Really bad erythema ab igne

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Hi all,

Ill give you the short story. I've had stomach ache for approximately 15 years (I'm 19) constantly. All day, every day. I started using a hot water bottle about 4 years ago at night. I'd use it not every night but whenever it was hurting bad enough. It then went up to using it every night, then evenings too, then as soon as I got home from school/college. During my second year at college my stomach aches got so much worse that I started using it all day and all night, every day and every night. I took it to college with me and would sit in my ALevel lecture with it wedged under my top and half down my pants. Due to the pain being so bad, i haven't been able to get a job as I can't stand up for too long. Basically, I can't do much so I stay at home all the time sitting down in a 'relaxed' position with my hot water bottle. Due to the constant use I have now got really bad burns all over my stomach. I can't not use it as it is the only thing that eases pain. I need some help and advice as to what alternatives I can use. It is the heat that helps but I just want the pain to go. This is what my stomach looks like on a good day. 

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    Bless your heart! I am so sorry! What medical tests have you done? MRI? CT? Colonoscopy? Bloodwork? What has been ruled out?
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      Hi. I have EXACTLY the same problem. I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago but I feel like there is something else going on. I have had constant stomach ache all day every day for the past 13 years (I'm 19 now) yet the doctors insist it is 'just IBS'. It drives me mad. It has stopped me doing so many things. It's got worse since I had glandular fever 4 years ago (a bad bout which I had for 8 months). I have had numerous blood tests, a colonoscopy, endoscopy, too many ultrasounds to count (pushing 40, at least!) I have been taken to hospital 7 times (in an ambulance) in the last 2 1/2 years because it has gotten so bad. I will be on the toilet (not needing to go, it's just almost precautionary and a safe place, if you know what I mean) for about 3 hours before a paramedic is called because I physically cannot move to the phone. I will be screaming like mad because it hurts so much. Still they say it's 'IBS'. I was rushed in just before Christmas last year because I had a pain near where my appendix is. They said it wasn't appendicitis and said it was 'possibly' an ovarian cyst. However, this was never backed up and is in my notes as 'a bad bout of IBS'! 

      I have stomach ache ALL day EVERY day. It's like a dull ache and constant churning of my stomach. I eat healthy. I try and exercise but I can't because it hurts too much to stand up. I have to use a hot water bottle because the docs say that they cannot give me painkillers except paracetamol.. I have now built up an intollerance to paracetamol because I take it all the time (never od). As a consequence of using a hot water bottle all day every day (I went to college (on the days I could) and sat in lesson with it!) I now have severe burns on my stomach called Erythema Ab Igne. That hurts as well but I can deal with that because it eases my stomach pain slightly. I think it relaxes the muscles I'm not sure. My doc says, 'stop using the hot water bottle and the marks will go' but if I stop I will be in hospital every day because even though it is still painful, the hwb takes the hospital edge of pain away. They still insist it is IBS. In my opinion, it is bulls**t. I'm 19! I want to go traveling. I want to go out and socialise with friends. The ones that stick by me when I stop eating to see if that helps. The ones that stick by me when I'm chucking my guts up coz the pain is so bad. The ones that call the ambulance because I've passed out from the pain. But I can't. 

      I want ant to know what to do about this and I would love to be able to help you too!! 

      Something is causing this pain, but they are ignoring it saying that it is IBS and stress. They say, take the stress away and maybe it will help. 

      I need to to go now. I have to tell my dad to stop having cancer!! 

      Ive had this since I was 5. That has nothing to do with it!

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    I have Same Exact thing! I have CHRONIC back pain, Lupus , RA And torn rotator cup! I have used heating pad on my back for YEARS. NOW...the pain is so bad EVERY DAY..i just keep the heatjng pad behind my back and is on ..more than off! Doctors wont give me anything that works for pain.

    Recently was in hospital and nurse...gasped when she saw my back!

    I replied...The ONLY way i get ANY kind of relief from this pain!

    She said it looked mottled??

    Being a nurse myself...(yes...i do know better ...but all you that luve with Chronic pain...understand)...i know mottling...Unreal!

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    Hey Nutty87, I have the same exact issue with my skin hun. Mine is all over my back and around my hips down to about the sides and back of my upper thighs. It's really bad. I started using hot baths back in 2008 and the use just got more and more and the temperature hotter and hotter. My use of hot baths started as a way to relieve severe chronic back pain as a result from having spinal fusion at 21. My use escalated when I had a 2nd injury at a job I worked at that was way too physical for me. My S3 bladder nerves went into a constant state of permanent overdrive. I had the feeling that you get when you have to pee NOW, 24/7. I didn't sleep for over 2yrs because of it which caused my bath use to escalate as I used it for a way to relax on top of relieving my pain. I had to get a neuromodulator implant immediately once I had insurance in 2014 as a last resort at attempting to override the false impulses being sent to my brain from the nerves. After having it, the implant started to cause me severe pain at the implant site. It is just to a point, like yourself, that I just cannot stop the bath use. I feel completely stuck and am so embarrassed that I won't even wear a bathing suit and I haven't since the condition has spread around my thighs, hips and back. It originally started just in the upper inner thigh and it was contained to that spot for years until around 2013 it started to spread like wildfire, getting worse and worse with the spread. I am now 34 and I just don't know how to begin to stop myself either. I used to have a lot of self confidence and I completely lost that once it spread to a visable area. I know exactly how you feel about it being a constant habit. It controls me. I was recently hospitalized 4 times and I did absolutely fine while I was in there each time without the baths but the second I got out, that urge was back. Just know you are not alone. I'm really sorry you are going through what you are. I pray that you have gotten a set diagnosis. I go to my gastro doctor tomorrow for my intestinal issues. As a chronic pain patient, I get what they refer to as overflow diarrhea from being on narcotic pain medication. I get severe constipation that causes me to have horrificly painful diarrhea attacks from the "overflow" around the fecal impaction. I am hoping I will find out from having a colonoscopy and endoscopy if there is anything else going on and the extent of any possible damage if any. I know how difficult it is to try and manage a painful stomach and/or gut. Just remember to keep persuing getting a diagnosis and if one doctor can't find out, get a 2nd opinion. Have you been able to have those 2 tests ran on yourself? Also ultrasounds, xrays,... the basics should be done as well.

    Please hang in there as I am trying to do the same. Just remember what I said, you are not alone, and now I know I'm not either. I am rooting for you.

    God Bless, Kristi, U.S.A. Florida

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