the palm of my hand. It is not painful just a bit annoying. Has anyone got a diagnosis for this

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  • jenny35317 2

    Been told by dermatologist to take rouacotaine

    Not sure if I've spelt this correctly-rouacoutaine?  I've had follicultitis for many years & nothing has worked.  I'm 65 reasonably healthy. Recently the medication given to me made the condition worse. Now I've been advise to take this & been told about the effects I may have & also that it may not...

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